June 16, 2024
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These 4 Signs are the Luckiest in Love

These 4 Signs are the Luckiest in Love

Ah love, such a fickle and confusing aspect of human life, and yet it is the very thing which makes life worth living. Understanding the delicate balance of chemistry and compromise needed in order to foster lifelong love is not for the faint of heart (anyone who’s had theirs broken understands). However, these 4 signs seem to have been dealt the luckiest hands in the game of love! So scroll down and see which 4 zodiac signs won the jackpot when it comes to romance–did yours make the list?

Pisces Venus: the sign that’s always in love

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is said to have a bit of all 12 zodiac signs within it. Perhaps it’s because of this that Pisces gets the reputation of astrology’s resident Romeo, meaning that this sign falls deeply in love every chance they get.

Pisces is a water sign, so deep emotions come very naturally to them, the deepest emotion among them being love. When you have the planet of romance and beauty in this water sign, love is therefore your birthright! This also comes in part due to the fact that Pisces is the sign of the artist, so Pisces Venus is able to see the beauty in almost everyone. A crooked smile or a wrinkled shirt is enough to spark a loving fascination, as well as inspiring art for years to come in the heart of this Venus sign!

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If you have a Pisces Venus you should find a creative outlet for your amorous feelings. Writing, painting and playing music are all wonderful ways to hold on to the love you feel for a long time.

If you love a Pisces Venus I wouldn’t suggest trying to stifle their big feelings at all. It’s important that your partner feels free to express the full range of emotions in their heart.

Libra Venus: the sign that’s always in a relationship

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus herself, so love comes very naturally to those with Venus in Libra. For some, love and relationships are the cherry on top of life, but for Libra Venus people love is the very reason we are here on earth!

Libra, represented by the scales, is a sign of balance and harmony, so relationships not only come very naturally to them, but they are an intrinsic part of their human experience. In fact, being in love is just as necessary as consuming water and food in order to stay alive. That might seem dramatic, but having a partner in life is the only way a Libra Venus can imagine living life! Because of this you’ll be hard-pressed to ever find a Libra Venus who is without a special someone to spend their time with, bounce their ideas off of, explore fun new places with, or at least help them decide where to go for dinner.

If you have a Libra Venus you should take into consideration all the relationships in your life. Make sure to give special time and attention to the love cultivated with your friends and family members.

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If you love a Libra Venus be sure to not skimp out on any of the bells and whistles of love and dating. Always buy the flowers, leave them love notes, and be sure to plan memorable dates to show your partner just how much you care.

Leo Venus: the sign everyone wants to date

Leo is ruled by the sun, the bright star at the center of our solar system which everything orbits around. Because of Leo’s relationship to the sun they tend to take on much the same qualities. Leos are bright, effervescent, bombastic, flamboyant and draw everyone into their orbit.

Having a Leo Venus means that potential suitors are not hard to find because everyone is drawn to your sunshine like a moth to a flame. That’s not to say that every Leo Venus is a serial monogamist (that’s more of Libra Venus’ MO), but if they wanted a partner it certainly wouldn’t be hard to find one!

If you have a Leo Venus you should always trust in your heart. Leo rules over the heart, so following your heart’s desires is an important journey you have in this lifetime.

If you love someone with a Leo Venus be sure to show and tell them how much you love them everyday. No one loves harder than a Leo, but they expect (and deserve) the same energy in return.

Capricorn Venus: the sign most likely to find lifelong love

The earth sign Venuses get a bad reputation as being stuffy and hard to love, but that’s only one small part of their story. Earth signs are practical in all matters, so when it comes to whimsical and romantic Venus, that can be a tricky combination, but not altogether a bad one!

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Capricorn is a sign that it is always thinking of the long-term success of any goal, be it career or relationship focused, so when it comes to dating they aren’t going to date any Tom, Dick or Harry. Quite the opposite, Capricorn Venus will only enter a relationship when they feel confident in the long-term success of the partnership. That’s not to say that they aren’t romantic because they are in fact big softies at heart, however they reserve their true love for the person who earns it over time. When a Capricorn Venus has decided that you are the person they want to love, know that they are willing to work to hold it down for life and share with you the loyalty and love that fairy tales are written about.

If you have a Capricorn Venus be sure to not fall into the trap of thinking that you’re too picky in love. Real love is worth waiting for, so never settle for a relationship that feels only “good enough.”

If you love a Capricorn Venus then you’ve hit the jackpot! However, you may need to practice patience since this earth sign slowly wades in, instead of diving in head first, but I promise the wait will be worth it!