May 20, 2024
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The Love Languages of Aquarius

The Love Languages of Aquarius

Aquarius is not the sign most people think of when they think about love, but that’s because this air sign does love a little differently. Always the observer, Aquarius moves slowly and prefers having a solid foundation of friendship before they explore the wonders of the heart. In fact, they tend to put their friends first, often coming before family or romantic partners! Because of this, the air sign Aquarius is a great reminder that platonic love is just as important (or more so if you are an Aquarius) than romantic love. Are you an Aquarius in love, or have you got a crush on an Aquarius? If so, scroll down to see what love language speaks to your Aquarius energy the most!

Aquarius Sun: acts of service

The sun sign is the foundation upon which everything else in an astrology chart is built, and for Aquarius suns that foundation is intelligence and uniqueness. As a traditionally Saturn-ruled sign, Aquarians are used to getting things accomplished all on their own, so asking for help or advice is not going to come naturally to them, and in fact you should work to not overstep their sense of authority. However, showing them that you have their back through small and consistent acts of service is the way to their heart.

To create a closer bond with your Aquarius sun partner treat them like you would your best friend. The best act of service you can provide is being honest, consistent, and supportive, even when it means giving them space to be alone.

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Aquarius Moon: quality time

The moon sign is how we nourish and comfort ourselves throughout our life, because of this it’s also a hugely important placement to pay attention when it comes to love. Aquarius moons seek comfort in friends, books, stimulating conversations, alone time or any activity that can give birth to new ideas. This moon sign is constantly scanning its surroundings and taking in new information, so being overstimulated with too many people and too many noises on a date can take away from your one-on-one time with your Aquarius moon love.

To woo your Aquarius moon partner you’ll want to make sure that the time you spend together is going to be nourishing and comforting to them. For first dates try going to a museum or a used book store, places where their imagination can wander.

Aquarius Mercury: words of affirmation

Our Mercury sign gives us insight into how we think and process information. Since communication is a key ingredient to a good relationship, understanding yours and your partner’s Mercury signs is paramount! People with an Aquarius Mercury are very intelligent, verbose, probing yet also very goofy and silly. They have a unique mind that solves puzzles more creatively than others, remembers the most beautiful and unique words, and sees the world much differently than others, so to keep this love healthy you’ll need to keep up with their banter and engage them in philosophical conversations.

When it comes to Aquarius Mercury and words of affirmation you’ll get nowhere with super romantic and love bomb-y phrases like, “you are the light of my life” (because, honestly, what does that even mean?). Instead, woo your Aquarius Mercury lover by showing interest in their niche hobbies and skills, and be sure to share yours with them as well because nothing is sexier than an in depth conversation about your passions–the weirder the better!

Aquarius Venus: gift giving

Venus is the planet of love, and what that means for a relationship is that our Venus sign tells us about what we find attractive and beautiful in others. Sometimes people incorrectly assume that Aquarius Venuses are cold, aloof and uninterested in love since this sign is known for observing and studying life as opposed to being an active participant in it. Conversely, love for an Aquarius Venus is about feeling truly seen by another person. Since Aquarius is an air sign, love is not inherently physical, instead the way to their heart is through their mind.

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Gift-giving can be a tricky thing for this air sign, but only if you put your purchases on autopilot. For some, flowers might be the perfect pick me up, but for an Aquarius Venus it’s a lackluster thoughtless gift that which caused the death of a few beautiful plants. Instead get them a vinyl of that band they were talking about last week, or a book on botany since they always talk about plants, or that new gadget they’ve had their eye on. If you listen to their interests and buy them something based on that, they will feel seen and heard, and that’s all anyone really wants, isn’t it?

Aquarius Mars: physical affection

Mars is the sign most related to sex and primal attraction. It’s an important one to understand in love and relationships since keeping the fires of passion alive is pertinent to the longevity of a serious relationship. While physical intimacy isn’t something that Aquarius Mars grants to any John knocking at their door, it is an important part of the equation. This air sign prefers to move slow in the bedroom, in fact the foreplay starts long before even making it into the bedroom. Remember, Aquarius is an air sign so the key to their heart is through communication and witty banter, so never forget the importance of touching their mind before you touch their body.

The legs are a sensitive place for any Aquarius placement, so don’t be stingy when it comes to leg rubs and massages. While physical touch might not be at the top of their priority list, it’s also not something to be pushed to the wayside. It might be a good idea to plan massage dates at home where they can feel safe and open to enjoy your touch.