July 19, 2024
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What Your Perfect Date Looks Like Using Your Venus Sign

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we knew exactly what we liked in love? And wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to ask our lover for guidance, but instead, could fulfil their fantasies perfectly? Wouldn’t it be nice if things could just flow? That’s where Astrology can be your greatest helper. Venus is the planet that symbolizes affection, love, pleasure and personal tastes. Knowing your Venus sign can be the gateway to having more satisfied, fulfilled and happy relationships. It’s pretty simple – you can get your Venus sign off any Astrology app or website, and hey voila! You have the key to your inner workings in romance, as well as those of your partner or potential sweetheart’s.

Venus is also the main planet that we’d look at for dating in general. She symbolizes the act of seduction and loves to woo and be wooed. Your Venus sign shows what you’d want on your perfect date. And, if you’re the one taking your lover out, well, you could look at theirs too! It’s a win-win for everyone.  So, let’s explore together what an ideal date looks like according to your Venus Sign:


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Your Ideal Date If Your Venus is in…

Aries Venus Sign

If you have Venus in Aries sign, you’re going to want a date that’s fun, exciting a full of adventure. You wouldn’t blink an eye if your lover booked a tandem bungee jump, or an adrenaline-filled sport such as dirt biking or kitesurfing. The more dangerous, the better! At the same time, it’ll need to be spontaneous – planned dates are not really your thing. What’s also going to be important is your lover making you the all-important focus during your date. They’ll need to treat you like absolute royalty, yet at the same time, not smother you or cling too much. It’s really not that hard.


Venus absolutely adores being in the sign of Taurus. See, she rules this earthy and sensual sign, making seduction very important for you. The way to your heart is usually through your stomach, in all honesty. Your ideal date will involve a delicious meal at a high-end restaurant – preferably somewhen you’ve either been before, or somewhere that you know (through the grapevine) is yummy. Dressing well and smelling good is essential – they need to tantalize all of your senses for you to be wooed. Most importantly, they’ll need to be patient with you and not push you for a kiss or a ‘nightcap’ until you’re complete ready.


The truth is, with your Venus in intelligent Gemini, you’ll be happy with any date as long as there’s really, really great conversation. Talking to your new lover is important, because you need to suss out whether or not they can keep up with you intellectually. The same goes for your long-time love. Mental connection is just the thing that you need to get your blood pumping. You’ll also enjoy dates that involve learning something completely brand-new, such as a dancing class, or a workshop where you can explore a new craft together. No matter what your lover does, they have to keep it new and interesting – taking you to the same place over and over again will have you yawning in boredom.


You’ll probably never admit it to anyone, but a good snuggle on the couch with a delicious home-cooked meal is your absolute perfect fantasy when it comes to dating. You just want to be held, touched and feel that delicious emotional connection that you long for. But in all honesty, it actually depends on your mood. Your perfect date will be one where your sweetheart first asks you how you’re feeling and takes it from there. You’ll also love dates that involve family in some way, such as going through old photo albums with a few glasses of wine or creating a scrapbook together of your most previous memories.


You’re the type that just wants to show your lover off to the world. Thus, dates that involve being seen, out on the town, will feel lovely for you. For example, heading to a top-class new restaurant in town will work, or perhaps a night out dancing at the latest club where you can shimmy and shake your way into each other’s hearts. You just love being spoilt and given plenty of lavish attention, so the fact that your partner is taking you out feels good in and of itself. It never hurts to throw in a little gift as well – that’ll practically melt your huge, affectionate heart into a puddle of happy bliss.

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Virgo Venus Sign

People with a Virgo Venus tend to be rather picky and fussy, but not in a way that you expect expensive dates or over-the- top gestures. All you want is a date that has all the details taken care of so that you can totally relax and enjoy being in the presence of someone you like or love. Planning is very important to you, so when your lover demonstrates that they’ve been thinking of things for a while, you’ll be deeply appreciative. With Virgo being an earth sign, food and nature are your two top loves, making a picnic at sunset an ideal way to win your heart.


Venus is super-strong in the sign of Libra, which means you have a very well-developed sense of romance. Dating comes easily to you, and you don’t find it hard to woo and be wooed. You do have high expectations though, and you want a date that’s well thought out and tasteful. In other words, heading out to an average restaurant or getting a drink at the local bar (unless it’s quite a hip, fashionable spot) won’t really rock your world. Good conversation, excellent food and artful drinks are where it’s at for you. You also like sharing new experiences together, especially things that allow you to flirt and look good.


Although you’re not usually someone that leaps into the arms of a new lover, you do have a very strong sense of passion. You like dates that are intense, deep and emotional, dates where you can really get to know each other inside and out. With this in mind, your lover will need to book a spot where you can be intimate and close, where you can touch each other and gaze into each other’s eyes. In fact, a date at their home with a couple of glasses of wine and some sexy music may be what hits the spot for you. You also like to be in control, so it could be easier to leave the date planning up to you.


Your perfect, most ideal date would probably be at the top of a mountain in a country you’ve never been before, drinking the local brew and laughing your heads off together. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, so you’ll have to be satisfied with a hike in your local neighborhood with your favorite brand of beer or drink that you enjoy. You love it when your partner or new crush does something adventurous or outdoorsy with you, especially if it’s spontaneous. You’ll also love going to a festival or clubbing together. Here, you can party all night long and get to know each other in a fun way. The number-one word to keep in mind for your ideal date is ‘fun’.

Capricorn Venus Sign

You like to play by the rules when it comes to dating, and you don’t mind a bit of tradition. In fact, you love it when your lover is a little old-fashioned. Your partner could, for example, pick you up at home and take you to a lovely, expensive restaurant whilst making sure to open the door for you, pull out your chair and listen attentively. After which, they can take you home and respect whatever decision you make after that, whether it’s to invite them in or wait for a few more dates. You also like nature, so going out for a walk in a forest or near the sea could be a great way to spend time together.


The number-one thing to remember when dating you is that it needs to be fun and friendly. Soppy, overly romantic dates will have you feeling very awkward, so tell your lover to leave the roses at home and just come over to hang out. Talking will be important to you, so the date has to fit around that, whether it’s at a dinner or something else. The truth is, you need something a little unusual and different to get your blood going, so they have to think out of the box and keep it fresh and new. You also don’t mind ‘group dates’ where you all go out together as friends and have a good time.

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You’re one of the most romantic Venus signs in the zodiac, so your dates need to reflect that. You love a bit of fantasy and you absolutely adore romantic cliches, such as dancing in the rain or taking a skinny dip in the sea together on an impulse. And you also love music, so taking you out to dance or watching a concert of your favorite band will touch your heart in a huge way. You also enjoy a few drinks, so going out for fancy cocktails in a pretty setting is a surefire way to make your date a huge success.  Whatever your lover does, they need to make you feel like you’re the Juliet to their Romeo or via versa.