June 20, 2024
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Here’s what you can expect when dating a Sagittarius

Falling for a sexy Sagittarius? Or are you already involved with one? Maybe you’ve just gone through a breakup and you’re eager to get some closure. Whatever your relationship situation is doesn’t matter – you’re here to understand more about how this passionate sign works, right? Right. So, what can we say about Sagittarius? Well, firstly, they’re a fire sign, making them warm-blooded, adventurous, spontaneous, fun-loving and impulsive. If you’re looking for an exciting experience, you’ve definitely chosen the right person! Sagittarius is also a mutable sign, meaning that they’re adaptable and always willing to go with the flow. Their shadow side is that they can be reckless, fickle and sometimes a little irresponsible. But that all adds to the fun! The zodiac sign of Sagittarius can usually fit into one or more of these categories: Wise Philosopher, Party Animal, Traveler, Athlete or Teacher. Which of these suits your special Sagittarius the most? It’s a journey getting to know this sign, and sometimes they may show all sides at once. One thing is for sure – life is never boring with a Sagittarian at your side. Lets’ go into more detail as to what it’s like to date a Sagittarius, their strengths weak points, preferences and turn offs.

Dating a Sagittarius

No one loves the dating phase as much as the passionate Sagittarius! They adore the excitement, the thrill and the chase of someone brand-new. They’re naturally curious signs, so will want to know everything about you, leading to in depth conversations and deep connection. They love dates where there’s some adventure involved, such as a mountain hike, or spontaneous drive to somewhere they’ve never been before. Going to the same old boring restaurant over and over again is just not their cup of tea, so avoid routine as much as you can when dating a Sagittarius! Also, don’t expect them to be very much on time. Sagittarians have their own idea of time, and it may seem inconsiderate to some, but it’s no big deal for them. They more than make up for it by being a warm, loving and affectionate partner.

Communicating With a Sagittarius

Although Sagittarius is a fire sign, preferring action over words, they also are wisdom-seekers and often the natural teachers of the zodiac. This makes them great communicators, and they are always looking for wisdom to learn and dispense. A conversation with Sagittarius will always be eye-opening and quite deep. They also know how to keep it light and humorous, so that things don’t get too heavy.

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One thing you’ll come to learn when dating a Sagittarius is that they are very philosophical, so even when presented with a problem, they’ll usually take a ‘bigger picture’ view on it. This helps them to let things go and integrate lessons. However, sometimes it may feel to you as if they’re not being very considerate or empathetic, so if you are a sensitive sign, be aware of this. Sagittarians are also the most honest signs in the entire zodiac. You’ll always know here you stand with them, even if it hurts. They won’t hesitate to be very direct with you when they talk to you, and appreciate the same honesty back.

How A Sagittarius Shows Their Love

Sagittarians are actually extremely affectionate. Sure, they love their independence, but at the same time, they’re also loving and warm. Putting their arms around you or holding your hand spontaneously is one way you can be sure your Sagittarius adores you. Because they’re also a very physical sign, the bedroom (and everywhere else!) is their main arena for showing love. If the chemistry is good between you, you can rest assured that Sagittarius will not only stick around but fall head over heels for you.

Another way the Sagittarius may show their love is by taking you on trips with them. Usually an intrepid traveler, Sagittarians prefer to go solo. When they take their lover -aka, you – with them, this shows how deep their feelings go. Sharing their greatest passions with you is a very big deal!

What Turns a Sagittarius Off

Sagittarians simply can’t handle boring routine and doing the same thing over and over again. If you are someone who prefers predictability and stability, well, you may have some issues with your Sagittarius. It is a turn off for them. However, at the same time, Sagittarians also need some grounding, so it’s not all bad. You just have to make that you’re balancing this out with spontaneity.

Sagittarians also can’t handle being with someone who’s not into growth they way that they are. Sagittarians just love to keep expanding, and their life pattern needs to be someone who’s going to come along for the ride. They will also not find it all that fair if you’re the one doing all the growing and they’re not. So, keep it equal, even if that growth comes at different times during the relationship. Sagittarians also need someone to talk to about their deep philosophies and beliefs, so don’t hesitate to go there. If you’re not open to new ideas, they may be a little turned off.

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Strengths of Sagittarius

Sagittarians know how to learn their lessons. If you correct them or ask them to do something, they’ll usually take it on and be open to the growth. Their positive, optimistic attitude goes a long way towards making the relationship smooth and easy. Sagittarius will always, always find a silver lining in any situation, no matter how bad it is. Their enthusiasm for life is infectious, and will lift you up in your darkest moments. They also know how to laugh and not take themselves too seriously, which is a great strength that very few have. Their warmth and enthusiasm for life is something you’ll come to treasure – they’re like a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day. They’re also always open to new experiences and adventures. You can literally take them anywhere, and your Sagittarius will easily adapt.

Weaknesses of Sagittarius

The major weakness of Sagittarius is their self-righteousness. They do tend to think that they have all the answers, and they seldom back down from an argument. They’re also notoriously bad at apologizing, because they simply don’t think that they’re wrong. This can be extremely frustrating to anyone involved with this zodiac sign, as it sometime prevents proper conflict resolution and the sharing of responsibility. Over time, you may start becoming tired at having to always back down from a fight and be the one to make amends. However, you may also think it’s worth it, based on their other, more positive qualities. Sagittarians can also be reckless and irresponsible, often with people’s hearts. They don’t always see how thy hurt others, and their lack of tact can sometimes be very painful. Learning consideration and commitment are important lessons for the Sagittarius. Lastly, this sign can be, at times, very excessive and need to one down their appetites, not to mention their appetite for conflict, too.

Most compatible signs with Sagittarius

The first sign that comes to mind when it comes to compatibility with Sagittarius is the fire sign of Aries. together these two have grand adventures and are both extremely growth-orientated. They share a hunger for life, a spontaneity that is contagious and wild. There’s no telling what these two won’t do together. They ‘get’ each other – so even when there are inevitable arguments, Sagittarius and Aries will let it go, fast. the only danger here is burning out just as fast as they got together. Leo is usually a little more grounding for Sagittarius being a ‘fixed’ sign. Yet, Sagittarius may find Leo a little dominating or controlling, which they don’t like. Aquarius is another sign that usually gets on very well with Sagittarius, being equally free-spirited and unorthodox. These two share a love for philosophy, and will talk about all kinds of interesting things for hours into the night. They also love a good party or gathering, and will give each other plenty of freedom, space and independence. Finally, Sagittarius’s opposite sign of Gemini is usually a good match, seeing as both love the pursuit of knowledge and also adore travelling together.

Least compatible signs with Sagittarius

Taurus may be one of the worst signs of Sagittarius. This is a sign that loves routine and stability, and predictability makes them feel safe. These qualities are all the antithesis of Sagittarius, making this relationship problematic. Unless Sagittarius can slow dawn and practice patience and calm, and Taurus can learn to shake things up, these two may end up being at loggerheads. Capricorn may pose a similar challenge, as they also tend to be work-bound and love structure. Sure, there’s maybe a balance here for Sagittarius, but these two could clash over who’s the leader. Cancer may also be tough for Sagittarius to be with, seeing as they like to cling to their partners, and have very strong emotional needs. Sagittarius may quickly feel overwhelmed and disconnect, which makes the Cancer feel even more insecure.