July 13, 2024
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Love and Zodiac: Here’s what you can expect when dating a Pisces

Got the hots for a gorgeous Pisces? These elusive signs are very magnetic, and seriously mysterious! Creative, sensitive and artistic, your Pisces love interest or SO has a special sort of magic about them. They’re ever so alluring and you might sense that they could open up a whole new world for you.

Yet, as their zodiac symbol of the fish illustrates, this isn’t an easy catch.  Pisces are very slippery creatures that need a loophole, an escape. So, in the beginning, you may find that this sign is has either no boundaries at all and is all over you, or is disappears into thin air. It takes some time and patience on your part to pin them down.

Luckily, Pisces is one of the most romantic signs that you can get, so once you have them, they’ll lavish love and affection on you. They truly believe in fairytales and will go out of their way to create one for you. This is a supportive and sacrificing sign, ready to bend over backwards to make you happy. Plus, their empathy and caring nature is something to be cherished.

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If you’re curious to take a deep dive into what makes this sign tick and what they’re like to date, read on.

Dating a Pisces

The first part of a relationship – the dating phase – is pure magic for the typical Pisces. They don’t really hold back, and they may well believe that you are their soulmate from the get-go.  It’s impossible to resist this, but it may be important that you’re the one to set some boundaries. Don’t get too pulled into the Soulmate talk just yet, until you’re every sure. Because you never know, this may well be your actual ‘One”. It just needs a little time to develop.

As much as you both can, create dates that feel like an escape from reality. Pisces people love to live in a fantasy world, and when they have someone to share it with, then even better! Together, you could weave a world of pure magic. Of course, reality will always bite, but the more that you create a secluded, private world when you’re together, the better.

Pisceans may sometimes cancel on you or arrive late. They don’t mean it, but they can be a little wishy-washy, which may annoy you. You have to have quite a patient attitude, but also let them know where you’re upset. They’ll quickly make it up to you via flowers, dreamy dates, poetry, songs or other declarations of their hearts.

Communicating With a Pisces

What’s very important to understand about a typical Pisces is that they tend to be extremely intuitive and ‘feely’. They live in a psychic world, a world where they pick up impressions from their environment and interpret them accordingly. Thus, communicating with your Pisces is bound to be unlike any other kind of communication. They’ll pick up on your feelings beneath the words, more than anything else. Don’t be surprised if they seem to be reading your thoughts because they probably are. Their powers of perception can be surprising!

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Many Pisceans also love to communicate via poetry, songs or other musical means. They’re not always good at being direct, so this is a great way for them to get their thoughts across. If you’re overly direct with them, then you might find that they ‘swim away’, as they really don’t like to be confronted. Remember, be gentle. Don’t raise your voice too much. Offer them logic, but also be sensitive to their feelings.

How A Pisces Shows Their Love

Pisces is an extremely creative sign, so expect to be swept off of your feet when it comes to how they show you, their love. As we’ve already mentioned, their preferred method is music, songs or poetry. If you get any of these – especially a serenade – this is a sure sign of undying affection!

A Pisces will also tell you, over and over again, how much they adore you. They’ll wake you up with a smile, snuggle you and hold you all morning long. They’ll make you breakfast, play dress up and go to parties with you. However, don’t expect them to do ‘acts of service”, as they’re not the most practical signs. Even organizing a planned date may be a bit beyond their capabilities. They’d prefer to take things as they come, and go with the flow.

Pisces people can encompass all the Love Languages, so enjoy each little way that they express their feelings. Being a water sign, they’re not shy to say how they feel nor are they embarrassed at the depth of their emotions.

What Turns a Pisces Off

Too much restriction can be a major turn off for a typical Pisces. When you ‘label’ the relationship too early on, for example, your Pisces may run for the hills. You can do the labels later down the line, when they’re less skittish and thus, less likely to run away. Another turn-off for Pisces is someone not in touch with their own feelings. Pisceans have huge emotions, and thy do need someone to be fairly present for it and not ignore, dismiss or even try to rationalize their emotions.

Pisceans also tend to enjoy someone who’s quite spiritual, or at the very least, open-minded about that entire world. Many Pisceans believe in angels and spirit guides, in Astrology and Tarot. Supporting them is key, even if you don’t join in.

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Finally, most Pisceans don’t enjoy a partner who’s overly materially focused. Nor are they attracted to someone who doesn’t have depth. They need to do a deep dive with the ones that they’re with, or else they just lose interest.

Strengths of Pisces

Pisces people may seem like they’re weak, but deep down, they’re extremely strong. They’ve weathered a number of storms, and their faith and adaptability usually see them through any of life’s trials. Let’s expand a little on these two-qualities – faith and adaptability. Firstly, their faith. This doesn’t have to be a faith in a ‘higher power’, necessarily. Sometimes, it’s simply a faith that life will help them to land on their feet. They’ve seen the fruits of this faith, time and time again. It’s inspiring to watch. Dating a Pisces may have you growing your own faith, too.

Secondly, their adaptability is also something special to watch. They just know how to move and change with circumstances. Like water, they flow. They’ll happily adapt to you if you have a strong will and like to lead. For many, this is a very attractive quality. This sign is quite the chameleon, so you can literally take them anywhere and put them in any sort of circumstance.

Weaknesses of Pisces

Pisceans do get overwhelmed extremely quickly. Too much responsibility, too many tasks, will have them crumbling extremely fast under the pressure. Thus, you may be the one that has to shoulder most of the hard work, which could tick you off. Yet, if you are someone that enjoys being of service in a practical way, then this may be the perfect relationship for you. Pisces does the emotional heavy lifting, whilst you take care of the material world.

Some Pisceans – most, actually – also tend to live in a world of fantasy. They may even project these fantasies onto you, thinking that you’re absolutely perfect. Then, when that illusion crumbles (because you are only just human!), they become extremely disappointed, which may impact the relationship. In other words, they’re diehard romantics who may struggle with reality sometimes, even turning towards escapist activities to numb out. In these times, they need a grounded, secure, solid partner.

Most compatible signs with Pisces

People don’t always realize that Leo, a fire sign, is actually very well-matched to a Pisces. Why? Well, Leo wants to protect the Pisces, sensing their vulnerability. In return, Pisces support and worships the ground that Leo walks on, boosting their egos and triggering their extremely generous side. Sure, Leo may drown Pisces out at times, but if they maintain respect, then this can be a very harmonious relationship.

Taurus is another sign that really knows how to hold the Piscean energy. They’re safe, calm and grounded which is exactly what the Pisces needs. Yet, they’re also sensual and indulgent, which Pisces loves. Taurus people are very connected to the material world, and don’t mind handling the practical side of life. Pisces then takes the emotional side of things, providing nurturing, care and empathy. It’s a beautiful, magical mix when these two get together. Pisces also has the patience of a saint, which comes in handy when the Taurus is being typically stubborn!

Least compatible signs with Pisces

Pisces has the ability to get along with most people. There are very few that really become a problem for this easygoing sign. Aquarius may be, at times, a little detached for these emotional signs. But, these two do share a love for humanity and helping, so they can connect on that level. Aries may appear to be someone very attractive at first, as they love to play the hero, and Pisces the one that needs rescuing. Yet, it’s a story that often ends badly, what with the Piscean’s feelings being hurt and Aries becoming impatient with them.