July 15, 2024
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Never Date THIS Zodiac Sign

Never Date THIS Zodiac Sign

“Who should I date?” is a question often asked of astrology charts, when really the better question might be “who shouldn’t I date?”

Since our moon sign is how we like to be nurtured and understood by others, it’s incredibly important for you and your partner’s moon signs to vibe well together. Badly matched moon signs are a recipe for heartbreak and disaster, so before you agree to a second date make sure you find out their moon sign and double check it with this list to make sure you’re compatible!


When it comes to relationships, Aries, you need a partner who is a safe space to vent and release pent up energy. Your partner also has to meet you halfway, meaning that they have to be willing to be forthright with their own feelings as well, which is why Virgo is the moon sign you need to avoid in love!

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Virgo moons don’t like messy things, so when it comes to emotions they tend to pack them up and hold them in. In love, you two will clash long before it can ever get serious.


In a romantic relationship you need to feel a deep sense of comfort and security from your partner. When you fall in love, you fall hard and so you need solid reassurance to know that you are not the only one falling, which is why Sagittarius moons are not the moon sign to fall in love with!

Sagittarius moons can be fickle and hard to hold down since they have a tendency to run when things feel too serious–and Taurus moons love serious!


In a relationship you need someone who can debate, joke and laugh at the ups and downs of life with you, which is why a Pisces moon is not the right choice! Pisces moons are known for feeling not only their own feelings, but the feelings of others very deeply (they’re like emotional sponges).

So when it comes to romantic intimacy, Gemini, you two are on totally different emotional wave lengths!

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Cancer moons are sentimental and sweet humans who love to nurture and care for the ones that they love. You need a partner who is going to enjoy the sweet and sentimental side of everyday life just like you, which is why Aquarius moons are a no-go for you in your dating life!

Aquarius is a cerebral sign, so they tend to think through their feelings and analyze themselves out of the depths that a Cancer moon loves to go to.


If there is one thing in life that a Leo loves most it is love itself. Your life is all about following your passions, so when you love someone you want to shout it from the rooftop. Scorpio moons love with an intense passion as well, however they tend to keep their feelings close to their chest.

It can sometimes feel like pulling teeth in order to get the kind of emotional nurturing that you desire in relationships from your Scorpio moon love, so don’t fall too fast for this one!


Virgo moons are a bit more reserved than other moon signs, especially when it comes to the warm fuzzy feelings of love. You have a large propensity for it, but your romantic heart is not something that you’re willing to share with any Tom, Dick or Harry you find on the street, which is why Leo moons are the worst moon sign for you to date!

Leo’s tend to give love freely and want/need that same kind of adoration in return. In short, you two are polar opposites!

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Libra moons are the true lovers and peace keepers of the zodiac! You feel best when you are around the people you love, and it’s important that there is peace and harmony in said relationships. Aries moons are anything but harmonious, instead they are like loose cannons ready to fire off at the slightest inconvenience.

As a Libra moon you have a tendency to mirror the people in your life and this fire moon is one energy you don’t need to be mirroring!


Scorpio moons thrive in the highs and lows of life. When it comes to relationships, your Scorpio moon can complicate things because you need a partner who will meet your darkness without fear, yet with an equal measure of understanding.

Libra moons are arguably the worst moon signs for you to date since they tend to seek out happiness, balance and peace at all times, which is basically the antithesis of the Scorpio moon life motto.


If there is one thing that is important to a Sagittarius moon in a relationship it is adventure. You like to think big and look towards the future in life and in love, which is why Cancer moons are your worst romantic match.

These water signs have a habit of staying stuck in the past, so their nostalgic hearts will clash with your optimistic levity.


In relationships the most important thing for your Capricorn moon is honesty. You have a tough exterior but a warm heart buried deep underneath, which you’re only willing to share with the right lover, and that someone is definitely not a Gemini moon!

These air moons tend to think themselves into circles and make jokes out of a serious situation. This light hearted revelry might be right for some, but it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, Capricorn.


Aquarius moons aren’t known for being the most emotional people, in fact they might be the least emotional of all the moon signs! In love and romance they don’t mesh well with anyone who is too clingy, which is why a relationship with a Taurus moon will never work!

Taurus moons can be stage 5 clingers, so your Aquarius moon will find this earth sign to be a total turn off.


Pisces moons are deep wells of emotions, they feel everything all at once. In love you can’t be with anyone who isn’t going to hop on a surfboard and ride the waves of feelings alongside you, which is why you should never date a Capricorn moon!

Capricorn moons have layers upon layers of walls up around their hearts so you’ll just be wasting your time trying to connect romantically with them!