July 15, 2024
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This Is Your Love Language Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every person on Earth has a particular way they like to be loved and appreciated by their partner. This all comes down to what your particular Love Language is. Have you heard about the Five Love Languages before? Basically, you get Physical Touch, Words Of Affirmation, Acts Of Service, Quality Time, and Receiving Gifts. Interested in learning more about what yours might be? Then continue reading to find out more:


Aries: Words Of Affirmation

As an Aries, you’re one of those people who really need words of affirmation to feel loved and appreciated by their lover. They want to hear that they are these amazing people. They need to know that their partner could never live without them and that they are the greatest person on earth. With any Aries, they feel like they can be their most authentic self when someone just accepts them for who they are at their core. All an Aries truly wants is acceptance because they realize that their personalities are quite out there and not everyone can always handle it. Aries are direct people, and so they tend to take things that others say at face value, further emphasizing the weight of your loving words. Affirming words mean more to an Aries than you could possibly understand. An Aries tends to get quite riled up when someone criticizes them. This makes them want to prove themself more because an Aries just cannot settle to be anything other than the best. Words of affirmation should be used to tell an Aries what they have done right, not to scold them or criticize them. Words of affirmation will make your Aries feel really loved and like you are proud of them. So lay it on thick, but of course be genuine, when you are with your Aries.

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Taurus: Physical Touch

Taureans are the sensual sirens of the Zodiac. They’re all about feeling pleasure and making their senses come alive. Taureans love to touch and feel closeness with their partner. While Taureans are famous for their sexuality, the type of touch they’re after isn’t always sexual. Taureans do desire sexual touch because it is a form of love and expression for them, but they also need the non-sexual sweet, and kind touches like cuddling, hugging, kissing, and holding hands. A Taurus will always enjoy the physical feeling of love. Taurus loves the touch-related feeling of love. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, love, and beauty. This is why it can be particularly painful for a Taurus when their partner disconnects from them and no longer touches them. To make a Taurus happy, they need at least a bit of physical touch each and every day. Or else they might feel quite unloved and unappreciated. If you’re a Taurus, it is really important for you to pay attention to this side of yourself. Even if you are single it is important for you to embrace your sensuality by enjoying good food, spending time in nature, or indulging in self-care. You don’t need a partner to enjoy physical touch, but of course, it helps.

Gemini: Quality Time

Geminis are a communicative bunch because they seriously love people. They are curious and love to learn new things. It means a lot to them if they can connect to their person one-on-one by having deep and thoughtful conversations about life. The best way to draw out the Gemini’s true nature and to make them feel loved is to stay present with them in conversation and in the space that you both occupy. They need to be with someone who is interesting and interested in them. They hate boredom and love going on little adventures. Because Geminis are a changeable air sign they need a lot of stimulation to feel excited by the relationship they are in. A Gemini may be able to talk to anyone because of their vast knowledge but they need to know that their conversations are being met with the attention of the other person at the moment, making their love language quality time. They couldn’t be with someone who is distracted and doesn’t listen when they speak.

Cancer: Acts Of Service

Cancers are all about taking care of those closest to them. Nothing speaks more to their soul than having someone who they can love and nurture through simple acts of service like cooking a meal or helping with tasks around the house. This might be banal to most, but for a Cancer this means everything. They have nurturing energy and a deeply emotional nature that needs to be expressed, but sometimes Cancers do so much for others that they tend to forget about themselves. The Cancer in your life likely needs help arranging, cleaning, and taking care of the physical space around them even if they think that they can take care of this themself. Cancers have more passive and introspective energy, they wait for things to happen to them so taking action is the best way to show your love to a Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the feminine and watery Moon, meaning that they operate within a world of emotion and feelings. What Cancers need is someone who is more naturally action-oriented in order to help them get closer to their goals.

Leo: Words Of Affirmation

Leos just love attention and if they could have it their way they would probably go for all of the Love Languages, but if they had to choose it would probably be Words of Affirmation. Leos already know their own greatness. They recognize that they are these super humans, and they want others to see and comment on it as well. Some might find Leos self-centreredness a bit off putting, but they’re just really proud, as they out to be. This is why they appreciate words of affirmation so much. Because they know if the people around them can appreciate their greatness, then that means they are paying attention to them, which means they can see the greatness in you in return. Leos are very confident, but they do rely on the people in their life to give them a boost. They need their loved ones to tell them they are doing a good job.

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Virgo: Words Of Affirmation

Virgos are the sign of service and give their love by doing nice things for their loved ones, but in return they really need their partner to acknowledge this by saying thank you and how much they mean to them. If you live with a Virgo or know one, you know that having ultimate control of the environment around them is a top priority for them. They like to micromanage every little thing. For this reason, it is important to remind them that you can see how much they do for you and how much it means to you that they are so atttentive to your needs. Virgos don’t need much because ultimately they receive love by giving love, but they still need affirmation to know that what they do for you is appreciated. So be sure to hand out the complimets to make your Virgo feel loved.

Libra: Receiving Gifts

Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so you can be sure they have a love language. This is why Libras are big fans of anything artistic and aesthetically pleasing, so it makes sense that gift-giving is important to Libra to feel the love. Libras need an environment that echoes their love for beauty and everything aesthetic. Libras tend to be quite sentimental with the things that help them remember a specific event in their life. Gifts give them energetic and emotional attachment to their partner. However, Libras tend to have quite patricular tastes and it is rare for them to find a partner who just gets what they are into. So if they happen to find someone who knows exactly what they like, it can mean a great deal to them and make them feel extremely loved. Libras will often return the favor by giving back gifts as well. They have fantastic taste, so count yourself lucky even if you didn’t expect anything in return. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that the gifts you give your Libra have to be expensive, lavish, or totally over the top. As long as it is tasteful your Libra will be happy, even if it as simple as a good book or a bouquet of flowers.

Scorpio: Physical Touch

Scorpios are one of the most physical and sexual signs in the Zodiac. They get a thrill by being close to their partner which means that physical touch is a major priority for a Scorpio wheb he or she is in a relationship. Scorpios may have a very tough exterior, but their shell is just protecting them from their vulnerability. If you can knock down a Scorpios defenses you will find someone totally sensitive and even a little needy on the inside. Scorpios love to be inundated by affection. They may put on a tough front, but Scorpios are actually super cuddly and need a lot of affection from their partner. Hugs, kisses, hand-holding, and of course, a lot of sex is really important for a Scorpio to feel loved in their relationship. They simply can’t get enough of it all. A Scorpio likes it when their partner “claims” them and vice versa. They want the world to see that they are taken and have a partner. So grab their hand and show the world that they are yours.

Sagittarius: Quality Time

Sagittarius is THE adventurer of the Zodiac. They love to gain knowledge through experience and exploration. This makes it obvious that their Love Language would be spending Quality Time with their partner. They love going on all kinds of adventures and sharing in the experience with their partner. What you can do to really speak to their soul is to plan some activities for them to enjoy with you. Give them a new experience to remember you by. s and having activities planned. Very little keeps a Sagittarius more excited than when they have a whole group of people that are ‘down’ to do what they want to do. They are big extroverts who love  being around people. They love having that tribe of adventurous souls who can meet them in their daring energy and who can easily get on their level. Quality time and fun trips are important to these people

Capricorn: Receiving Gifts

Capricorns know what they want in life, especially in terms of their career. This Earth sign is all about accomplishment and getting closer to their goal. They want to feel like they have achieved something in their life and because of this they like to see their physical security expressed on the material plane. This is why gift giving is the Capricorns favorite way of receiving love from their partner, especially when the gift is something useful and practical that can help them be more efficient or productive. Capricorns tend to feel quite a bit of guilt if they don’t spend enough time doing their work or achieving their goals and this is why grounded and practical gifts that make their life a little easier tend to go down quite well. If something can help them be more productive, it can really help to remove the weight of the world off their shoulders. Capricorn, being ruled by solid Saturn, is a big fan of what is real and legitimate. They can’t hang on empty promises, but the gift that they received from someone who meant a lot to them isn’t going anywhere and could last forever with enough care. Capricorns are a lot more sentimental than you might realize, so getting them a gift that last for years and years will really go the distance for them. This idea is why Capricorns appreciate gifts. The physical object will remind them of you and induce a sense of nostalgia.

Aquarius: Acts Of Service

All Aquarians have a streak of humanitarianism in them. They care deeply about the future and changing the world. They want to see the world change for the better than what it currently is right now. Their love language is most certainly Acts Of Service. They aare naturally helpful and have many causes close to their heart that they care deeply for and it is important to them that their partner shares in their ideals with them. An Aquarius needs a partner who is passionate and happy to rally with them for a worthy cause. They are famous for their charity and humanitarian work for this reason. Having a partner in crime that could go volunteer with them is their ultimate dream. A partner who is their to help and is supportive of their dreams goes a very long way to make the Aquarius feel loved and seen.

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Pisces: Quality Time

Pisceans are introverts who need quite a bit of alone time to recharge their batteries, but when it comes to their relationships they appreciate quality time above everything else. It is really important to them. Pisces must feel their loved ones’ energy and love language in order to understand them, so simply being around them helps them feel more connected to their person. They are also usually really good listeners and tend to be natural therapists, but sometimes they too need a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes just having their partner be there with them is good enough. They just like someone to be present with them. Pisces are highly emotional people and they like being able to show their vulnerable side to their loved one but they want their partner to be just as raw and real with them.  Deep feelings of love and appreciation between them and their significant other is what they’re after. Making memories and getting to know the intricacies of their partner is of the utmost importance to the Pisces.