June 20, 2024
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How To Tell If You Crush Likes You Based On Their Zodiac Sign

How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Dating can be tough if you’re unsure if your crush likes you back or not. With some people it is really obvious, others can be pretty hot and cold, and then you get a unique few who will pretend they don’t like you when they are actually madly in love with you. Thankfully, with Astrology it is a bit easier to tell if someone likes you based on certain traits each sign has. If you’re curious to know if your crush likes you back, then keep on reading:

Signs An Aries Likes You

They Are Protective And Affectionate Towards You

An Aries is the warrior of the Zodiac, this sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, aggression, and passion. When they get riled up about something, this sign can get quite angry and aggressive. When an Aries likes you, they are going to go out of their way to protect you and make sure that you are safe – even the women, you don’t want to mess with an Aries woman ever. She is as feisty as they come. When an Aries likes you they are going to do whatever they can to keep you out of harm’s way!

But it is not all-out war all of the time, an Aries can be very affectionate. They are the sign most likely to show you how they feel through physical touch and affection. They will kiss and hug you every chance they get. This sign is big on PDA because they love claiming their partners and making sure the world knows that you are theirs! An Aries wants to feel like they have won a prize, and when an Aries likes you, you are that very prize they want to show off to the world.

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Signs A Taurus Likes You

They Are Thoughtful And Like To Cook For You

A Taurus is as thoughtful as they come, they always consider what you might like or need. This sign goes the extra mile when they are interested in someone. They’ll want to know absolutely everything about you and they desperately want to know what makes you tick. This sign will remember every little detail about you because they care deeply and they want to show you that they listen to everything you have to say. It can be from the most significant to insignificant detail on the planet.

They see you and want to make you feel special, but they also want you to be comfortable around them. A really great way of knowing a Taurus man likes you is when they take the time to cook for you. This is their ultimate love language and you can count yourself lucky because this sign definitely knows how to cook!

Signs A Gemini Likes You

They Reach Out Often And Tell You How They Feel

A Gemini is naturally flirty and full of fun and excitement! This sign just loves to chat and communicate, especially when they are interested in someone. Gemini is the type of person to send text messages all day and check in with how you are feeling – they love to stay in touch when they have a crush. Having a Gemini text you a lot and check in with you is a very good sign that they are interested in you. They want to get to know you and feel closer to you!

This is their very obvious way of letting you know that they are interested in you. When a Gemini likes you, they won’t beat around the bush. This sign will tell you straight up that they like you and be very honest. When they like you, you will know!

Signs A Cancer Likes You

They Will Be Affectionate And Open Up Emotionally

A Cancer is a sweet and gentle soul. This sign is definitely looking for love and connection, but they take relationships very seriously. They will want to create a bond with someone. This sign can be very shy, but when a Cancer likes you, they’ll be pretty affectionate. They will hug you often, or put their hand on your arm when you guys chat. Affection is the way a Cancer shows they care about you. This sign is very sensitive and they feel things deeply.

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It may not seem like it because they are so shy, but there is a lot of emotion going on inside of them, however, they get shy because they are afraid of being vulnerable and getting hurt. But if you notice a Cancer slowly opening up to you, then chances are great that they trust you and want to let you in. Having a Cancer be vulnerable with you is a very good sign they like you.

Signs A Leo Likes You

They Take You On Romantic Dates And Brad About You

Leos are very romantic people. When it comes to love and relationships this sign pulls out all of the stops and switches on all of the heat. When a Leo likes you, it will be fairly obvious by the romantic way they treat you. They will take you on the most romantic dates and make you feel special whenever you are around them. This sign will wine and dine you when they like you. They want you to think of them as someone totally unforgettable and special.

A Leo is also a very proud sign, they love to draw attention to themselves, but when they like someone, they will brag about that person endlessly. They will want the world to know how special you are and make them understand that you are one hell of a catch. The more a Leo brags about you to their friends, the deeper their feelings are towards you.

Signs A Virgo Likes You

They Want To Spend Time With You And They Share Their Feelings

A Virgo may be very busy with things as they are always on the go. This sign has a very busy schedule needing to go from one thing to the next. But when this sign likes someone, they will prioritize this person and make sure they have time to spend together. They know that quality time is how they create closeness and bonds with people. A Virgo will never rush into a relationship, so be aware that they take their time and are often very patient when it comes to love.

Don’t expect this sign to jump into a relationship on a whim. If a Virgo is slowly taking their time to get to know you, it means they like you so don’t be deterred. It is also important to remember that this sign is very analytical and rational, but they are aware of their feelings and emotions, and once they feel comfortable with someone, they are usually quite open with their feelings. A Virgo likes honest communication and is happy to share what they are thinking and feeling. So if a Virgo opens up to you, you can guarantee that they are being honest and forthcoming.

Signs A Libra Likes You

They Are Super Flirtatious And Become Open And Vulnerable

Libras are very flirtatious people. They know how to switch on the charm and make just about anyone feel special and desired. This sign can talk to almost anyone about anything and it is very easy for a Libra to be liked by others. However, when a Libra likes you, they are going to place all of their attention on you and lay it on thick! You’ll definitely KNOW that a Libra has a crush on you.

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This sign will know how to make you weak in the knees because they are charming and likable. It can be difficult for a Libra to be open and vulnerable as they hate conflict and making other people feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they bury what they are feeling, just so that they can keep the peace. So if a Libra opens up to you and is vulnerable with you, it is really significant and means that they must have really strong feelings for you. It is likely that they can see things becoming serious with you, so much so that they are willing to drop their mask for you.

Signs A Scorpio Likes You

They Give A Lot Of Eye Contact And Text Everyday

A Scorpio is a bit of a mystery sign, they can be really intense, but you still may not know what this sign is thinking. They can be pretty hot and cold because one minute you’ll think they have no interest in you whatsoever, and the next moment they will be all over you! However, if you notice a Scorpio constantly staring at you and giving you a lot of eye contact then this is pretty strong indication that this sign is very much into you and that they want to get closer to you.

This sign really cares about connection and intimacy, they want to build a strong bond with the person they are romantically involved with. They want their relationships to have depth and intimacy. That is why when a Scorpio is interested in you, they will go out of their way to keep in touch with you so that you know that they are thinking of you and that they are definitely interested in getting to know you better. A Scorpio isn’t an overly communicative person, however, when they like someone they will definitely put in the effort to make it work.

Signs A Sagittarius Likes You

They Want To Go On Adventures With You And You Have Their Attention

A Sagittarius is through and through a free spirit and is always up for a new experience. This sign just loves adventures and going travelling. They really can’t stand being caged in one place – they need to be free. This sign wants to experiment and see how far they can push themselves in certain situations. They just crave constant exploration. When a Sagittarius wants to adventure with you, it is usually a really good sign that they like you and want to spend a lot of time with you.

This usually means they want to experience as much of life with you as they possibly can! This is a massive compliment! A Sagittarius has a lot going on in their life and their attention is often divided between a multitude of things. They are simply one of those people who love to keep busy with many distractions. However, when a Sagittarius likes you, they will give you their full attention and make you feel like the happiest person alive. It is quite special when a Sagittarius has their focus solely on you.

Signs A Capricorn Likes You

Their Defenses Come Down And They Want To Take Care Of You

A Capricorn is as serious as they come. This sign is very stern and responsible and they tend to take their time when it comes to romantic relationships. Slow and steady wins the race in their opinion. However, when a Capricorn likes someone, they will slowly start to let their guard down and become softer and more gentle towards the person they have feelings for. This is when you will notice this sign making funny jokes, acting a little silly, and seeming a lot more comfortable with being vulnerable in your presence.

They will speak about the things that scare them and they will also start to open up about their feelings for you. They will seem to relax in your presence. You should also notice that your Capricorn will make a point of wanting to take care of you by making sure that you are comfortable and okay. They want you to know that you can depend on them no matter what. This sign will keep showing up to make you realize that they want to be a reliable force in your life and that they aren’t going anywhere.

Signs An Aquarius Likes You

They Want To Be Your Friend First And Take Their Time

It can be a little confusing when you have a massive crush on an Aquarius, and it seems like they just want to be your friend, this is possibly even what they tell you! This seems very counterintuitive and may perhaps even put you off from wanting to continue to pursue them. But the fact is, this just means that they really want to get to know you first, and hopefully being friends helps to put the pressure off of both of you. When an Aquarius likes you they will make a point of first building a strong and solid foundation of friendship with you first.

They think that you need time to get to know each other to help build trust. This sign is unlike anyone else, so always expect to be a little surprised by them. They will always be a little unconventional. They have to do everything differently from everyone else and this is why when an Aquarius likes you, they are going to take their time getting to know you. They don’t want to rush into anything they are unsure about. This is why it is necessary that you learn to take your time and go with the flow.

Signs A Pisces Likes You

They Get Spiritual With You And Reach Out Everyday

Pisces is probably the most spiritual sign in the Zodiac. Their connection to the divine is extremely important to them. They feel it is necessary to have some relationship with a higher power. When a Pisces likes someone, they will want to share this part of themself with the person they have a romantic connection with. A spiritual foundation needs to be at the forefront of any romantic relationship this sign has. They will want to discuss their spirituality and odd ideas with you. This is their way of opening up and being vulnerable.

They don’t always open up about this to everyone, so when they do, chances are very high that the Pisces feel a special connection with you. This sign is often in the clouds and they can be quite a dreamer, but when they like you, they will make a point to reach out to you. They realize that sending telepathic messages is probably not enough and that a text message or call has to suffice. This shows that they care about you and want you to know that they are thinking of you.