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How Likely Will Your Long-Distance Relationship Last, Ranked by Zodiac Sign

How Likely Will Your Long-Distance Relationship Last, Ranked by Zodiac Sign

Long-distance relationships happen for a variety of reasons. If you meet your new love online who lives in a different city, you will have no choice but to have a long-distance relationship unless you can move near your partner. However, with work and family responsibilities, that cannot happen until an opportunity arises.

Even before the age of the internet, many couples were in long-distance relationships due to meeting one another during travel or conventions. Some people can last in long-distance relationships, and others cannot. How will you fare if you happen to end up in a long-distance relationship? That depends on your zodiac sign so let’s find out by ranking them.

Virgo – Most Likely to Work Based On the Work Put Into It

Virgo is one of the signs known for hard work and perfecting anything regardless of the challenge. Therefore, Virgos have the highest chance of making a long-distance relationship work. That is because Virgo will look at the minor details in what is involved in making a long-distance relationship work, but the partner also has to be on board with it.

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As long as Virgo and their partners can handle the long-distance relationship to make it work for the best, they will be successful. Others will wonder how they were able to manage it as well.

Taurus – Their Tenacity Will Make it Last

Taurus is stubborn and tenacious and also loves their space. Therefore, Taureans have a high chance of making their long-distance relationship work because they will be determined to do so. Another thing that works in Taurus’ favor is that those with the sign love to have their space.

Therefore, they would be happy to chat with their partners on video for a while before they go and watch their favorite movie each night – or whatever their routine entails. However, if there is a sign that can make the long-distance relationship last, Taurus would be it!

Pisces – They Will Handle it Well if That Is What They Want

Pisces is highly compassionate, intuitive, and caring. Therefore, they can handle a long-distance relationship if they fall in love with someone who lives far away. Their intuition also tells them that when their partner who is nowhere near them needs them the most, they will call in check-in and even fly out to them if necessary.

However, Pisces faces one problem when it comes to a long-distance relationship, and that is the lack of communication on their part. They will not communicate how they feel even if they are not happy, and even if they are frustrated by the long-distance relationship, their partner will not know. That is because they don’t communicate that. Therefore, that could mark its challenges if the lack of communication continues.

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Sagittarius – They Enjoy the Freedom

Sagittarius is optimistic and happy-go-lucky and does not like being restrained at all, which is why making commitments is something Sagittarius does not like to do. Therefore, if anyone can handle long-distance relationships, it is Sagittarius. They can enjoy having a relationship while free to do what they want.

The only problem that Sagittarius can run into is that they may find someone who lives closer to them that they could fall in love with, and therefore, that could end up putting an end to the long-distance relationship.

Capricorn – Committed to Working Hard to Make it Work

Capricorn is a sign that represents hard work and commitment, as those with this sign take everything seriously. Therefore, as hard as it would be for a Capricorn to have a long-distance relationship, they would not say no to having one either. As a matter of fact, if they happen to fall in love with someone who does not live anywhere near them, they will do what they can to make it work because when Capricorn takes something seriously, they will not let it fail.

The only thing that could get in the way is that Capricorn could struggle with being suspicious towards their partner since they do not know what they are doing since they are not in their presence most of the time.

Aquarius – Will Try to Balance Independence and Being in a Relationship

Aquarius falls in the middle of how well one would do in a long-distance relationship. You may be surprised that those with this sign did not rank higher, considering that they love their independence. However, even though Aquarius does need their freedom and independence, they like being in relationships too because they do get lonely otherwise.

Aquarius can have the determination to make the long-distance relationship work, and that way, it allows them to enjoy their independence. At the same time, like Sagittarius, Aquarius can quickly lose interest if they don’t see their partner enough, which can be a recipe for failure.

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Cancer – The Loyalty Will Encourage Them to Put in the Effort

Cancer is the most emotional sign in the zodiac, and at the same time, those with the sign are highly loyal. If Cancer falls in love with someone who does not live near them, they will not want to give up on the potential relationship because their emotions will not let them do it.

They will want to make it work and will put in an effort. However, it will be hard for Cancer to remain optimistic about the relationship working out over time. They need to be close to their partners, and if they don’t see them much, it will become more difficult for the Cancer to handle being away from them for so long.

Leo – Determination Is There but Lack of Attention Will Be Challenging

It is not a surprise that Leo begins to rank towards the bottom of the likelihood of a long-distance relationship lasting. However, if Leo happens to meet the potential love of their life on a trip or online where they reside somewhere far, they will not give up on the relationship for that reason.

Leo, being a fixed sign, will find the determination, in the beginning, to make it work. They are also loyal. However, as time elapses, challenges will arise. Leo needs their partner’s attention, and since they will not get it too often, that can be a deal-breaker in the end. Leo will likely be the one to break the relationship off for that reason.

Libra – Can Make Compromises but May Become Resentful

Libra is a social sign and enjoys being in the company of others, but that does not mean they are not open to having a long-distance relationship. They will give it a try at first and are good at making compromises. However, the distance will begin to get to Libra, and what can happen is that Libra will start feeling resentful that they are not seeing their partner regularly.

Libra may act as if everything is good and dandy with their partner when they see or speak to them. But underneath that, there is a lot of anger, and Libra will not want to know it because of the dislike of conflict. However, so many differences will grow that the relationship will not last.

Gemini – Will Struggle to Keep the Commitment

Gemini is a social sign and also has good intentions. Therefore, if Gemini does happen to connect with a partner who does not live near them, then they will at first be open to the idea of having a long-distance relationship, and it may last for maybe a few months. That is because Gemini may end up likely finding a partner close to home which they will be able to see and chat as often as they can.

Therefore, that would immediately put an end to the long-distance relationship. Since Gemini struggles with keeping commitments, it is not a surprise that a long-distance relationship would not be likely to work for them.

Aries – Does Not Have the Patience to Make it Work

Aries is full of passion and fire, and enthusiasm. Therefore, if Aries finds someone who they see as a potential partner that does not live near them, they may have the excitement to start a relationship. However, Aries will struggle to make it last as they are not patient enough and short-tempered.

For instance, Aries would not be very understanding if their partner were planning to come to town on a given date to see Aries and had to cancel their plans because of family or work obligations. In fact, Aries would likely end the relationship right then and there because of not seeing their partner enough as it is.

Scorpio – Trust Issues Will Put a Damper on It

If there is one sign that would not be ideal for long-distance relationships, it would be Scorpio. There is a high chance that Scorpio may not even think to accept having a long-distance relationship, even if they developed feelings for someone who lived far away. They struggle with trust as it is and are always suspicious.

They would worry that their partner would be doing things behind their back. For Scorpio to gain confidence, they would have to be in the constant presence of their partner. Therefore, a long-distance relationship is not likely to be in the cards, ever, for Scorpio.


Regardless of your zodiac sign, having a long-distance relationship takes a lot of work, effort, and trust. Local relationships are hard enough to work through, and long-distance relationships take that much more work. However, many marriages do end up evolving from long-distance relationships. For example, the one who lives far from their partner will likely end up moving to the same town as their partner and will do so by finding work opportunities there, or vice versa. Or, sometimes, the couple that started in a long-distance relationship will decide to start their lives in a new city altogether. Not everyone is built to handle these relationships, and some are! And yes, it can largely depend on the horoscope make up as well!