June 20, 2024
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Virgo Dating Porfile

What you can expect from dating a Virgo

There’s so much more to Virgo than what meets the eye. Mainstream Astrology talks about Virgo as being reserved, shy, timid and prudish. Perhaps they come across like this on the surface, but once you get to know this earth sign, you’ll find that they are actually very sensual, sexy and outspoken. All you need is a little patience and time to get to know them. The other wonderful thing about Virgo is that they’re generally looking for someone long-term. They aren’t really the casual type, and ‘situationships’ only stress them out. So, if you’re looking for the same thing, then you’ll find your perfect match in Virgo. They also tend to treat the people they care about very kindly and will go out of their way to make you feel loved and special through acts of selfless service. You certainly have landed yourself a rare gem when you date a Virgo! Curious to know more? Here’s a breakdown of what it’s like to be with this one-of-a-kind zodiac sign:

Dating a Virgo

Virgo’s usually take it slow when it comes to dating. They love the slow burn that comes with getting to know them, and they often like to figure you out before they jump in. For a Virgo, the two most important ingredients to a long-term relationship are intellectual connection and chemistry. If you can have a long, interesting and intelligent conversation, followed by a sexy make-out session, you’ll have your Virgo’s heart forever.

The dates themselves, if arranged by a Virgo, are likely to be set up in nature with a delicious, nutritious picnic or at their favorite top-class restaurant. Like all earth signs, Virgos just love food, so expect to have your senses blown away. They’re also sticklers for quality, so you’ll seldom need to worry about having a third-class experience. Keep in mind that if you’re the one arranging the date, you also need to have your wits about you and make sure that each detail is taken care of – you’ll make your Virgo feel ever so special.

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Communicating With a Virgo

Even though Virgo is technically an earth sign, because they’re ruled by the communication planet, Mercury, they also have an intellectual side to them. Talking and sharing ideas and opinions is something that gives Virgo huge satisfaction, and if you can keep up with them, they’ll fall so deeply in love that they will never let you go.

However, with this in mind, know that your Virgo is likely to correct you quite often and point out any flaws in your thinking. This means that they can be a little critical and fault-finding, which may wear you down. Yet, they’re also always coming from a good place, even if it seems a bit like lecturing at times. Don’t be afraid to challenge their thinking – your Virgo is much more flexible than you realize. Reach out on text often – they love to chat, whatever the medium is.

How A Virgo Shows Their Love

The ‘Love Language’ of your Virgo is Acts of Service. So, whilst this is perhaps not the most romantic of all the zodiac signs, there are little things that Virgo does to show you just how adored you truly are. This may be as small as washing the dishes, for example, or taking your car for a service. When your Virgo does little things like this, it’s important to take notice. They’re saying ‘I love you’ in a practical way.

Touch is also a go-to for them, so if you find them holding your hand, kissing you, hugging you and cuddling you, it’s a strong sign of how they feel. Physical affection – including in the bedroom – is also a Love Language for Virgo.

What Turns a Virgo Off

The honest truth is that there are many, many things that turn a Virgo off. They do have high standards, so be prepared. Often, it’s not even your fault/problem – it’s their own issues that they need to take control of. For example, your Virgo might moan about a dirty dish left in the sink or that their shirts aren’t folded in exactly the way they like. They’ll get mad if you mess up their color-coded book library, or put the coffee back in the wrong place. These small things are important to Virgo.

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A major turn-off is also someone who doesn’t act with class and dignity, who doesn’t take care of themselves physically or is very unhealthy. They take care of themselves, and expect their partner to have the same self-respect. If they walk into your home and find mess, chaos and dirt, expect them to walk right out – they just can’t handle it. Sometimes, you may feel like you’re jumping through hoops to keep your Virgo happy, but at the same time, it’s so very worth it.

Strengths of Virgo

Virgos have an absolute heart of pure gold. Even if they come across as sometimes nitpicking and critical, the Virgo is also extremely kindhearted and caring. They will go out of their way to give you the very best advice that they possibly can. They dearly want to help you be a better person and live a more fulfilling life. You can always count on your Virgo to lend support a help when you most need it – especially practical support. They’ll be the one running your errands, doing your admin and taking care of the mundane things so that you don’t have to.

What’s more, Virgos tend to be extremely wise and insightful. They can quickly see to the very heart of a problem and know just what to do to fix it. They love to be relied on to take care of these things, so don’t hesitate to pile tasks on their plate – they love to feel useful to you. One of their greatest strengths so being ultra-organized, so let them take care of all the details whilst you simply sit back and relax.

Weaknesses of Virgo

The same qualities that make Virgo stand out, are also the qualities that bring them down. That organizational skill and ability, for example, can become controlling and rigid. This can make it difficult to live side by side with your Virgo. They tend to become very stressed out about the smallest thing, and their go-to is to overthink it all. When they start on that journey, it can become frustrating for you, as they’ll nitpick over the smallest issues. This is usually because the big things just seem to overwhelm at times. What can you do to help? Well, it’s important to reassure the Virgo that they’re doing the very best that they can, and to encourage them not to be too hard on themselves. This is a sign that can really go to town on beating themselves up. Compassion is something that the Virgo needs, both from within themselves and from you. Encouraging them to see the bigger picture will also be a huge help to the Virgo.

Most compatible signs with Virgo

One of the most surprisingly compatible signs is Aquarius. You may have heard that air and earth signs don’t go together so well, but these two are the exception. The reason why is that they’re just both so incredibly intellectual and clever. Conversations between the Virgo and Aquarius are always interesting and full of insights. Granted, they both think that they know best, but generally speaking, they find a way to agree. The other earth signs – Taurus and Capricorn – are also very compatible with Virgo. Capricorn is a particularly good sign when matched with Virgo, mainly because these signs share a strong work ethic and are very goal-orientated, structured planners. They just have similar values and goals in life, which makes things easy. Cancer, a water sign, is also very compatible, seeing as both these signs are home-orientated and love the idea of raising a family together.

Least compatible signs with Virgo

If there’s one sign the drives the Virgo mad, it would have to be Aries. Aries is extremely spontaneous and loves to take a risk, whereas that would probably be the very worst thing that you could ever due to a Virgo. Being with Aries is only going to raise their blood pressure and give the sensitive Virgo more stress. Sure, there can be a balance of risk and planning, but it won’t be an easy balance to achieve. Sagittarius is also not easy to pair with them for almost the same reasons as Aries. Too much planning, structure and organization is only likely to make Sagittarius feel pinned down and claustrophobic. Too much unplanned activity makes them feel out of control. There’s a lot to learn from each other, but it’ll take hard work. Finally, while Gemini and Virgo get along well intellectually, there are bound to be arguments about who’s right and who’s wrong, and perhaps a little too much focus on the intellectual side of their relationship.

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