June 18, 2024
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Astrology of Love and Heartbreak: Understanding Relationship Dynamics

Understanding Love Relationship Dynamics through the Zodiac

Love makes the world go around. No matter how many millina pass, how the ages change, how the times shift, Love remains one of the greatest mysteries. Sure, we may say it boils down to a chemical issue Or, we might say it’s an emotion. But nobody really knows. Just like no one really knows why heartbreak hurts so much, or why some people are more compatible than others, Or what we are so drawn to certain individuals. What makes a relationship last? What makes it break? Astrology holds the key to a few of these questions, and while it’s certainly not the be-all or end-all of all wisdom, it’s a perfect guide to helping us to explore why some relationships work and some don’t. Here’s a little look at the Astrology of Love and Heartbreak using the lens of Astrology, sign by sign.


How Aries Approaches Love

As with everything else, Aries people approach love head-on. they fall hard and fast in love, and just as hard and fast out. They are profoundly loyal, and warm. Until they’re not. They appreciate a relationship that gives them independence, whilst still being showered with attention.

How Aries Deals with Heartbreak

Aries people tend to fight hard for the one they love. Yet, when there’s no more fight left in them, they will let go and bounce back every quickly, sometimes so quickly that it stings the person on the other side. Nothing can get the Aries down for long and they’re always ready for their next grand Love Story.

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Aries Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

If you want to be compatible with an Aries, give them space, but also make them your Hero/Heroine. Celebrate them and encourage them. Let them lead. Have fun, be spontaneous and go on adventures. They’ll be putty in your hands forever and ever.


How Taurus Approaches Love

Taurus is a sign ruled by the Love planet, Venus. Thus, they are all about romance. Steady, grounded and patient, they make committed partners. Yet, they can be cautious and picky, sometimes even quite insecure. They know when they know. Once they get to that point, they’re yours forever.

How Taurus Deals with Heartbreak

Taureans often have a problem letting go of their love, even if it’s blatantly not working out. They don’t like change, you see. Thus, they may even stray or simply disconnect, waiting for you to make the move. It’s frustrating, but it’s part of who they are.

Taurus Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

Essential to being compatible with a Taurus is being equally romantic, steady and reliable. They need someone they can count on, but they also need someone who brings softness and nurturing to their world. Taurus loves a good snuggle, delicious food and creature comforts. They appreciate a partner who will share this with them.


How Gemini Approaches Love

Geminis have a light and easy approach to love, at least at first. Yes, they have a dramatic side, too, but not all the time. They need to have a strong mental connection for them to fall in love. So, talking – lots of it – is the key to their hearts.

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How Gemini Deals with Heartbreak

Gemini can become very analytical when it comes to heartbreak. They need to talk it out and understand why it’s all happening. They may need to be told to drop it, because they tend to go into a spin and create more drama than is necessary.

Gemini Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

Gemini people are most compatible with those who are the same mental level as they are. They need an intelligent, complex partner who constantly stimulates them and never bores them. They also need plenty of space for the special butterfly that they are. Don’t pressure them to commit, and they will, just to prove you wrong.


How Cancer Approaches Love

Cancer is a water sign, and as with all water signs, there’s a mushy, sensitive, emotional approach to love and relationships. Cancer is very scared of being hurt, so they may test you to see if you’re someone they can entrust with their soft side. Once they’ve confirmed this, they fall hard, fast and forever.

How Cancer Deals with Heartbreak

Cancerians struggle with heartbreak. They tend to cling tightly onto the person they love, sometimes only out of memory of the good times. Yet, they do have the courage to let go when it doesn’t feel right anymore. In this case, they almost always try to stay friendly after an initial closing off.

Cancer Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

For love to last with Cancer, they need someone who understands their moods and can handle their constantly changing phases. They need to be needed and love to nurture and take care of their partner. Being a two-person family is ever so important to this sign.


How Leo Approaches Love

Leo is one of the signs that rules love and romance, so you can expect them to have a huge, wide-open heart. Their love is generous, loyal and warm. Once Leo commits, they mate for life. They’ll bend over backwards for their lover and expect the same in return.

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How Leo Deals with Heartbreak

Seldom do you find many single Leo’s out there. This is one sign that knows how to put in the work when it comes to love. Thus they don’t often have to deal with heartbreak, and when they do, it’s dramatic. Yet, they will cut off if they have to, especially if their loyalty has been betrayed.

Leo Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

Leo’s need passion, warmth and dedication to the relationship (AKA them) to feel compatible with their partners. Their relationships tend to last a very long time because they give it so much of themselves. You’re safe with Leo. It’s a love that lasts a lifetime.


How Virgo Approaches Love

Virgos have a heady, analytical approach to love. They can be quite fussy about their partners, and extremely picky. When they do fall in love, they can be very sensual with a yearning to help and serve their partners in any way that they can.

How Virgo Deals with Heartbreak

Being such an intellectual sign, Virgos tend to, again, totally overanalyze heartbreak. They’ll first try and fix things to the best of their ability, often blaming themselves when their efforts don’t work. Their big lesson is to learn when to let go and forgive themselves and others.

Virgo Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

Being an earth sign, Virgos tend to have long-lasting relationships. To be compatible with them, they need a partner who is supportive, caring and willing to put in the work. They appreciate someone who values communication, too.


How Libra Approaches Love

Libra rules love, making this sign one that is often found in successful relationships. This is a charming, composed and sweet sign that everyone wants to be with. They’re always willing to find a win-win solution and tend to put their partner’s needs ahead of their own.

How Libra Deals with Heartbreak

Libra has so many options that they seldom struggle with a broken heart for long. This may make them seem superficial and flighty, yet it’s important to remember that they usually overthink whether or not to end a relationship. This is the most difficult part of heartbreak for a Libra.

Libra Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

Librans need a partner who is willing to share with them and work together as a team. A selfish partner may not be all that compatible with Libra. They’ll put up with it for a while, but soon realize that things aren’t very fair. An unbalanced relationship will send them running for the hills.


How Scorpio Approaches Love

Scorpios approach love the same way that they approach everything else – all or nothing. This is the sign of passion, intimacy and sexuality, making them amazing people to be with. Sure, they can be controlling and jealous, but most of the time, they’re caring, sensitive and intuitive, not to mention very loyal.

How Scorpio Deals with Heartbreak

Scorpions feel so deeply that they have to shut off during a heartbreak. They will push you away and seem cold and closed, when in fact they’re in deep pain. They become obsessive, sometimes manipulative, especially if betrayed. Eventually, they may completely remove you from their lives as if you never existed.

Scorpio Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

Being a fixed sign, Scorpios tend to be profoundly loyal and have long-lasting relationships. For you to be compatible, they need closeness, intimacy and a physical connection. They also need an emotionally intuitive partner who matches their depth and intensity.


How Sagittarius Approaches Love

Sagittarius are the free spirits of the zodiac, and thus, don’t like to be tied down or overly committed. They crave love that’s adventurous, spontaneous and fun, a love that allows them to be who they are and grow. They’ll be loyal as long you’re able to provide them with these qualities.

How Sagittarius Deals with Heartbreak

Sagittarians see all of life as one big lesson. Thus, a heartbreak may sting, but they’ll grow from it and hope to be friends with their ex. This can hurt the more sensitive types, as this can appear like reckless or uncaring behavior.

Sagittarius Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

Sagittarians need someone they can grow with – someone who is willing to see the world and their relationship as one big adventure. They appreciate a partner who’s wise, someone who they can have big conversations with and someone who isn’t lazy or routine-bound.


How Capricorn Approaches Love

Capricorn is a traditional sign, and so, their approach to love may seem old fashioned to some people. They crave commitment and even marriage, and in that search, may appear picky or cautious. Once they’ve decided that you’re the One, they’ll be deeply faithful and dedicated to the relationship, if a little unromantic.

How Capricorn Deals with Heartbreak

Capricorns close off when they are heartbroken. It’s almost as if nothing happened. Yet, on the inside, they have a deep hurt, which may play out in ways that seem destructive. They can even appear to be cruel and uncaring, but it’s important to keep in mind that this is merely a defense mechanism.

Capricorn Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love:

Long-lasting love with a Capricorn depends on how much you’re willing to be as true and dedicated as they are. Capricorns want you to honor the relationship by fulfilling the duties and obligations inherent in any partnership. Love is a business transaction for a Capricorn – it has to make sense.


How Aquarius Approaches Love

Love, for an Aquarius, is friendship. If you don’t have a solid base of friendship first, the Aquarian just won’t ever fall in love. They see their partners as their best buddy and sidekick. The typical Aquarian is extremely loyal and faithful, even if they’re a little detached or unromantic at times.

How Aquarius Deals with Heartbreak

Aquarius has a philosophical approach to life and love. Heartbreak will hurt them, but they’ll manage to rationalize why it doesn’t work out and often enjoy remaining great friends with their exes. This isn’t a sign to carry a lifelong grudge.

Aquarius Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

If you want to be compatible with an Aquarius for life, give them space, and lots of it. If you cling to them, stifle their freedom or tell them what to do, they’ll run a mile. Be their best friend and talk often. Share your dreams. Let each other be individuals.


How Pisces Approaches Love

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. Thus, falling in love happens for them every day with everyone. They are soft, gentle and caring creatures. Pisceans may be a touch on the non-committal side, especially if they feel that their love is something to be shared with everyone.

How Pisces Deals with Heartbreak

Pisces tend to run away from big feelings. Thus, heartbreak may be experienced through them leaving to travel, listening to music or in more sinister things such as drinking too much. Yet, they have a deeply forgiving heart which often makes them easily taken advantage of by cruel exes.

Pisces Compatibility Factors Essential for Long-Lasting Love

If you want to keep your Pisces love around for life, give them space and freedom. Be there for them in practical ways. Hold them and contain them – make them feel safe. Let spirituality be part of your relationship and let them feel their big feelings.