June 20, 2024
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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With An Aries

What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With An Aries

Aries are some of the sexiest signs in the Zodiac. There is something quite appealing about their passion and the way they take risks and go after what they want in life. And fortunately for them and their sexual partners, this energy extends to the bedroom. If you’re looking for a sneak peek into what it might be like to sleep with an Aries, then continue reading:


The Energy An Aries Brings To The Bedroom

Wherever an Aries goes, passion is sure to follow. This sign loves to have sex and tends to be impulsive. This means that they don’t wait very long to jump into bed with someone. This is likely because this sign loves to live in the present moment and isn’t too concerned about the consequences in the future.

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When an Aries feels a spark with someone, they are going to pursue it. And when they do, they immerse themselves into the experience completely. This sign likes things loud, fast, and fiery. Out of all the signs, an Aries is most partial to a quickie but prefers a long and steamy night of passion.

They don’t want to wait too long to have sex with their partner, it is a constant need for them and they want it as often as physically possible. This sign thrives off passion, it fuels their creativity and gives them a reason to breathe.

An Aries is usually quite open-minded and experimental in the bedroom. They like to use their imagination to keep things fun and exciting. To them, sex is almost a form of escapism where they can truly embrace their fantasies and be themselves completely.

It is best for an Aries to be with a partner who is non-judgmental and open to experimentation. The worst thing for an Aries would be to be with someone who kink-shames them and makes them feel bad about what turns them on.

What Turns An Aries Off In The Bedroom?

Aries are extremely physical people and they need a lot of sex to keep them satisfied in the relationship. One of their biggest turn-offs is being with someone who is lazy in the bedroom. What they are looking for are excitement and enthusiasm.

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They want to be with someone who can show how much pleasure they’re experiencing, so it can be quite a downer for them to have a sexual partner who doesn’t make a squeak of noise in the bedroom. They want to know that their partner is enjoying themself.

You never have to be afraid to show your true feelings to an Aries because they want you to immerse yourself in the experience. They tend to be most vulnerable after they have sex and this is when they want to connect with their partner.

So being with someone who leaves immediately or falls asleep right after sex can really work on their nerves. The thing with an Aries is that they want to know that they are the best and number one.

They want words of affirmation about how good they are in bed, so if someone turns their back on them after a moment of intimacy it can really hurt their ego and make them feel totally turned off.

This also includes mentioning any past or other current lovers you might have. An Aries has to be the center of attention and if they aren’t they are likely to lose interest very quickly.

What Turns An Aries On In The Bedroom

The best thing you could ever do to turn your Aries on is to make them feel like they are number one. Praise them and let them know you have never experienced anything quite as pleasurable as what you have with them.

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An Aries loves to be admired, they want to know that they are the object of your affection and that no one else could ever compare to them. They believe that they are extraordinary, but they need you to feel the same way about them.

However, it is important that you’re completely genuine about your compliments because an Aries is quick to smell a phony in their midst and they absolutely hate false flattery. If you feel like they are good at something, be sure to tell them.

They want to make you feel amazing, but they need to hear that they are doing a good job, or else they might lose their confidence and an Aries who doesn’t have confidence is a very sad sight indeed.

An Aries loves to be dominant and in control in the bedroom. Being in charge makes them feel really sexy and turned on, so submissive types, you might have found your match in an Aries.

They like their sex to be hard and fast, everything needs to feel like a thrilling experience for them and they often get turned on by taking risks. This often means sex in public places because they just love it when adrenaline is thrown into the mix.

And because they like things to be a little dangerous, BDSM is definitely something they are keen to explore. The outfits and the element of taboo turn them on to another level. They always want to see how far they can push themselves as well as their partner.

Just remember that Aries rules the head in Astrology and this also happens to be their main erogenous zone. If you kiss an Aries head you will certainly make them melt with desire, but if you really want to add some heat and spice in the bedroom then be sure to pull their hair while you are in the throes of passion. They will be totally transfixed and under your spell if you do this to them.

The nice thing about an Aries is that they are pretty straightforward and uncomplicated.

Give them what they want and they will show you the best time you could ever imagine in the bedroom.