June 18, 2024
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Here’s what you can expect when dating an Aquarius

Let’s admit it – Aquarians make us all a little weak in the knees! Their hard-to-get aura is irresistible to most of us. Their brilliant mind, entertaining personality and unique quirks are some other very attractive qualities! Yet, how easy is it to date an Aquarius? How do you manage to catch one and keep them? Admittedly, these are free-spirited signs, making them hard to pin down. They do like their space – a lot. And, being their very best friend trumps romance, every single time. They need and want a partner that they can share experiences with, that they can ‘hang out’ with. From a deep friendship, blossoms love. Keep this in mind if you have your eye on an Aquarian. Be prepared for the unexpected with this sign. They’re responsible, and often structured. But, they’re also prone to contradiction and change. Life with an Aquarius is never boring, after all. You’ll have to be open to the strangest ideas and concepts, and enjoy their weirder side. This is one sign that’s never afraid to walk outside of the pack. And they expect their partner to fully supportive as well as celebrate their originality. Feeling as if you need to get to know more about this interesting sign? Let’s take a journey together. Read on to explore their traits, weaknesses, strengths and much more.

Dating an Aquarius

The dating phase with an Aquarian can feel a little like chasing a feather with a fan. One moment they’re there, and the next – gone. Yes, this is, sadly, the one sign that tends to ‘ghost’ more often than not. Sometimes, they’re better online than face to face.  It’s ‘safer’ there, where they don’t have to show their complex feelings.

However, this isn’t the case for all Aquarians. Deep down, they truly want a companion and are capable of enormous commitment. They’re a fixed sign, after all. It just takes some time and patience to get them to that point. As such, don’t put too much pressure on. Be their friend. Give them room to breathe. Chat over text – they like that. When you’re planning a date, do something completely different. Be prepared to be wooed in a whole new way. Above all, have fun together. Aquarians are the epitome of ‘cool’. You’ll soon see why this sign is completely addictive.

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Communicating With an Aquarius

Being an air sign, Aquarians are the reigning Kings and Queens of communication. This is their world. This is a place that they feel most comfortable and familiar in. Communication is one of their greatest strengths. They’ll talk to you for hours, and once you get them going, you’ll see them come alive. At times, you may feel a little out of your league. They can think far, far ahead of most people, making it hard to catch up to or cotton onto what they mean. Sometimes, it’s all us futuristic nonsense, but most times, it’s fascinating. These are the natural teachers of the zodiac, and you’ll love being their student! Of course, this comes with its own consequences. This is an opinionated sign, and they can sometimes be a little arrogant when it comes to expressing their own ideas. Challenging them may not always bring the results you desire. You’ll have to use excellent logic if you want this sign to hear you out and accept what you have to say. With that all said, there’s a certain level of open-mindedness in this sign and a quirky intelligence that’s hard to resist.

How An Aquarius Shows Their Love

Once again, as an air sign, Aquarians are prone to showing their love in a verbal way. They’ll text you. Send you articles. Leave notes around the house. Tell you in person. Some are more expressive than others, so you’ll have to figure out which kind of Aquarius you got. Their love comes in short bursts, and it’s always expressed in a surprising, unexpected way. They may, for example, tell you that they love you in the middle of a random, mundane moment. Usually when you don’t anticipate it.

Much of the time, you may feel as if the Aquarian doesn’t fully love you, because they can be a little detached. However, if they are choosing to spend their time with you, engaging with you and being tour best friend, you can rest assured that they adore you. They do lack in the romance department, but they make up for it through their absolute dedication and loyalty. They also accept you for exactly who you are, which is a high form of love.

What Turns an Aquarius Off

Let’s start with what turns an Aquarius on. Intelligence. Aquarians love someone who can match their minds. They need someone who they can talk to and share their ideas with. Thus, a partner who’s not as interested in the intellectual realms as they are may turn them right off. The funny thing is that Aquarians often need someone a little more attuned to the material world, so that they can keep their feet on the ground. At the same time, they often reject these ‘salt of the earth’ types.

A typical Aquarius will ales be very turned off by a partner that doesn’t give them their freedom and space. After all, they’d do the same for you. They’ll seldom cling onto you or stifle you. If you’re someone who needs to be with their partner often and enjoys lots of touch, romance and quality time, then you may struggle with the independent Aquarius.

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Strengths of Aquarius

The number-one greatest strength of Aquarius is their incredible mind. They quickly understand things, which can make then extremely attractive to those of us who love intelligence. They’re amazing teachers, and will have the utmost patience when they’re showing you something or giving you information. They also make beautiful, loving friends. They usually have a strong social circle and love to be part of a wider community. This is the quintessential commune-living sign, so if you’re into that, you’ve come to the right place. Finally, another great strength of theirs is their commitment. Even though they’re very independent, this is a sign that takes their responsibilities seriously.

Weaknesses of Aquarius

The greatest weakness of Aquarius is their detachment. They’re so intelligent, so objective, that they often end up feeling quite lonely. They’re often very afraid of their own complex feelings. Aquarius gets a bad rap for being someone who can’t feel, but that’s just not true. They just don’t always know how to actually articulate their emotions. This can be a big problem for them, and often lead to issues in the relationship over the long run. They need a partner who understands his and will give them the necessary space that they need to process feelings. That won’t bear down on them when they seem robotic and disconnected. Their partners – AKA you – need to realize just how cut off they often feel, even when surrounded by close friends and family. Another weakness of Aquarius which may push all your buttons, is their tendency to ‘know it all’. Being such knowledgeable signs, they do know a lot. Yet, their tendency to go into this mode is a sign of weakness, as they don’t always give others’ opinions a chance to be accepted or even expressed.

Most compatible signs with Aquarius

A very strange compatible sign with Aquarius is the earth sign of Virgo. You may have heard that earth and air don’t really go together – and they don’t. Yet, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. And Aquarius just loves an intelligent partner. You’ll see these two with their heads close together, deep in discussion about all kinds of interesting topics. They respect each other’’ fine minds, and Virgo is the one person that Aquarius will allow to call them out when they’re wrong.

The other very compatible sign with Aquarius is airy Gemini. Also ruled by Mercury, these two will, like Virgo and Aquarius, have plenty to talk about. They’re also social butterflies and have no problem giving each other the space that they need. Independence and freedom are characteristic of this relationship, as is a deep friendship. Libra, to a lesser degree, is also good with Aquarius, and brings a certain sense of romance to the table. This is something that the Aquarius sorely needs, being such a friendship-orientated sign. Finally, Aries and Aquarius often make a rebellious, independent and fun pair. There’s no end to the trouble that they’ll get up to!

Least compatible signs with Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign that can get along with most others. However, their opposite sign of Leo is usually quite a challenge. These two are just too strong-willed to find any sort of peace. Leo can also be extremely dominating, and Aquarius simply refuses to be dominated. They’ll rebel the moment Leo tells them what to do or appears to make a demand. Sure, there can be a balance that gets achieved, but it’ll be hard work.

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