July 13, 2024
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Colors for 12 Zodiac Signs – Show Your True Shade!

Color subconsciously influences us. When we see red lights on the back of a car, we know it is braking, so we are alerted to react and stop or slow down. When we see a green light on the traffic light, we know that we have permission to proceed. Colors trigger certain emotions and responses in us.

Bright colors such as red, yellow, orange can energize a room, or it can cause some to experience anxiety. Calmer colors such as blue and green can make a person feel more comfortable and relaxed. Color is also a way to accentuate and express emotions. Feeling down, sad and dull? You will be more likely to wear darker colors like black and grey during those days. When you are feeling in a better mood you are more likely to wear brighter colors.

The colors that benefit your zodiac sign

The way you respond to color is usually very individual, and is related to your own past experiences, your personality, and even your zodiac sign! Certain signs have preferences for certain colors as it brings out positive emotions in them and empowers them. Some signs need to avoid certain colors at certain times as it can impact them negatively and affect their mood.

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Aries: Red and White

Deep dark red is the color for Aries. Maintaining an immense amount of passion, red is a good representation of the inner fire of intensity that burns inside the Aries. The days where they do choose to wear red, they will have much more enthusiasm and drive to complete their obligations and duties. Red is both a masculine and feminine color, so it is very easy for all genders to incorporate it into their outfits and environments. It will be a good idea to have some white around as well, as seeing too much red can also lead an Aries to become hot-headed. Literally!

Taurus: Pink and Cream

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, purity, and harmony. Taureans possess these qualities and are usually very beautiful and exquisite individuals. Pink is a good color to attract love and affection to the Taurus. They prefer pleasant and loving interactions with others, therefore colors such as red and black should be avoided as it can signify anger, negativity and morose intentions. Taureans don’t like colors that are too striking and bright and will prefer softer colors like cream to be the main color for interior decorations.

Gemini: Green

Geminis are inquisitive and creative, and they like to plant seeds of ideas. The seeds they plant usually turn into fruitful endeavors. Green is the best color for Gemini as it symbolizes life and creation. They should keep their living and work area uncluttered and tidy with mainly a green-themed decoration.  They prefer to have a plain background or white wall and decorate it with quirky modern art or colorful decor to show their vibrant personality.

Cancer: Blue, White, and Grey

Cancers have many whirlwinds and tornados of inner emotions therefore calming colors such as blue and white aid in calming them. Being ruled by the moon, bright white and grey can also have a soothing effect on them. It is best to avoid darker colors such as black and brown as they do need to stay as bright as possible. Colorful floral patterns are the best to wear to make them feel positive. Their environment must be well blended with light pastel colors and beautiful patterns mainly consisting of blue.

Leo: Red, White, Yellow, and Orange

The colors of fire and the sun are the best colors for a Leo. Leo’s are like fires themselves. Think of the heat and warmth you gain from the red, white, yellow and orange fire. We know that if we play with fire the wrong way, we will get burnt, but if we use it the right way it can be of great use to us. Leo’s are warm and affectionate people, just being around them warms you up like a fire. Leo’s should dress in fiery colors in order to put more emphasis on their warm nature. Colors that symbolize royalty such as gold also makes them appear more attractive.

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Virgo: Brown

Virgos are true earth signs and most of them will have a green thumb and an ability to grow almost any plant, fruit or vegetable. They know how to work with soil, and they have a connection with earth and nature. Brown is a good color to show how in tune they are with the earth. It keeps them grounded and aids in their practicality. Virgos are not too spontaneous and energetic and are the quiet observers. Bright attention-grabbing colors are not for them. Natural brown hair colors also suit them, and bright colored hairstyles are rare for this sign (unless they have a fire ascendant or moon sign). Virgos also fancy colors such as black as it can match with anything and is convenient to use when trying to make an environment appear structured and coordinated

Libra: Pink and Beige

Libra’s, just like their co-ruled sign Taurus, love beauty and harmony. They do not like anything that is an eyesore, or not perfect. They prefer colors to blend naturally and appear appealing. Having quite a natural knack for interior decoration, their homes, offices and living spaces will usually be very well thought out and decorated. Not big supporters of mixing and matching, they tend to stick to the rules of a color wheel. Naturally, they will be more attracted to light, classy colors such as champagne pink and beige. These people are more likely to paint their walls a pastel color or add decorative wallpaper.

Scorpio: Red and Black

Red represents energy, enthusiasm, strength, self-confidence, perseverance, and passion and it also represents a feeling of anger and intensity. Light pastel colors are not suited for Scorpios, as it does not represent the intensity of their inner emotions. If they are around light classy colors, they will feel restricted and as if they cannot be their true deep self. All the “darker” colors suit a Scorpio, such as black, deep red, and dark purple. Colors that symbolize “death and rebirth” are the best. Dark colors add to their aura of mystery.

Sagittarius: Silver, Gold, Purple, Royal Blue

Like the other fire Signs, Sagittarians also have big and bright personalities that need to be shown to the world.  Ruled by Jupiter which symbolizes growth and expansion, a color that symbolizes wisdom and the higher mind such as purple is a good color for Sagittarius. Being philosophical, purple can lead them to more spiritual, divine experiences. Think of the colors of a knight, silver, gold, purple, and royal blue. This sign needs to avoid over calming colors such as baby blue as it can make them lazy and unmotivated.

Capricorn: Grey and Dark Blue

Capricorns are known as master builders. They are the people who see a use for everything and everyone, and nothing shall go to waste. When you think of Capricorn, think of them building a building. They must make use of many tools, undergo many hardships, spend a lot of time and work on it, then eventually, they will have a house and be able to enjoy it. This is the mindset a Capricorn has. In order for them to work hard and be motivated, they should wear and surround themselves with serious, corporate colors such as grey and dark blue. It is important that they present the image of a serious competent person and overly bright colors and patterns will give the wrong impression to others.

Aquarius: All shades of Blue

Uranus rules the water bearer; therefore, they will naturally be attracted to all kinds of shades of blue. They love to mix and match colors to express their individuality. Blue is also good for calming their thoughts, as they can tend to overthink and over analyze things. They are more attracted to modern color schemes as opposed to natural and old-fashioned ones. Darker more serious colors will give people the wrong impression of them, so it is best to avoid black, and grey. Aquarians love to stand out in the crowd, so any color schemes that will make them instantly visible and unique is perfect for them.

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Pisces: Ocean Blue

Pisces is a water sign, and its symbol is the fish. They are naturally connected to the ocean. All colors of the ocean will appeal to them, such as grey, green and blue. Ocean blue is a good color as it represents the blending of their emotions to their environment, and how they just “go with the flow”. It is suggested that Pisces dresses in such a way to come across as sensual and mystical. Pisceans have the most sensitive emotions out of all the sings, and they should avoid coming across as too mature or structured or people will get the impression that they aren’t the mystical, interesting otherworldly person that they really are.