July 16, 2024
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How to Work Creatively with Frequency

Modern society works largely through the processes and functions of the “left-brain,” namely analysis, reason, logic and pragmatism. It assumes an understanding of the world as physical and as such subject to the laws of causation, physics and electromagnetism. To explain the existence of one thing, we look to its precursors on the physical plane. We say that Sally has a broken arm because she fell off a ladder, or that Judy won the spelling bee because she practiced every night.

Esotericists have a different explanation of the Universe, however, and indeed even modern scientists are finding purely causative explanations of the material world to fall short. As Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Translating Vibration

When we understand the world as energetic, rather than physical, we understand it to be governed by the principle of synchronicity rather than causation. Any objects or beings which are coinciding in time and space do so because they share a common frequency. We experience frequency as a character, emotional tone or characteristic quality of a moment, object or experience, though this is by no means all it is. The human energy field translates frequencies into emotions, intuitions, ideas and conclusions. You are translating frequencies all the time whether you realize it or not, and whether you would consciously choose to receive from the source which is emitting a frequency to you.

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Understanding the world this way, we would not say that Sally has a broken arm because she fell off a ladder, or that Judy won the spelling bee because she practiced every night. We would say that Sally was, prior to the physical manifestation of her broken arm, in some way activating a frequency which mirrors the frequency of a broken arm in some way. Similarly, we would say that Judy was holding the frequency of winning even before she had won, and it was this frequency which brought her into the situation of having won.

It is not always obvious what frequency is prevailing in a given situation— especially since every situation is a veritable symphony of many, often contradictory frequencies— and we may be quite slow to see how two apparently incongruent people or objects are, in fact, mirroring one another. Yet if we begin with the premise that Law of Attraction is the predominant law of this Universe, then the question is not whether we are activating a certain frequency that has brought us to an unwanted situation, but how and in what way.

The most direct route to discovering the answer to these questions is to examine the defining quality or feeling that characterizes this experience. Ask yourself: “how does this situation make me feel?” At first it is advisable to write a long list of all the various feelings that this situation or dynamic brings up within you. There may be many emotions rising to the surface, some seemingly the opposite of others. Each item on this list is a frequency which you have been activating in your life recently, in greater and lesser degrees.

Next select the emotion on this list which most poignantly encapsulates the predominant quality of this experience. The situation may be multi-faceted, but there is often one emotional experience which overwhelms all the others— perhaps the feeling of “triumphant”, “gratified”, “hopeless”, “forsaken”, “taken advantage of”, “connected”, etc. It may take you a bit of reflection to identify the precise feeling that characterizes this situation for you.

Once you have done so, ask yourself in what way you have been activating this frequency in your thought processes, opinions, perceptions and behavior in your day-to-day life. In what way have you been living in this frequency lately? Perhaps there is an on-going circumstance which chronically makes you feel “triumphant”. Perhaps you have been acting, thinking or speaking in a way that manifests a “hopeless” orientation to solving problems. Perhaps you feel “taken advantage of” in your primary relationship, or perhaps you are taking advantage of someone else.

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With a bit of time and careful introspection, you will see the way in which you have been setting yourself up for the situation you find yourself in now. You have been dressing in the attire, lacing up the shoes, and practicing the dance steps in preparation for your date with this partner which comes to you now in the form of a manifestation! The question is not whether you did it but whether you like it.

Master Your Reality

Understanding the Universe in this way is both confining and liberating. It is confining in that in a way it makes everything our responsibility… and it is liberating in that it makes everything our responsibility. We have no one and nothing outside of ourselves to blame if we wind up in a situation that is unwanted, and this can be greatly frustrating or exciting depending on how we choose to look at it.

For most of us, having a frequency-oriented perspective will involve developing an entirely different way of working. It is no longer a matter of figuring out the answer but instead of holding the frequency of the answer. It is no longer a matter of creating solutions or changing the conditions of the material world by force and effort, but instead of holding the frequency which characterize those which are desired.

In the same way that we can discern what frequencies we have been holding by examining the frequencies which are manifest in our current situation, so too can we identify those frequencies which characterize the situations we want. Precisely and scrupulously hunt for the exact frequency which encapsulates the way that you would feel if you got what you wanted, and then practice this frequency constantly.

In so doing, you are like a painter throwing the pigments of his dreams onto the canvas of life.

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