July 23, 2024
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Why You Should Interpret Your Dreams

What is Dream Interpretation and Why Should You Interpret Your Dreams?

The world of dreams is a mysterious and fascinating world, and despite all the scientific research about it, it is still mostly unknown. Cycles of sleep have been studied, and experiments have made it possible to know precisely when dreams happened. Their meanings, however, is still mainly open for dream interpretation.

This article will help you better understand the nature of dreams and discover the advantages you can get from using your dreams to improve your existence.

The Rules of the Oneiric World

Before you try and interpret your dreams, you need to learn about the rules of the oneiric world, which are completely different from those of everyday reality. These two worlds obey fundamentally different principles. The fantasies you can encounter in the oneiric world can often seem absurd in the real world.

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First, even if you do not believe that you ever dream, this article is still for you because everybody dreams. This has been proven through scientific experiments. At worst, you simply do not remember your dreams.

This does not mean that you are unable to remember them, as there are several simple techniques that can be mastered to that effect.

What is a Dream?

This question has been asked on a regular basis since the dawn of time. Dreams are part of “reality” in that their existence has been scientifically proven through the study of sleeping cycles; however, there are still many lingering questions about the reason why we dream, or what they mean.

There are many explanations and definitions for dreams. In order to give a somewhat consensual definition, we should say that a dream (or a fantasy) is: “a mental experience happening during sleep (day or night) that can have an obvious or symbolical meaning”.

When you have a dream that is clear and can be easily interpreted and that often provides an answer to a question you are thinking about, then you can make this obvious interpretation… but this is rarely the case since dreams answer to a logic that is diametrically opposed to the principles you follow when you are awake!

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Sometimes dreams hold scenes or symbolism that you do not understand right away, and that must then be interpreted through dream interpretation guidebooks.

In truth, most of the time, the dreams you make are not easy to interpret, no matter how clear the scenes you remember are, because you often experience strange events that are difficult to understand.

Am I a man dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?

Strange question, right? This comes from the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi in the 4th century BCE after he had a particularly realistic dream.

This is a very important point that lets you wonder about the nature of dreams, because when you are dreaming you genuinely feel like you are experiencing something real, with extremely realistic emotions, positive or negative.

You only acknowledge that you had been dreaming in the morning when you wake up. You then notice the “obvious” absurdity of some oneiric experiences… compared to those you get to experience in real life. And still, these scenes seem perfectly normal from within the dream!

The world of dreams lets you truly experience things and actions that would be impossible for you in your everyday life!

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In your dreams, you can indeed perform feats that are worthy of the greatest superheroes from comic books and movies. You can fly, teleport away over vast distances, or meet astonishing people or animals that can sometimes speak. You switch from one place to another in the blink of an eye…

And yet during the dreams, these scenes do not seem extraordinary or out of place, just as realistic as your everyday experiences.

There is also another strange phenomenon: dreaming within a dream. This means that you are also dreaming and waking up within your dream: you then believe that you are back to reality, but then you really wake up and notice that you were dreaming within your own dream.

All these phenomena ensure that a dream can often be very realistic and that it is not very easy to notice that you are dreaming from within your own dream or nightmare – unless you are experienced in dream programming.

If that is the case, before you go to sleep you can set up a signal that will allow you to check whether or not you are dreaming. For instance, you might decide that when you look at your hand or when you see a specific animal, you will become aware that you are dreaming.

This is interesting and appealing but requires a certain mastery of the rules affecting the oneiric world. We will talk about it in an upcoming article.

Why do we dream?

This is another question that divides dream experts into several camps. This ranges from a simple physiological explanation, the most common one among scientists for whom dreams are nothing but the mechanical result of the chemical reactions that take place within your brain.

For another more psychological explanation, though still anchored into very mechanical principles: dreams are nothing but a way for your mind to relax at night, a way for it to relax while not currently occupied.

During the day you send thousands of questions to your brain, so it is constantly flooded with thoughts. Just like your body needs some rest for the energy spent during the day, your brain also needs some well-deserved break at night!

Another personal development path claims that dreams are a way for your brain to use this night break to send you answers to your questions, solve your problems, and show you some ways to make your dreams and desires come true.

A more spiritual explanation would see dreams as vectors for higher beings, angels, spirit guides, deceased people… to send us messages and teachings to help us better understand the visible and invisible worlds. This is meant to provide spiritual growth and improve your living conditions on earth.

What if all these explanations were right? Indeed, they are not incompatible with one another.

A dream can be everything at the same time, a way for your brain to get some rest, to take a step back in order to answer your worries or help you achieve your dreams, and to receive essential spiritual messages for your personal growth!

Why should you remember your dreams?

With that in mind, dreams become increasingly important, which shows how necessary dream interpretation becomes.

When you think about a dream, your situation is akin to someone listening to someone else speak in a foreign language.

If it happened to you on the street or in a foreign country, your first reflex would be to find a dictionary, service, or mobile app to translate it, or get someone who speaks that language to translate it for you, in order to understand what that person was saying to you, because it might be very important.

Dreams are a very similar situation! It would be a shame to turn your back on some precious information because you receive some in every single dream. Most might allow you to radically change your existence in general, or in very specific areas.

Just like the example above, you will also need to find a way to understand your dream. This is what dream interpretation is.

Dream Interpretation answers

When you look at them through this perspective, dreams can be useful to find some answers to all your questions and make your dreams come true, especially if you cannot seem to manage it in your everyday life. Interpreting your dreams might then be extremely useful for you.

Indeed, at night your brain is not limited by your state of mind or by the ideas that rule over your behavior during the day.

Additionally, it can dive deep within your subconscious mind by jumping over the fence of your consciousness in order to tap into all your hidden abilities, those you do not know about or cannot properly access in your usual state of mind.

Indeed, if you had free access to them you would have already explored all your abilities and turned them into constructive ideas that would have helped you to solve all your problems and make your dreams come true.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, so whenever you are asleep your mind is breaking the barriers of your consciousness in order to draw some meaning from your subconscious. In turn, it will provide the answers you are waiting for through your dreams. You will then be responsible for their interpretation and actual practice in your everyday life.

Your dreams are unique, interpret your dreams

While there are guidebooks and dictionaries for dream interpretation, your own dreams are unique and not anyone else’s. Even if the meanings you can find in dream guides can be applied to everyone, they need to be adapted in a unique way for you.

Indeed, you need to adapt them to your personal experience and life, which is also obviously unique. You are the only one who can transcribe your own dreams into actions.

This process also includes memories, analysis, interpretation, and meaning for your dreams. It is a genuine path of personal development with unlimited possibilities, and you will discover all about it in the upcoming articles.

These articles will help you find meaning in your dreams, and better understand them. This will let you have a more specific and clearer view of their meaning, helping you understand who you truly are.

You will also climb back to the surface of your dreams, of the abilities you will develop, and of the relationships, you will build with other people. This self-discovery will provide you with a new perspective on your own existence so you can make it better in any aspect you might like.