July 19, 2024
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what your phobia reveals of your subconscious

What Your Phobia Reveals of Your Subconscious

Most of us have at least one phobia, that could be regarded as irrational or exaggerated in the face of the risk posed.  However, fear is a very primal and natural human response.

We still deal with fear, as if we were living in the wild and subject to danger from external predators; when confronted with something that our body/subconscious regards as a threat we immediately go into a ‘fight or flight’ response system that in many ways is long outdated in effectively aiding or protecting us in the modern world.

What we can learn from what triggers us though, is the areas of our subconscious that are activated and that in some way rule us. Whilst this is not a problem per se, when we wish to manifest or create something in our lives, learning the impulses and blocks posed by our subconscious fears suddenly becomes an integral part of developing Law of Attraction skills.

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Your most prevalent phobia reveals a great deal about your blocks and this list, should help you to get deeper into the core of your true self and the reasons for your fears. 

1.  Fear of Spiders – Arachnophobia

The classic in-built fear passed on from your ancestors.  I believe that fear of spiders is actually a learned, evolutionary behavior based upon the fact that most spiders are venomous, particularly outside of the UK.

It is normal to know what can harm you and so unless you have filtered out your immediate response, you will probably continue to feel uncomfortable around these beautiful creatures, which protect us from fly infestations.

Learning to look towards the future, and live in the moment will help here, you are held back by past experiences and could benefit from taking time to reflect on all you have learned in life, so as to continue to develop and evolve. 

No regrets, there is never any use in regret; only in learning from our ‘failures’ or choices that didn’t work out and allowing our understanding of life and the self to develop as a result.

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If somebody has ‘wronged’ you, it may be that this was a spiritual contract with them; that you asked them to help you experience that, as it was integral to your soul growth and that they lovingly created some negative karma for themselves in order to help you in your personal evolution. 

Much of life is not as it appears, learn to see beyond the veils and observe your own path from various different perspectives.  The more mindsets you are able to view through and empathize with, the more liberated you will be to honor and perhaps even learn to live in a completely different realm with such pristine precision, as the spider.

2. Fear of the Dark – Achluophobia

There is something quite timid about you and the world scares you in general if you are to be completely honest about your life. 

You may put on a good show of bravado, but the fast-paced, complicated world that we live in is a little overwhelming for you at times. 

Often you prefer to follow orders than make decisions of your own, and you may end up being stuck in situations that make you feel unhappy and trapped a lot as a result.

It’s important to know that almost everybody finds life scary at times, we’re all bluffing and trying to get through, but the important thing is that we get through on our terms.  Fitting in with the needs or expectations of others will never result in confidence or comfort, rather the opposite.

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Learning to sit with the self and really weigh up options before making choices may help, and one method; when confronted with a number of possibilities is to pretend to make a definitive choice.  Then for the next day or so see how you feel; emotionally, energetically, physically whether everything seems ‘right’ or lots of niggling issues occur.  This is how to practice making decisions that serve you fully, rather than choosing to ‘run from’ what doesn’t suit you or be influenced by others. The Bach flower remedy Cerato will help you, as will Mimulus.  You are so much wiser and well equipped than you realize. 

3. Fear of Heights – Acrophobia

Those who suffer from this fear are often the ones who are most comfortable with details and scrutiny.  The need to plan and prepare is often present too, as having a clear set projection is a ‘safe’ way from avoiding the unexpected. 

Change is scary for all of us at times, but it is also inevitable and healthy.  If we try to hold on too much to things, they slip through our fingers in a way that creates more chaos and fallout.  As they say when you skid in the snow; it is better to steer into the uncontrollable and yield to the movement that cannot be avoided.  Trusting that change may just help us to grow, evolve, and end up somewhere we appreciate, even more, will assist the need to refine all the small details quite so much.

The bigger picture is where the imagination can soar and is the source of most of the best elements of storytelling and uplift.  Most of us dreamed of flying as children and yet so many become scared of heights with age.  The difference is often down to the loss of trust in the creative process; allow your imagination its freedom and re-integrate the joys of weightlessness.   

4. Fear of Death – Necrophobia

This correlates to anxiety issues, and the mind going into panic easily.  Stilling the mind and learning observational forms of meditation will help here.  Around 99% of what we worry about what will not ever happen and so stressing is debilitation and futile. Death, however, IS a certainty and this tends to cause the personality to go into overdrive considering all the possibilities that can be controlled and changed, in the face of the greatest impending fear being unavoidable.

Learning the lessons of Pluto (letting go, accepting the process, being the phoenix from the ashes) and trusting others to do things for you and assist you, will help with this personality profile.

Delegating responsibilities to others will allow you to feel that you are a ‘part’ of something.

Also reading up on stories about reincarnation, and other afterlife potentials; and how we can all re-group and reconnect in the next life, may soothe this anxiety.  Learning to live in the moment and recognize that beauty lies in nature and the unexpected, not in ironing one’s towels, or finding distractions outside of one’s inner world! 

5. Fear of Clowns – Coulrophobia

Often the fear held by the most sensitive of souls, the dichotomy of the clown is an alarming observance.  Despite the painted smile and the playful, silly slapstick motion, there is a pathos and tragedy lurking beneath.

Just as Pierrot the Clown is depicted with a painted tear, there is an undeniable flip side to the perceived comedy acted by a clown. 

The message of this phobia is to not fear your own emotions, pretending to be happy when one is floundering inside will not serve one’s overall health.  It is important to experience all feelings and allow them equality, as emotional blockages can lead to physical issues.  Thinking positively is wonderful, but acknowledging pain, sorrow, loss, and other emotions when they surface is essential.  By honoring all of our feelings, our deeper joys can be experienced more authentically once more. 

6. Fear of Water – Hydrophobia

This is a symptom of emotional avoidance; these people may find it difficult to cry or admit vulnerability.  Or they could be the type that vacillates between expressing great waves of emotional upheaval, followed by a block of emotions for a time afterward. 

Learning to respect and yield to one’s true feelings is important here.  Many of us are encouraged or forced to hide our true feelings from an early age and this can be a primary cause of this type of block; when you have been told that “it’s weak to cry” or that you are “causing a scene” if you “give in” to your feelings.

Obviously, there is a time and a place, and we can’t all break down into tears whenever we experience sorrow or slight, but taking the time to acknowledge pain, sadness, and feelings that have occurred during a workday, or an uncomfortable situation, helps to keep from blocking our emotions for long periods of time.

It is important to remember that logic and justification of our experiences is not a way to ‘replace’ feelings, it is simply a manner in which we can reflect upon waves of emotion that we have had after we have allowed them to be acknowledged. 

7.  Fear of Enclosed Spaces – Claustrophobia

Some of us are born with a lesser sense of gravity than others; as if we remember being souls before birth, being in a human body can feel like an illusion.  The greatest entrapment is the sense of physicality and knowing that all of our human experience will be lived from the confines of the mortal vessel. 

Being aware of physicality can be the ultimate claustrophobia and in a sense, all awareness of entrapment is an extension of this very rudimentary limitation. 

The way to overcome the limitation of this phobia is to embrace the body and to integrate the spirit more readily into gravitational reality.  Walking barefoot, developing one’s fitness, and indulging in rhythmic types of activity such as dancing, drumming, running or walking, can all help to ground and integrate the perception of being a physical being. 

Alongside this fear can be bodily damage or disruption, so developing an interest in overall health, as well as fitness can be helpful.  Then, in equal measures, the practice of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness are integral preparation for situations in which the external surroundings are confining, and the call of the inner spirit becomes the primary nature once more. 

8.  Fear of Dogs – Cynophobia

The over-enthusiastic, unscrupulous, lolloping beast may suddenly “turn” and attack.  You are somebody who likes to be respected and looked up to. And you wish to earn your place in the world and gain your standing in society based upon your hard work and genuine achievements. 

You are not keen on false praise, or people buying their way to the top.  For your honesty is important and integral to life. 

For you, the lesson here is to learn to trust and respect others.  Sure, it is important to garner respect over time, but we all deserve to be given a chance and the grace to be our best.  By scrutinizing and expecting others to fail or let you down, you may create a self-fulfilling prophecy where people become so nervous of your judgment and fearful of letting you down, that they are far more likely to fail or show their weaknesses instead.

Yes, success must be earned, but we all start from somewhere, and nurturing and helping others to develop is far more fulfilling than watching them closely until they inevitably make a mistake!

9.  Fear of Cats – Ailurophobia

You like order and predictability in life, you’ve either grown up in a structured environment or have grown up in chaos and so that which is random alarms and disarms you.

For you, cats represent the unknown in character, and their sense of confidence you find unnerving and excessive.

The truth is cats suffer anxiety and fears just like humans and many cats are very bonded, needy, and deeply affectionate – just as you wish your relationship to be, in essence. 

Sometimes to form great bonds, we have to take a leap of faith and invest our deepest most loving characteristics in another; without fully knowing the outcome.  Inevitably, we are all rejected sometimes, and we all need to learn that this is a natural part of having a balanced ego and respect for others’ boundaries and wishes.

Cats love you if you invest time in them and when you do, you learn that they are often about laughter, pranks, and light-hearted teasing.

To embrace the energy of cats, learn to take yourself less seriously, and recognize that failure and rejection are things that everybody goes through. 

The successful people in life are not ‘lucky’ they are resilient, they pick themselves up and they don’t allow despondency and self-pity to frame their future experiences. 

10.  Fear of Flying – Pteromerhanophobia

You are probably quite naturally spiritual and imaginative; you may meditate or simply find it easy to drift off into your own inner space.  This is great and you actually have a very good relationship with your subconscious most of the time.

You have learned to observe your inner drives, fears, and motivations and are probably able to process your stresses and obstacles in life more quickly than most, as you have an understanding of your body and what it needs for health.

The reason you struggle with flying is that all that you know about your health and how to feel safe and balanced is suddenly thrown into the abyss.  In the air you feel ungrounded, unsafe, and out of control.

As somebody who likes their own space and boundaries, you don’t like to put your trust in strangers or be in a physically enclosed space with so many anomalies and uncontrollable factors. 

It’s important for you to be out in nature as much as possible to learn your balance and connection with the physical world and to integrate the experience of having a physical form. 

Meditation is all very well but earthing your body a lot and hugging trees and other people will help you to feel more connected to your personal experience of being in a physical body.  Having crystals and other earth elements that you have invested trust in, may help you to feel more ‘grounded’ whilst in the air and to worry less about the energies of others in your space. 

If you have a phobia that I haven’t covered here and that you would like some insights upon, please feel free to contact me or to book a reading with me so we can talk about your experiences privately. 

Wishing you all; peace, love, faith, and joy.  Shalom and blessings~~~~~