July 13, 2024
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Understanding Synchronicity

Understanding and Opening up to Synchronicity in Your Life

Synchronicity is talked about a lot these days and is accompanied by varying theories as to its meaning and significance.  One thing we all agree on, however, is that it has a magical way of occurring at important and portentous times.  As it is a phenomenon I have looked into for a couple of decades, I have learned how to use it to enhance our lives and create more magic day to day.

Where does the word synchronicity come from?

The word ‘synchronicity’ was first used by eminent psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in a paper he wrote in 1952.  He used it to describe, “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events” and for the first time attributed a meaning to such linked experiences.  He did, in fact, continue to research this phenomenon and went on to publish 3 books on the subject in the 1970s & 80s.

Although the definition is benign, the word is now taken to represent a deeper connection between all elements of life and illustrate that all things are linked.  Experiences of such links are almost like a ‘dropping of the veil of reality’ allowing us to witness a universal oneness, where magic continually operates if only would not close our eyes to its efficacy.

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What is the significance of synchronicity in our lives?

Most of us are aware of the word and the basic concept, there is however a much deeper significance to what synchronicity represents.  Almost as if there really is a higher power, intervening and guiding our day to day lives; there seems to be an independent consciousness that brings us messages and soul truths via reoccurring events and seemingly inexplicable timings.  It is difficult to argue that there is no God/Universal truth/moral code when witnessing such profundity.  I personally tend to work on the basis that the Universal language is ‘love’ and all things respond and interact more effectively with this energy.  I believe love can create almost any possibility and outcome and that it is only by the human race’s insisting to focus upon fear, worry, conflict, competition and power that the true power of love continues to be hidden.

I believe synchronicity demonstrates the magic and beauty which is the actual truth of the nature of life and incredible complexity and interconnectedness of all consciousness.

How does synchronicity link to astrology?

In astrology, synchronicity is most strongly linked to Jupiter and Uranus and when these two planets link up together in the sky or in your chart, you will notice a very significant rise in the incidence of synchronistic events.

One of these magical portals is due to occur between 12th to 20th December; as Jupiter newly in Capricorn will be making a harmonious link to Uranus in Taurus.  During this time, we will all be more intuitive and have a better ability to create and manifest our ideal futures.  Linked events and coincidences occurring around this time may be used as signposts and insights to help guide us on our paths.

These times are rare, so do make sure you make the most of the increased power of your thoughts and desires during this period.

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It is worth looking into the position of your natal Uranus and Jupiter if you wish to better utilize the magic in the Universe and learn when it is more potent in your life.  Do feel free to contact me for a personalized list of timings and hints as to how synchronicity will operate and assist you in your own personal life-path.

Can it be linked to tarot and other forms of divination?

There is no scientific proof for the validity of tarot or other interpretative sciences, and yet anybody who has regularly consulted such means cannot refute the uncanny accuracy of these tools.  Tarot is often viewed as a means to access psychic ability and certainly, I find it helps me to tune in and begin to see visual scenarios occurring.  There are, however, a large proportion of readers who claim to have no psychic ability at all, and yet this does not stop them from being accurate and insightful readers.  How can this be, if there isn’t some connective and synchronistic energy which exists alongside all that we claim and experience to be our tangible, verifiable ‘reality’?

It seems that by asking for guidance, messages, and insights, we are more likely to experience clear answers and unmeasurable consequences which links directly to the content of both our conscious and unconscious awareness.

Does synchronicity really help us find our soulmate/twin flame?

It’s rare that you encounter a couple who have a particularly potent love connection and who don’t have a ‘story’, or belief that there is something magical and even supernatural about their bond.  It could be that they met in profoundly unusual circumstances that relied upon a series of events turning out in the exact way that they did.  Or perhaps, one or both of them can relate a profound ‘love at first sight’ scenario, which was felt so deeply it was at an almost metaphysical, as well as spiritual level.  It could be that both of their lives prior to meeting entwined, mysteriously, as if leading them both on a trail to their eventual reuniting in this lifetime.

For sure, with amazing soul relationships, the over-riding significance is in the intensity and depth of the love shared by both parties.  Great love stories are based upon the expression and experience of love, and as I mentioned earlier, love is what connects and holds together what we recognize to be the universe, and so it rings true that by focusing on the expression and belief in the love we hold in our hearts, we can magnetize the perfect relationship in to our lives.

Ways in which you can use synchronicity…

There are many ways to interpret and follow the synchronicities which occur in our lives and I will write a follow-up article listing the meanings of the more frequently encountered experiences of these very soon.

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The starting point should always be to learn to be open enough to begin to recognize them in the first place though.  The way to start experiencing regular synchronicity in your life, even when your astrological chart doesn’t create this backdrop, is by learning, firstly, to become more observant and more present in your surroundings.

So many of us walk around, so deep in our own repetitive thoughts, that we forget to notice a beautiful flower which has just opened, or a joyful bird song emanating from the trees, above our heads.  There is so much beauty in the nature around us and even a patch of moss on a stone wall has a complete mini eco-system; its own small, vital world of existence.  Many of the Universe’s most profound clues will arrive via the natural world, or with animals or even insects happily co-operating as magical messengers, in a far bigger plan and story.

Use this portal from 12th December to open up and begin to welcome synchronicity into your daily life and please do share your experience with me in the comments.  Also, if there are any areas you would like me to expand upon in future articles on this subject, I will happily include any suggestions which are shared.

~~~shalom and blessings~~~