July 19, 2024
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Total Lunar Eclipse

Benefits of a Total Lunar Eclipse

Up to three different astronomical phenomena can be seen during a Super Blood Moon eclipse. It starts when the Moon achieves the closest possible distance to the Earth, which is normally known as a Supermoon. Then the next phenomenon is a total lunar eclipse, when the Moon passes through the center of the darkest shadow of the Earth. And finally, the sky will shine with the red light of a Blood Moon.

The influence of the Moon

Due to these special circumstances in the sky, which rarely happen, it is easy to perceive that this kind of lunar eclipse is not a common astral event, but one of the major highlights of the year.  For those raising their eyes to the sky, the eclipse is an amazing show to see. Furthermore, apart from the visual value, there are plenty of other benefits offered by this phenomenon.

The most relevant is the energy that it unleashes. Especially while this celestial line-up, which involves the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, takes place. This energy is part of a universal field connected with everything in the cosmos, including yourself.

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Waves of emotions

Often Blood Moons are related to big changes and are also the right moments to make important decisions. They are a clear signal of an inevitable ending that is getting closer or the mark of a new beginning. Particularly when it comes to all kinds of relationships. From friendships to love relationships.

To be able to see these signals it is important to set your mind and your body to a special state of awareness. The influence of the total lunar eclipse will affect one important part of you: your emotions. If you are receptive to the energy floating around you, you will be in direct contact with your deeper being.

It is no secret that during a full moon the tide of emotions increases, even to the point in which some people have difficulties sleeping. But during an eclipse, these feelings are magnified, making you more sensitive to what your inner voice is trying to express.

Canalizing your efforts

The first step to take advantage of an eclipse is not being afraid of these feelings. Don’t take them as something negative, even though sometimes they are difficult to accept or are clearly showing a weak zone in your life.

Contemplating these feelings with some distance can help you in the quest for the best solutions. In some cases, it is just a matter of letting go of the old and embracing the new. It is the perfect time to start getting rid of toxic habits or patterns that are absorbing your good vibes.

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Make the resolution to make even radical changes. If you are unhappy at work, see what else is out there that could fulfill you more. If your relationship is not as smooth as before and is only bringing you headaches, see how to bring back the fire and passion in your love life. There are so many areas in which you can improve, like for example food. Your body could be telling you to reduce your intake of sugar a little bit.

The moment of truth

A full moon is also the perfect moment to make a decision that you have long been thinking about. It could give you the courage you need to face the truth and communicate to others what is on your mind.  If you are tired of living a lie, it is time to come forward.

If there is a situation that is making you uncomfortable, if there are some words stuck in your mouth, speak up. You will be amazed at how liberating this could be. And that the reaction to the truth is not as bad as you may have imagined.

Super Blood Moon eclipse to meditate

Unlike a solar eclipse, which for health reasons can only be seen with special lens or filters, there is no harm in looking at a Blood Moon with your bare eyes. A full lunar eclipse is such an amazing visual experience, that it can stay vivid in your mind for days, weeks, months or even years. But, how about trying to close your eyes for a minute or two to let the transforming energy of the eclipse surround you?

Dedicating some time to meditation can help you get in tune with the universe and widen your senses. If you already know how to meditate, the eclipse can get you in the right mood. If you never tried it, it is the best moment to start. You will feel renewed as if you have come out of a sanctuary of peace.

Lunar eclipse stones

Finally, if you are into crystals and stones, here are some examples of stones that can help you gather the maximum amount of the energy of a lunar eclipse (due to their affinity with the Moon). The first stone is Moonstone. It doesn’t matter the color since it doesn’t have to be specifically a white one. Moonstones increase intuition, which can be very helpful in certain difficult situations.

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Another ideal gemstone for an eclipse is an Opal. It works as a purification crystal, that can be very useful when you are trying to align with the lunar energy. The Opal is also a gemstone that is deeply linked with spirituality, which in this case can help you to reinforce your beliefs.

Last but not least, another good option for an eclipse is Selenite. This crystal is transcendental in terms of communication, especially when you are trying to communicate with your higher self. Selenite has also healing properties, so in case of an eclipse, the healing effect can be magnified.