June 21, 2024
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Tantra: Your Highway To Enlightenment

There’s been a lot of talks around this new age term “tantra”. From gurus giving you enlightenment by merely touching your 3rd eye with their finger, to large intimate parties where participants experience ecstatic states of inner orgasm and bliss. There’s been a lot of fuss around this topic of sexuality and spirituality, co-joint as One. So we’re here to decode that for you. What is tantra, really, and how can one benefit from practising it? Keep on reading to discover how Tantra becomes your Highway To Enlightenment…


What Is Tantra And How Does It Work

Tantra is a universal technique, or “inner technology” as the word translates to from ancient Egyptian, an inner guidance system that allows you to steadily advance upon your spiritual path without needing an external teacher or guide for constant checkups. It’s a way to rediscover and reawaken that co-pilot consciousness you’ve been gifted with, forever.

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Despite common misconception, the physical guru, or your Master if you like, is nobody at all. He or she is simply a doorway, a mirror into the depths of yourself. The guru wasn’t meant to be your guide or to teach you towards enlightenment. Within Tantra, you are to discover your own power source. Your own stream of life force energy. Your guru is merely there to hold that space for you. He is there to embody himself, to be himself. And through his example of Activated-Consciousness, inspire your Activation.

But we are obviously in 2023, not everybody is up in the mountains training with a Master or the Hindu monks in a monastery on how to transmute and alchemize energy.

So where do we find our guru?

Through all people, things, circumstances and events. Everywhere, where there is life, there is an opportunity for your self-actualization. There, there is a mirror for you to reflect back into the abyss of yourself. There, there is a chance for you to breakthrough, through and have a moment outside of this Earth matrix, experiencing the freeing shock of reality.

Within all people, lies a hidden gem. A hidden power source that has birthed, is birthing and will keep birthing all things. Call it the Holy Spirit if you like, or Chi energy. The name matters not. But there is this ineffable source of energy which seems to just make things go. Perhaps Harmony would be a better suited word for it.

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And to be a tantrika, to practice tantra, is to first and foremost, recognize that innate source of energy within yourself, and of course, the other. To hold illusions, attachments and energy cords steady to the ground as you try to find, witness, and cater to that power source of the person you’re interacting with.

When you’re talking to someone, where is their power on/off button?

Where is that switch that keeps their system running?

The tantrika locates that, and talks to that. Communes with that. Makes Love to that.

To be a tantric practitioner is to constantly commune, make love to, or get intimate with the Other. But not the Other only as a Personality. The Other as their True Self. Their Higher Self, OverSelf or Soul if you like. Everyone always has a mirror side to themselves. A version that is unseen. And yet is always living in those unseen, invisible worlds. And to tap into that, you got to tap into the mechanism of life itself.

Now let’s get started with one or two basic, and yet powerfully important tantric principles.

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The Power Of Non-Action

There is a famous concept in ancient Japanese Zen called “Wu Wei”, or in English, the Art of Not Forcing. Having its roots in the origin of Buddhism, the art of not forcing or the power of in-action, is the primary technique for anyone who wishes to alchemize energy within the astral realms. It is the mechanism of life itself, waiting to eliminate what is false or illusory. One perhaps has already noticed how across many situations, to have acted later, or patiently have waited longer, might have been more harmonious for yourself but also for all participants involved.

But what if we take that concept to an extreme? What if we say, to wait for as long as we can, to not act, to not say, to not do, for as long as we humanly can hold that inactive state for?

What would happen then? Where does the silence end? Where does the darkness come to its close? Well, that is a journey for you to discover. But you might just need one more tool.

Mantrism – A Tantrika’s Sword

What does it mean to not act, to not do?

It means patiently waiting for the life force energy to rise up within you while calmly assessing your next move. Whether that be to move in silence, communicate something or act upon a circumstance. Like a mountain at the edge of a cliff by the sea, you sit while the ocean waves splash upon your being. Everstill. Everpresent. Unmoving. Unhurt. Unwounded.

You don’t feel pain like others do.

You don’t get your heart broken as others do.

You don’t react like others do.

You don’t behave like others do.

You just are. There. Present. Encompassing the entire room. Being in the room, and outside of the room, with everyone’s higher selves, at the same time.

But how to do that? How is it, that the fakirs are able to lay upon an iron-spiked bed for hours without feeling hurt? How is it, that saints, Yeshua and other Masters, are able to teleport, heal by touch, and materialize or dematerialize at will?

Well. They’re tuned into something else.

They’re tapped into a power source that completely transcends the laws of this physical reality we’re in. And most of them got started or applied this one principle.

Mantrism – to perform a mantra till your consciousness evaporates into nothingness and the Holy Spirit state is achieved

It is a simple, yet powerful technique that gives you context, a bridge to the higher realms, and the opportunity to test the strength of your soul and willpower to see how far you can go.

How many prayers can you do a day?

Can you maintain them throughout your waking day or only while being alone, quiet in your room?

Do you feel the energy diluting, thickening, and dispersing as you recite the sacred words?

  • Yeshua’s mantra was: “I am the resurrection and the life.”
  • Christian Orthodoxes use: “Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy On My Soul”
  • Hindus use: “Om Namah Shivayah”
  • Modern spiritualists have recommended something along the lines of: “May you be blessed.”

The words don’t matter. As long as its personal, resonating and activating for you.

And once you have identified your mantra, start practising. Do it daily. A bit every day. You’ll be surprised how far you’ll travel within the depths of yourself. And then the question will always remain.

“How far down the rabbit hole are you ready to go?”

And you might just hear from the depths of darkness, a cold whisper:

“All the way.”

Last Tip

When you do your mantra, focus on collecting energy through the dancing of oxygen in your belly. The switch is under the diaphragm, a couple of inches inside, for all humans. Stay in that void.

May the artist and the art be One again.