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The Spiritual Representation of the Color Orange

The Spiritual Representation of the Color Orange

Color the World Orange Day is on November 6th, and the purpose of that day is to bring awareness for a rare ailment, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, as the orange ribbon represents. However, suppose many people wear orange clothing or use orange-colored pens, notebooks, bags, etc., to honor the day. In that case, you will find that some specific energies will be prominent because there will be a lot of orange in auric colors. Let’s delve into the spiritual meaning and symbolism of orange and what it means if you have a lot of orange color, depending on the shade in your aura.


What is the Symbolism of Orange?

Orange has so many symbols, as one is fire, which is why the ribbon for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is orange to represent the fiery pain those who suffer from it have. There is an association between autumn and oranges because of the leaves, pumpkins being ready for harvest, and other harvest vegetables such as sweet potatoes and squash.

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Orange is not a primary color, as red and yellow make the color orange. Red is all about passion and power, and yellow is confidence and happiness. Therefore, orange has a mix of those traits and a lot of creativity. Therefore, if you end up honoring the day by wearing a lot of orange clothing, you will bring out a lot of energy involving enthusiasm and creativity, which can fuel your desire to create something exciting and new out of any situation or emotion you have.

An element of abundance in nature is also associated with the color orange. As mentioned, it represents fall leaves and many harvested vegetables. But the color represents abundance in nutrition along with green as it is the color of many nutritious fruits and vegetables such as carrots, oranges, apricots, yams, and cantaloupe. Orange is also the color of a spice superfood, turmeric, and that superfood has so many healing properties. Another thing to point out about the color is that it is tied to the sacral chakra. Let’s first review the sacral chakra and then go over the auric meaning of orange.

Orange and the Sacral Chakra

You have seven points in the chakra system, which are energy centers, and if your chakras are healthy and unblocked, energy, also known as qi, will flow through your body and create balance within. If there are blockages or problems with the chakra, you will experience emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical ailments and imbalances. The second chakra is the sacral chakra, which is orange, and in your lower abdomen, where your reproductive organs are.

The sacral chakra is the area that represents your creativity, sexuality, and sensuality. If you want to pursue a creative or artistic endeavor, it stems from your energies from the sacral chakra. There are passions from this chakra, as you must remember that there is red in orange, making orange a passionate color, but not as much as red. Since yellow is also a component of orange, there are aspects of happiness. Therefore, the sacral chakra brings creative energies that encourage you to pursue anything that brings you joy and passion.

If you are incredibly creative and put a lot of energy into your pursuits because you are passionate about them and they bring you joy, then you will have a lot of orange in your aura. And now, let’s talk about the orange auric color.

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Orange Aura Color Meaning

All living things (and inanimate objects) have an aura surrounding their bodies. Inanimate objects don’t experience emotions, but the environment and who has been in contact with them affect their aura. Therefore, your personality, state of mind, experiences, and emotions will represent your emotions. Auras come in a variety of colors. However, everyone’s auric field has one dominant color. The focus is orange, and if you wear a lot of orange clothing or use a lot of orange items on Color the World Orange Day, there will be a lot of orange-colored auric energy in the air.

What if you had an auric reading and were told that your dominant aura color is orange? Let’s discuss that further.

When passionate red is combined with youthful yellow, this aura color is cheerful, thrill-seeking, and creative. Consequently, you are adventurous and gravitate to things that inspire you and others. Such an adventurous personality may have caused you to get into mischief as a child, and your aura has been predominantly orange since you were young.

It means you are in tune with your physical body and feel more passionate, creative, and inspired if your dominant aura color is orange.

You would be bold, intuitive, courageous, optimistic, friendly, unique, and ambitious if orange is your dominant auric color. However, there are downsides to the aspects of the color, which means you may experience self-indulgence since it is sensual, dependent, impulsive, and insincere, so those are traits you will want to be mindful of.

In addition to the dominant orange aura, your aura can show several shades of orange with different meanings. One orange shade is a pumpkin shade.

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You have an excellent eye for detail and are very industrious if your auric field is pumpkin orange. Your self-discipline keeps you from being impulsive like the other shades since you have a good sense of self-monitoring. A great employee or business owner is open to moving out of their comfort zone.

The second orange shade is peach, which shows in your aura if you are open-minded and communicate well. As your dominant aura color, this could also make you a writer or teacher. Because you are still passionate, you inspire others as well.

The last shade of orange in your aura could be a burnt or dark orange. Darkened orange auras indicate burnout, boredom, apathy, and feeling stuck if you are the creative type. Despite feeling apathetic, you are still ambitious since you believe everything must be done for you. However, you have no interest in anything else in your life. Time for self-care and a vacation are both urgently needed.

Now you know what it means to have an orange-colored aura and what type of energy there will be if many people wear orange on Color the World Orange Day, as there will be a lot of passionate, creative, and joyful energies. Because if you wear a lot of orange clothing, that is the auric color that will dominate. And if you want to bring the meaning behind this color into your life more, there is something to do!


What to Do to Bring Orange Into Your Life Spiritually

You can do some simple things if you want to naturally make your aura color a healthy orange by bringing more passion, creativity, and joy into your life. You can do simple things such as wear a lot of orange to get more creative power into your life. You will want to do it more often than only on Color the World Orange Day. If you don’t like orange clothing, consider wearing accessories, and even a pair of socks would count. You can also wear orange clips, bracelets, or undergarments if orange is not your style clothing-wise.

You can also eat orange-colored foods, healthy foods that, as candy, do not count. Be sure to add mangoes, squash, carrots, yams, orange bell peppers, lentils, etc. Also, add more turmeric to your dishes; the benefit is that you will reap the healthy qualities from that spice.

You can also visualize yourself with an orange bubble surrounding you to bring more creative power into your life, strengthening your sacral chakra. And before you know it, you will find that the creative energy you want will come to you. And that will add to your aura, perhaps orange may dominate it.

Color the World Orange Day on November 6th raises awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, represented by the orange ribbon. On that day, you can wear orange, whether it is clothing or accessories, or use orange items such as pens and notepads. What will happen is that with many people focusing on orange, they will bring out the orange color in the atmosphere, which brings out a lot of creative power.

If you want to bring more creative power into your life, you will want to wear orange more often or eat orange-colored nutritious foods and strengthen your sacral chakra by doing that. The spiritual meaning of orange represents creativity, passion, and joy, and this is a day to help inspire you to bring more of that into your life by incorporating more orange!