July 19, 2024
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Exploring the Common Spiritual Answers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to psychic readings or take part in them regularly, you’re probably still aware that typically speaking, the questions and answers of any participant follows a somewhat similar path. We all search for spiritual answers, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, and so quite often our journey leads us to readings where we can have our psychic questions answered.

In this article, you will explore some of the common themes that appear across most people’s readings. You will discover both the psychic questions and answers and delve into both in order to help you understand how to get more from your next reading. Let’s dive right in!

The Future

When it comes to spiritual questions and answers during a psychic reading, it probably doesn’t shock you to hear that most people are interested in what their future has in store for them. The question itself can vary slightly from “what does my future hold?” to more specific questions such as “will I find true love?” or “will I find happiness in this job?”

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The spiritual answers you can receive for this type of question could be pretty much everything. A psychic might give you a prediction, they might inform you of positive or negative signs, there might be warnings, or it’s possible that very little information will reveal itself.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that you are the master of your own fate. You have a path you have been given, from the moment of your birth, maybe even before, but you can choose to follow it…or not to. If there is something in your future that you don’t want, then change it. If your future looks bleak then take action. Receiving a reading will do nothing unless you make moves towards your destiny.

Set your House in Order

Spiritual questions and answers are meaningless unless we start off from a place of self-love. We’re always told how selflessness is the key to happiness: we have to dissolve our ego in order to forget about ourselves and focus on others and the greater good. However, this isn’t entirely true.

If you can’t love yourself then how can you ever be happy? Many people will ask psychic about love, the strength of their relationship, the loyalty of their friends, and whether or not they’ll ever find inner peace. Yet they spend most of their time being overly self-critical and ultimately accepting their own self-hate. It’s important that we learn to not only value and respect ourselves but also to love ourselves.

Once we achieve self-love, we find happiness in all aspects of life and will find it easier to achieve strong relationships (both romantic and otherwise) which in turn can lead to promotions at work, new friendships, romance, and more. Before you start searching externally for love and happiness, be sure to search internally.

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The Spirit World

Another very common area that people delve into for spiritual answers is the afterlife. This can appear as two different types of questions. The first relates to the existence of an afterlife. If someone has lost faith or never had it in the first place, they may be sceptical about the existence of heaven or some dimension similar to it. The other question relates to those we love who have already passed on: can we contact them? Are they OK? Are they happy?

Spiritual answers don’t always come in the manner that we might expect. Similarly to the above point, it’s important that you understand your own faith before asking a psychic to answer such questions. Meditation and self-exploration can allow you to come to terms with your beliefs. From there, you can try reaching out to loved ones.

Just remember that spiritual answers can be good or bad, depending on the questions you’ve asked. If you find that you’re hesitant to ask a question because you’re scared of the answer, consider leaving it for another time.

There Are No Bad Cards

Not all psychic readings involve tarot cards, in fact, many don’t, but one common mistake that people make is attending a reading with fear already in place for certain cards. Firstly, it’s important to realize that fearing certain cards or outcomes is going to impact your reading. Secondly, these cards have no impact on your life beyond what you allow.

Let’s say that you receive a negative prediction such as that you’re going to lose a lot of money. You can now choose whether to take action to prevent this outcome or not. If you hear that a race is rigged and that a certain horse is going to win, do you then go and bet all your money on that horse? Absolutely not! If you save your money and put it into a bank account, are you more likely to keep it? Definitely!

There are no bad cards; there are simple truths that we perceive in either a positive or negative light. Spiritual answers won’t always be positive but that doesn’t mean that hiding from them is a better option. Open yourself up to whatever spiritual answers you receive.

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Trust Yourself

Many forms of psychic reading involve a degree of trusting your gut instinct. This is particularly true if you’re using tarot cards to perform your own reading. All animals have a high level of intuition and human beings are no exception. Our biggest problem is over-thinking as it blocks our intuition. We try desperately hard to logic our way out of every problem but sometimes, you have to stop thinking and instead just trust in yourself.

This also relates to choosing the correct questions. If you only ask questions that have been recommended to you, instead of those you feel you should ask, then you could be missing out on some important spiritual answers. You can avoid asking a question because you aren’t ready for the spiritual answers but don’t avoid asking a question because you don’t trust yourself to select the correct questions.