July 19, 2024
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Girlfriends Ranked from Worst to Best According to Zodiac Sign

Girlfriends Ranked from Worst to Best – According to Zodiac Sign

Our sun signs have a direct influence on how we interact in our relationships. We looked at the qualities of each sign and ranked which girlfriends are the worst to the best according to their zodiac sign!

Gemini1- Gemini

You aren’t always sure which personality you are dealing with when interacting with a Gemini female. She has many different sides to her, keeping her partner constantly on their toes. This can be confusing, as she may have some contradicting personalities and opinions. One day she might have an opinion about something, the next she will feel completely different than how she so strongly felt the day before!

It is extremely interesting being in a relationship with a Gemini, but be sure you are prepared to meet a new person every day. She will be extremely charming and will gain a lot of attention from others. In order for her to remain loyal and interested in you, you must be just as curious and adventurous as her, and constantly be exposing her to new experiences.

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Cancer2- Cancer

This woman will have many extreme emotions. It can be difficult to understand and deal with her many fluctuating moods. She is a soft soul, with an extremely soft heart and nature that is visible to everybody. She can easily be taken advantage of due to sometimes lacking the backbone to stand up for herself.

You will know when she is going through something because she will tell you. It can be tricky being with a Cancer as she will experience a lot of negative emotions, and you need to be an extremely understanding partner to be with her.

When she loves, she is extremely devoted. If you hurt her, she can cry for days. She loves so deeply that she tries to make sure the person she is with feels loved and valued. She can possess a selfless kind of love, willing to do anything for her significant other. If she does not possess a strong personality, and if she does not have a support system when things go wrong, things can become rather messy.  Codependency is common, and her partner can sometimes feel trapped in a relationship.

Aquarius3- Aquarius

She can be very open-minded and eccentric. She will be a lot of fun to be around and has a fresh perspective on life. Being a fighter for her freedom,  it can be impossible to get her tied down and to commit to a relationship. She does have emotions, but they aren’t as out of control and deep as girls who have a water sign.

Sometimes she will leave you wondering how she really feels about you, as her feelings aren’t always transparent and clear. She needs her independence and will pull away when she sees any signs of having to settle down or being restricted.

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Capricorn4- Capricorn

They are extremely charming and fun to be around, however, Capricorns do tend to be slight workaholics. She value’s love and relationships, but her work and her career will always be the first priority in her life. She will spend way too many hours overworking herself, and it can be challenging when you are trying to balance family life. She will need a lot of support, then she can be an amazing partner.

She prefers mature well-established partners. If you do not have your ducks in a row and lack mental and emotional maturity it can be challenging getting her to commit. A lover of traditions, she wants to follow her heritage and get married and have a big family, usually having big plans and dreams for her future and her family.

Virgo5- Virgo

Virgo’s are pleasant, structured, neat, polite and orderly. She will have high standards and her ultimate goal in everything is to achieve perfection. She will put a lot of thought and effort into all aspects of her life, including her relationships. She does not want a challenging relationship that will unsettle her and she will do everything it takes to sort out any issues in order for the relationship to be perfect again. This girl will walk thousands of miles for you, she will climb mountains and sail the seven seas. Her willingness to do whatever it takes for your happiness cannot be matched by any other sign.

She can sometimes be over demanding, and overly critical. Virgo girls need to be with partners who are not too sensitive, as she will point out flaws in order to fix them, and some people can take offense to this and see it in the wrong way. She can also be overly critical on herself, constantly on a relentless pursuit to fix her flaws. She will require constant reassurance from her partner due to her inner insecurities, and can sometimes be a bit jealous.

Scorpio6- Scorpio

A Scorpio woman will only date a partner that she feels a deep emotional connection with. Her emotions run deep, and she is like a vast ocean filled with calm, and stormy emotions. She will have more emotions and depth to her than any other woman you will meet, and she will make you feel things you’ve never felt before.

She cannot stand dishonesty and will cut you loose at the first sign of it. Scorpio females can be rather controlling of their partners and have a sense of jealousy and possessiveness. Her standards are extremely high, and she will only settle for a partner who will knock her completely off her feet. Once she is in love, she loves deeper than women of any other sign, and her dedication is out of this world. She has the ability to express her inner love and affection through a physical way that not many other signs can compare to. A relationship with a Scorpio female is intense and out of this world.

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Libra7- Libra

This woman is extremely charming and beautiful. She has a pleasant aura about her, and her interactions with other people are always pleasant and inviting. She will be very popular and well liked and tends to be a people pleaser.

She does have another side to her when the Libra scales go out of balance. She can become negative, sulky and lazy. Once a Libra woman is in a negative mindset, it is difficult to get her out of it again. Once she does come out of it, she can be one of the most fun and compassionate lovers you can find!

Leo8- Leo

A Leo woman is amazing, and you should tell her that. You will instantly score a few brownie points! This woman is extremely confident and radiant, and she will have strong energy and personality that will overpower most people and stand out in a crowd.

She is extremely strong, and unlike other females, she will not let life’s challenges get her down. She gets put off by pettiness and when others feel sorry for themselves. She believes that people should get themselves together, be strong and be the best version of themselves they can be! It is almost impossible to bring her down, as she is so self-assured she will just laugh any insults off. She knows who she is, and how amazing she is and nobody can tell her otherwise.

Taurus9- Taurus

She will be extremely independent. She does what she needs to do without help from anyone, and she will make you know it. She is highly competent at everything she does, and she does it with style and grace! Moving slowly, she likes to suss things out first. No one-night-stands for her! She wants to know that the person she is with appreciates her and puts her in high regard, and will not stand or settle for less.

Always avoiding players or people who play mind games, she is looking for the real thing. She can be quite high maintenance. It does take time and dedication to be that fabulous! She will need a partner who will go through a lot of effort to make her happy, and meet her demands, and she will have her demands! She appreciates a partner who she can sometimes boss around.

Sagittarius10- Sagittarius

Sagittarians are very headstrong and adventurous. Possessing a love for travel, and she will be completely capable of traveling and exploring the world on her own. She is an honest truth seeker, and she will rarely lie to you or try to sugarcoat things. She will say it like it is, she can be very blunt. If she is with a partner who has weak self-esteem, this could be a problem.

She will have a hilarious sense of humor and will be able to get you laughing for hours. Always the life of the party, she has a bright and big personality. She will always motivate you to pursue your dreams and be a positive influence in your life. These women are extremely warm and loyal, and usually, when they give their heart to someone they will love them for life.

Aries11- Aries

An Aries woman is an extremely determined go-getter. She is not lazy at all and moves headstrong towards her goals. It can be difficult to get her to relax and settle down, as she is so motivated to achieve that she is constantly busy. When she finds a partner, she can sometimes rush into a relationship, because of her sense of urgency, she will want everything to happen fast! She will not waste any time, and she will get straight to the point regarding what she wants from you.

She cannot stand an indecisive partner, and she will end up making most of the decisions in a relationship. Aries females are usually the most dominant person in a relationship, therefore a partner who is understanding toward this is needed. She needs to be allowed to take charge, as she can be quite impatient and blunt when she feels something is taking too long, or when things do not go according to her way.

Pisces12- Pisces

A Pisces girlfriend will be the most understanding out of all. She has extremely strong intuition and 6th senses, and she can pick up on her partner’s emotions. Possessing an ability to love unconditionally, you will find her loving you despite the flaws other girls would not accept.

She can sometimes live in a dream world, making it difficult to know what is really going on with her! She will prefer to have a peaceful loving relationship, and will quickly resolve any emotional issues between her and her lover. She will have a shy, sweet and comforting personality which just makes you want to be around her all the time!