July 13, 2024
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How Nature Spirits Can Guide Us Through Life

How Nature Spirits Can Guide Us Through Life

Nature Spirits can be thought of as essences of Mother Earth. They are terrestrial energy beings, considered part of the angelic order, who work throughout different dimensions to keep the earth in balance.

There are a wide variety of Nature Spirits, each with a different character and purpose. They live in trees, water, caves, fields, sacred sites and even within our own homes. These spirits have different personalities, affinities and codes of conduct. Some spirits are known for being benevolent helpers of human beings, while others enjoy being deceitful and playing tricks.


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The Astral Kingdom

Faeries live among flowers. They are benevolent helpers who like sowing harmony and beauty. Faeries are drawn to children, and often reveal themselves to children while concealing themselves from adults.

Silvani are wood and forest sprites, famous in the United Kingdom.

Devas are a high order of angelic being who are especially preoccupied with the happenings of planet earth. Rock and Stone Devas these are said to hold the keys to prophesy, magic, and hidden wisdom. Crystal Devas help teach the healing powers of crystal magic, while Flower Devas impart wisdom about the healing properties of plants.

Pixies are gnomes with wings who delight in mischievous trouble. They are terrestrial, while Naiads and Nymphs are similar creatures found near and within water sources like rivers, springs, lakes, ponds and wells. Mermaids are saltwater nymphs who swim in the oceans.

Dryads are spirits that live within trees, leaving their homes for only short periods of time at night. Dryads have strong energies which are highly perceptible to human beings. You may feel chills as you walk through a dark woods at night, indicating an incompatible dryad nearby. Alternatively you may feel drawn to sit beneath a tree or even to hug it, which is a sign that you have an affinity for the Dryad which inhabits it.

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Elementals are the spiritual essences of the four elements. These conscious energies precede the physical manifestation of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and exist within the fourth dimension. They are known as Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines.

Gnomes are the spirits of earth, corresponding to the archangel Uriel, and their color is green. Typically depicted as little old men, gnomes help to create the colorful nature that we enjoy through the changing leaves, picaresque stones, shining crystals and heavy metals. They maintain the balance of the earth and are the custodians of its cycles. Gnomes are earthbound and somewhat ornery, though they can be pleased by supplication with gifts. As stewards of the earth, Gnomes supply us with the nourishment that sustains our bodies, including all the vitamins and minerals that come from nature’s plants. The physical body is in this way also the domain of the Gnomes, and so any mistreatment of the body is taken as an offense to these elementals. Gnomes are concerned with achievement, hard work, lasting value and a commitment to tangible transformation.

Sylphs are the spirits of the air, corresponding to the Archangel Raphael, and their color is yellow. Sylphs are the custodians of the skies and winds. They are also associated with the mind and spiritual guidance. Sylphs are assigned particular humans to assist, inspire, and call toward the light. They help us to receive epiphanies, read signs and move toward our highest purpose. Our thought patterns affect Sylphs, creating an atmosphere about us which is either uplifting or muddling. Chronic complaining, pessimism, careless speech or confused thinking is considered an offense to these beings. Sylphs help us cultivate transparency, clarity, harmony, balance, detachment and objectivity.

Salamanders are the spirits of fire, corresponding to the archangel Michael, and their color is red. They are present anywhere there is heat, transformation and dynamic movement. Salamanders aid in circulation, temperature and metabolism within the body, and are associated with the blood. No fire, real or metaphorical, gets going without Salamanders. These energies help us get motivated, go after what we want, tear down the old and build up the new. While this force is at the root of any meaningful activity, it is not easily controlled and must be used with care. Motion that is unchecked, like fire that is unchecked, can be devastatingly destructive.

Undines are the spirits of water, corresponding to the archangel Gabriel, and their color is blue. Undines are found near any natural water source and are often depicted as willowy, long, limber and fluid. They correspond to all the fluids of the body, and nurture the emotions, psychic intuition, sensuality and empathic sensitivity. Undines work with us through our dreams, and are there to guide us when we have out-of-body experiences. They help us to feel our emotions more deeply, and to fall in love. While experiences of this energy can be among the most beautiful and profound, this energy is also prone to deception, confusion and disorientation.

We may understand the Elementals, and all Nature Spirits, as actual creatures with bodies and activities; alternatively we may understand them as the energy patterns of Nature herself. Either way, these classifications help us to recognize the different tendencies in movement that prevail within our world, and, by extension, within our own psyches.

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