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Major Arcana Karmic Lessons

The Major Arcana Karmic Lessons with the Rider-Waite Deck

The Major Arcana cards represent the most important spiritual and universal karmic lessons you have to learn in this lifetime.

If you don’t learn these lessons, you will often find yourself in similar, or possibly worse, situations until you learn how to deal with the issue(s) or people.

Once you learn the lesson, it is over, and you don’t have to repeat that lesson ever again.

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Find Your Birth Path Number

Add your birth date together:

                                          Month          05

                                          Day              20

                                          Year         1983

                                          TOTAL       2008 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

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The year that your birthdate adds up to indicates that the particular year should be important in your life in some way, perhaps like an engagement, marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, serious sickness, car accident, graduating from school, etc.

Figure out your number then look for it in the first row with red letters; however, all the numbers in the column of your 1-9 number selection are also additional karmic lessons. For instance, if you are a one, you would circle one, but numbers 10 and 19 are also your karmic lessons. Remember to write down the name and the number of the cards that appear in YOUR column and study them for further understanding.  Listed below are the abbreviated karmic lessons for your cards.


Some people will have two rather than three karmic lessons in this lifetime.  This doesn’t mean that one person is more evolved than another, it is actually the energy and situations that you must deal with in this lifetime. From one through four, the energy is more evenly spread out throughout this lifetime; I see it as dividing your expected lifetime age into thirds. Numbers five through nine have more intense energy lessons that usually rule the first half and then the second half of their lifetimes.

The Fool

0 is not a number, so we assign this card to the end of the deck which is now number XXII (22) after The World.

I.  The Magician

The lesson for a one is to balance life in all areas. This means stop being the person who is too giving, loving, caring, kind, generous, and honest and who winds up doing too much for others and not enough for yourself.  Demand reciprocal energy.  You do not have to save the world.  Help the ones you must help. Remove the psychic vampires from your life. Stop being so vulnerable, innocent, gullible, and naïve. Become more assertive, insistent, persistent, and confident so that you may reach your goals unimpeded.

II.  The High Priestess

The two must follow an enlightened path. Enough is enough. You listen to too many problems and issues and the negativity of others’ lives is sticking to you making you a negativity sponge.  You are everyone’s therapist.  Meditate or pray that negativity is taken from you. Clear your home or office by burning white sage and saying prayers. Yes, you are a very loyal and trustworthy person, that’s why others tell you their secrets as they know you will keep them. This can become a burden; you worry about other people while your life continues to remain the same. Help those you must, but set limits to your kindness.

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III.  The Empress

The three has to stop trying to be everyone’s protector in the guise of mother energy and try to limit the amount of responsibility you handle for others. This is the best parent card in the deck and it limits you to mainly concentrate on your children, and students if you are a teacher. You selflessly take care of everyone and often without appreciation or a thank you. You need to protect your compassionate nature so that no one will take advantage of you.  Deal with your issues and don’t worry about others; they can take care of themselves.

IV. The Emperor

The four needs to try to be objective. You are not always as right as you think.  Be more expressive and try to share your emotions with those you love.  Those around you need your love, affection, and attention so it’s a good time to start showing your family and friends how much you care about them. Showing emotions is not a sign of weakness. You like to keep secrets to yourself, but it’s time to trust others and share your knowledge as well as your secrets.  You show others how you love them by doing things for them or always telling them what to do because you don’t want them to make a mistake; however, this can be overbearing and overwhelming.  Be more flexible.

V.  The Hierophant

The five needs balance in life, especially on how many hours you devote to helping others.  You are an intelligent person, but you still have so much to learn.  You are on a spiritual journey; however, the challenges still persist.  People look up to you because you are a strong symbol of courage, strength, and compassion. Not only to gain the wisdom and answers you seek, but to help those who also need closure or insight into their lives.  Guide those you can but set some boundaries and limitations for others and use your time wisely handling your own issues or responsibilities.

VI.  The Lovers

The six must always see situations and life from another’s perspective. You may not always be right in significant other relationships and perhaps you need to learn how to compromise. The other side of the coin is that you may compromise too much in life and need to be more assertive. There will always be situations that separate you and your partner (partners can be spouses, significant others, family member, close friends, etc.) but that’s where compromise would be so helpful. Even though there are many important circumstances in your life, you always seem to make it work.  When you find that you have compromised enough, you need to stop being taken advantage of and hold your ground.  If compromises can’t be reached, then perhaps it’s time to let the situation or person move on and out of your life for both your best interests.

VII.  The Chariot

The seven must make choices and move along your path.  Being afraid to make decisions may lead you onto a path of procrastination for the rest of your life.  With procrastination, you will not complete all that you are supposed to in this life.  It may seem safer, but in the long run, you are not taking control of your life.  In the end, you are the only one who can make the choices to reach your goals, dreams, aspirations, and objectives.  Be brave enough to meet your goals.  It may be hard, but it will be so much better than spending the rest of your life wondering if you could have ever had that dream, job, partner, or financial security of which you have always dreamed.

VIII.  Strength

The eight should consider setting personal boundaries and limitations since you may need help protecting yourself.  You are too trusting and will always wind up getting hurt unless you look beneath the surface. Not everyone is as honest, giving, and caring as you are. Many have agendas that you are not aware of unless you take time getting to know someone rather than always thinking your first impression is correct. Try harder to be in control of your destiny without inviting sorrow, betrayal, or hurt from others you’ve trusted. It will save much emotional conflict if you just take life one slow step at a time in the proper direction.

IX.  The Hermit

The nine helps others on their spiritual path and now it’s time to let others take care of themselves while you start to work on your own desires, dreams, and goals.  You need to relax, meditate or pray.  Your life is filled with so much of other peoples’ wishes, dreams, and problems, and they are stuck to you like glue unless you pray them away or burn white sage to get the negativity out of your home.  Until you do, you will constantly have negativity or negative situations surround you. You probably wonder about that because you are a good person who helps so many, but now at least you know it’s not your fault, and now is your turn to shine.

X.  The Wheel of Fortune

The ten must take appropriate risks in this lifetime to reach goals that are important to you. Gain more intelligence by studying, attending lectures, seminars, or enrolling in formal education. Utilize your patience, tolerance, courage, and self-confidence, then take the risk that is presented to you. You can go far. By having the phoenix represented in this card as the risk, it shows that you can continuously rise from the ashes, but if you trust the risk, you will get to your destination or path sooner.  Be courageous, learn all you can in this lifetime, and stand up for your choices, successes, and failures.  Everything can be remedied, so don’t be afraid to do, or go after, whatever you really need.

XI.  Justice

The eleven has always been extremely fair but what has that gotten you?  There are those who may take advantage of you because they perceive you as weak.  You must stand up for yourself and know that you have a lot to give.  This is a time to start receiving. Restore your energy.  Boundaries and limitations in regard to what you do for others should be your primary goal. From this, you can find peace of mind, body, and spirit and get on with your life in a very positive way.  The only legal card can also mean that you are too fair in a court case with a partner or plaintiff, and you wind up with little.  Ask for everything so you leave with at least half.

XII.  The Hanged Man

The twelve with all the intelligence you possess, start looking at different points of view and different perspectives. You may not see things from a different outlook and may lose the confidence of others for being rigid and inflexible.  You may want to meditate on that.  You must leave spirituality on the side for now and deal with your mundane, everyday issues, such as the family, job, finances, loved ones, etc.  It’s advisable to budget and buy what you need and not what you want.  You may become overwhelmed and exhausted so find time to rest, take care of the things you need. If you have any ailment, going to a doctor immediately is paramount so it can be cured quickly. If not, things could become more serious.

XIII.  Death

The thirteen throughout your life has to learn when to get rid of people that may be taking advantage of you or who do not understand your plans and goals.  They no longer serve you and their energy becomes toxic. It may be beneficial to get away from them. You need to let some people go and move forward to a more positive life. Shed all encumbrances and be ready to attract new opportunities and delightful surprises.  You are going in the right direction in life; however, there are many who may push you off of your path. Your kind heart and compassion can only go so far.  Look out for yourself and your future.

XIV. Temperance

The fourteen, you are your own worst enemy and need to start thinking in a more rational, logical, and intellectual way. You must not let emotions rule your heart and head. Emotional responses to many situations need common sense and will aid you in making proper judgments for all of your decisions.  It’s a yes/no, right/wrong, do it/don’t do it, black and white time. When you have important choices, don’t overthink your answer. What makes sense? Come up with a response from your gut and take action, otherwise, procrastination will start to cause you many issues.

XV.  The Devil

The fifteen, help others in situations as long as you feel you need to; however, when you feel you’ve done all that you can do, it’s time to move on.  You continue to try to help out of control or depressed people. With so many problems, their negativity is also sticking to you. This is an addiction card (whether yours or another’s) and you must learn when to let go, get help for you, a friend or family member, etc., but then the rest is up to them.  It puts strain, pressure, obstacles, and negativity on all parties involved with drugs, alcohol, or sex addictions. You can only guide, if they don’t take your advice, you must leave them on their own to get proper treatment and beat the addiction.

XVI.  The Tower

The sixteen, when you feel it is the worse day or time in your life, it will turn out to be the best day, etc.  The universe may invent situations in your life to push you off of your path so you can try something new or just start taking risks leading to bigger rewards.  Your life is stagnant, so if you are not going to make the changes it needs, the universe will do it for you. Even if it is not going in the direction you want, just go with the flow.  Better to make decisions, take risks, and move forward without getting stuck continuously. in the same situations.

XVII.  The Star

The seventeen must make choices even if they are painful or confusing.  Always deal with the most important issue or choice and take a step towards resolving it.  Once you get in the habit of dealing with issues instead of trying to ignore them, the easier your life will be. Procrastination just brings you down and attracts more negativity. You should look towards the future to fulfill the rest of your life. There are many great opportunities in your future if you look for them or make them a goal. Emotions hold you back by making decisions with your heart, so use the intelligence the universe has given you to make good choices.

XVIII.  The Moon

The eighteen even though this is a creative card, it is imperative that you live in reality.  Even though fantasy through acting, writing, singing, dancing, painting, etc., may be a wonderful place to live and create, you need to live in the real world. This illusion you follow is brilliant for imaginative creations and outcomes.  However, at some point, you need to deal with reality, take steps to your goals and try to navigate the world around you. Try not to be afraid of the unknown. Take control of your life and plan to start taking all the opportunities life has to offer.  If you do not, you will never get those opportunities offered to you again.

XIX.  The Sun

The nineteen should keep moving forward to the new beginnings you want in life. Everything that could possibly hurt you is in your past now and not following you into the future. You are safe, but you must believe it. There are so many wonderful changes coming throughout your life, and you are surprised at how easily you adapt to these positive situations. It could be related to your career, moving, partners, family, friends, new ventures, new journeys, and new beginnings. Doubts and anxieties may mar your future goals, aspirations, dreams, and ambitions, so be sure they are kept in check to see all the good that can be attained by being positive.

XX.  Judgement

The twenty is your lot in life to feel it’s your duty to help out the world, even at the expense of not having enough time to take care of yourself and your family. It is also important to let others help you.  When someone offers to do anything for you, smile and say a resounding, “Thank you!”  That’s all you have to say to get back the reciprocal energy that you have been giving out so freely.  Did you ever think that the people you’ve helped may be trying to thank you for the help you have given them throughout the years?  If you say no, you are taking away their opportunity to repay your kindness.  Also, you will get back what you have given out.  Be patient and it all the positive outcomes will arrive.

XXI.  The World

The twenty-one is up to you to find out what you need in life by taking risks or getting a more formal education like classes, lectures, seminars, the internet, or training classes in a subject you may need for work or enjoyment.  It is also telling you to be confident enough in yourself to do whatever you feel is right and to be very adamant about your direction.  Once you commit to taking an appropriate risk, you will feel as if you were meant to be on this new path your whole life. This is very positive and always constructive. It is a liberating experience to know you are going in the right direction and doing the things in life for your best interest.

XXII.  The Fool (Zero in the Cards)

Zero makes you realize that you should always be guided by spirit and take a leap of faith to reach your goals and dreams.  Your life has constant new beginnings, and you have to learn to go with the flow and not be focused on endings.  As one ending comes, another new beginning appears for you.  You may be trying to leave something or someone behind and start a new life, but the memories and feelings will still linger in your heart. It’s about seeking your challenges directly and knowing that life is all about change. The sooner you learn that the easier your life will become.