July 23, 2024
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Let Birds Connect You to the Spirit World

Let Birds Connect You to the Spirit World

Birds are known to carry messages between the Spirit World and Mother Earth. They have wings that can carry them to the heavens. High in the sky, we marvel when they glide on the wind currents. We watch in awe as they perform mid-air acrobatics. But just as delightful, perhaps even more so, is when they come back to land and allow us to observe them up close and personal. They fill our neighborhood trees, dance with the tides on our beaches, and flock to our bird feeders. How receptive are you to the messages they bring? Have you ever asked a bird to carry a message to the Spirit World?

Some Psychics Have a Special Bond with Birds

Psychics have something in common with birds — a sixth sense connection with spirit beings and the spiritual realm. Thus, it makes sense that psychically gifted individuals might have a special ability to commune with birds. For eons, there has been talking of special people for whom birds show no fear. In fact, birds will land on their head, their shoulder, or their outreached hand. If you see a bird land on a person, you can take this as a sign that they are psychically gifted, whether they realize it or not.

Messages from Departed Loved Ones

If you’re experiencing the loss of a loved one, be on the lookout for special bird appearances. People often report noticing the appearance of certain birds soon after the death of a loved one. Even long after the death, the same species of bird may reappear on special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary. In some cases, the birds making these appearances seem to go out of their way to get noticed. They may peck on a window for attention or fly by so close you can feel the wind of their flight in your hair.  An overhead flock of geese may form a peculiar pattern in the sky sending a message that only you would understand. They may even honk extra loud to make sure you notice!

When birds appear, it’s almost as if the spirit of your departed loved one is saying, “I’m still here with you” or “I’ll always be near you, watching over you.” Encountering such a bird with her message from the Spirit World can be a great comfort to a grieving survivor. It can also bring back a happy memory and a feeling that your loved one is still surrounding you with love.

The Cherokee First Nation taught that you could send messages to the Spirit World by blowing into an eastern wind as a cardinal flew by in the same direction. Other North American indigenous tribes had similar beliefs and or showed particular reverence to certain birds. Birds were so sacred to First Nations that the clans within their tribes were sometimes associated with a particular bird, such as “Raven Clan.” We are now rediscovering the wisdom of these tribes and psychics tend to be especially drawn to this wisdom. It comes with a healthy respect for nature and a deep understanding that humans are as much part of nature as are birds and other wildlife.

Of course, the ancestral spirits in the older branches of your family tree may want to send you a message as well…. perhaps some ancient wisdom imparted at precisely the right time that you’re making a critical decision. Have you ever had a bird land near you and then look at you so intently you knew they were trying to transmit a message? Perhaps you shrugged it off initially, but they were so persistent they made you take notice? Remember, birds are as ancient as the dinosaurs because, well, they ARE dinosaurs! They carry the collective wisdom from our oldest ancestors. Try to be receptive to their messages.

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Northern Cardinals as Messengers of the Spirit World

Northern cardinals, more often called “red cardinals” or “red birds,” are one of the most charismatic birds in North America, Mexico, and Central America. They were named “cardinals” because their intensely red feathers reminded the Europeans arriving in America of red robes Catholic Cardinals wear. The rich colors of a northern cardinal’s feathers are so striking and so beautiful that many of these Europeans wrote poetically about them in their journals.

Red cardinals are often associated with the spirit world. In particular, it is thought that seeing a red cardinal is a sign that a departed loved one wants to communicate with you. Some also believe red cardinals carry messages from angels but that you have to allow yourself to be open to receive such a message. Meditation and chakra cleansing can help in this regard as can the consultation with a psychic. If you see a red cardinal, don’t rush the experience. Take your time and absorb the energy all around you.

Yellow Cardinals Are the Ultimate Signal

While red cardinals are widely considered a message from the Spirit World, if you’re lucky enough to spot a yellow cardinal, this may be a sign that something truly extraordinary is about to happen! Yellow cardinals are exceedingly rare, but they well documented to occur from time to time. Basically, it’s like finding a four-leaf clover. The brilliant red feathers are replaced by a supersaturated yellow. Otherwise, yellow cardinals look the same as red cardinals: same shape, same size, and same markings.

This change in feather color is caused by an extremely rare gene mutation. In fact, it’s so rare to see a yellow cardinal that rare bird alerts go out to avid birdwatchers when one is found. These birdwatchers will travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles just to get a glimpse of it. In other words, a yellow cardinal is considered rare and wonderful… and to be the first one to spot it is the ultimate gift from the Spirit World. If you open your heart and mind, you may just be lucky enough to experience this extraordinary signal from the spirits.

One Person’s Chickadee Is Another Person’s Cardinal

While we have focused on cardinals, due to their near famous status in the psychic world, all birds carry with them the ability to carry messages to and from the Spirit World. Whichever bird speaks to your heart is the one you should personally focus on…. and that may not be a cardinal. Given the splendid diversity of birds, there’s a bird for every personality, no matter how eccentric you may be 🙂

You may be drawn to the active energy of plunge-diving terns. Others may be drawn to the quiet energy of little brown birds feeding on the forest floor. The drum of a woodpecker may resound in your heart while others may feel the call of the eerie owl sounds in the middle of the night. Communicating with the Spirit World is a unique experience for everyone. You just need to allow yourself to open up and find your own path and your own bird messenger.

Final Thoughts

Being one with nature is an integral part of being spiritually attuned. However, during the Corona crisis, it can be more difficult to get out in nature, especially if you live in a metro area. Luckily, it is quite easy to draw birds to your yard, patio, or balcony by hanging bird feeders out. If you like to meditate, or just enjoy the serene contemplative time, the spirits can send you messages as the birds come and go from your feeder(s). Water baths can draw birds to you as well.

Each person has a certain kind of bird that speaks more deeply to their spiritual soul. If you’d like to attract a certain kind of bird, the type of birdseed you put out can help. Cardinals adore black oil sunflower seeds. Jays go nuts for peanuts. Brightly colored warblers are attracted to fruit put out on simple bird trays. Niger seeds (thistle) will attract goldfinches, nuthatches, and chickadees. You can also put out sugar water for those high-spirited hummingbirds.

If crows call your spirit, try putting out small shiny objects near your feeder(s), perhaps an item that belonged to a deceased loved one with whom you want to communicate. Crows and other corvids like ravens are highly clever creatures and they will find a way to carry your messages.

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