July 19, 2024
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The Secret Massage Points of Each Star Sign

Learning the Secret Massage Points for Each Star Sign

Massage is a wonderful way to build a closer bond with a partner or help out a friend who is in pain.  Most of us love to receive a massage of course, and ideally, a full back and neck massage will be beneficial for all.

However, over many years of listening to woes and providing astrological insights both professionally and in a friendly capacity, I have noted that there are key areas of weakness that correlate to each star sign / astrological sign. 

If you would like to create a more soulful connection with a partner, massage is the perfect way to do so, and all the better if you know the secret spots which will help to magically heal each sign. 

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Learning the Secret Massage Points for Each Star Sign

Now, these suggestions work best with essential oils and I will write a follow-up article explaining more about which oils to use.  In the meantime, simply using a little olive oil or coconut oil, will feel adequately soothing. 

Do also note that we all may have injured and stressed areas that require healing attention, my suggestions for each sign (including Ascendant /  Rising sign and Moon sign) are to provide additional areas of bliss to strengthen your loving connection. 

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Aries

The best area for Aries is the head, a professional Indian Head Massage will be their dream, but it doesn’t actually take a lot of knowledge to prop yourself up behind an Aries and slowly and methodically massage all areas of their scalp.

  Beginning at the temples working inwards, start gently and add increasing pressure, as the muscles around the skull can get tense too. 

As you will be handling hair it’s not recommended that use oils for this, as they may be difficult to wash out, but for intimacy; washing your partner’s hair with shampoo and adding in a massage of this kind will help them to feel wonderful. 

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Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Taurus

Those with strong Taurus often have slightly shorter necks and broader shoulders than average, so their areas of tension are often at the tops of their shoulders.  Digging in deep to the upper torso both front and back will really help release pent-up tensions here.

Probing their upper back with elbows and fists will be blissful to a well-built Taurus.  And don’t forget the muscles at the front just beneath the armpits, as a broad torso can be less flexible and so requires more maintenance to prevent stiffness.

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Gemini

Geminis notoriously think a lot and seem to actually feel like they have heavier skulls than others.  The release area for these air signs is the base of the skull.  Just where the skull sits at the top of the neck is where they build up tension and often will be the root of any headaches they experience. 

Sit them down and stand behind their chair and dig your fingers beneath the skull and lift.  This will release so much tension and pulling up as hard as you can, will feel heavenly for them. 

Be careful with the ear area and the spine but two fingers running up the neck on either side, with medium pressure, will feel amazing for them too.

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Cancer

The sign of Cancer is connected to the stomach and their emotions will often be experienced here.  You don’t want to be probing the abdomen, so gentle stroking motions over this area will be most soothing for them.

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Resting your hands on their lower belly area (around the sacral chakra) when they feel tired, or upset, will help to relax them also. In terms of a more thorough massage, they will usually benefit most from pressure on either side of the spine, in the lower back region. 

Working from the sides of the vertebrae and outwards towards the waist with splayed fingers, will help reduce tension in the digestive areas and stimulate the kidneys to help release toxins. 

Cancerians do enjoy touch, once they have let down their barriers, but usually prefer a sensitive approach.

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Leo

If you consider a lion and the movement of its body when walking and running, then the obvious stress points for Leo are the mid-back and the upper arms. Leos often move their upper bodies more than other signs and tend to gesticulate a lot.  So, working from the central areas of the back will soothe these the most. 

Working with your hands placed on either side of the spine, run your left hand up, whilst you run your right hand down, at the same time, creating a contra-motion that will warm up and activate the muscles.

More pressure can be added then, paying attention to the bottom of each shoulder blade, where we ache if we’ve been lifting a lot, and also giving some focus to the biceps.  People often forget that the arms can hold as much tension as the back and that pressure applied here can feel wonderful too!

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Virgo

Often good with their hands, Virgos can be prone to aches and pains in their phalanges.  In terms of their overall body, they often look after themselves and thrive on regular yoga, so offering them a good hand massage is a great treat.

Just like the feet, the palms and fingers have a map of reflexology points that correlate to the rest of the body and it’s amazing how soothing attention in these areas will feel, with a little oil too or hand cream to soften the effect.

  Massage the center of the palm in a circular motion and pull down each finger one at a time. Focus on one hand and even one finger at a time, inch by inch and if you want to add in a little romantic sweetness, twist your fingers into theirs to end the ritual lovingly.

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Libra

Venus-ruled Libra is often fair of face and nothing is more personal and beautifying than a face massage.  Obviously, with this area of the body, it is important to be very gentle and slow in your movements. 

Using a little coconut oil or general face moisturizer, work in circular motions on the forehead, moving down to the temples and onto the cheekbones.

Then slowly circle to the jaw, working up to the ears and pulling the fingers down either side in the direction of the chin, following the jawline. You can work on one side at a time if they prefer. 

Be very careful around the eyes, and it’s all about what they are most comfortable with, but pinching either side of the nose, just below the eyebrows can be very helpful for eye strain, and if they really trust you gentle surrounding the eye socket can be soothing too. 

As always with a Libra, make sure you tell them how beautiful they are at the end of it. 

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio, is the sign associated with sex and sensuality, (as is their ruling planet, Pluto). The genitals are an obvious mention, but in terms of the actual remedial massage; did you know that the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body?

For those who don’t know, the gluteus maximus runs from the side of the hip to the bum and the back of the upper thigh.  For massage here, you can be quite rough with this muscle, beginning with circular motions, along with the bum and upper thigh and building to a much stronger pressure next to where you can feel the line of the hip bone, where aches are most likely to be lodged. 

The tension here can cause leg problems, most notably; sciatica, and so, sensual as a massage here may be; it is very healing and useful also!

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Sagittarius

Just one look at the centaurs and you will notice the pressure those little horse legs must feel from the big torso it has to carry! 

It’s a muscle in the upper thighs that will be a treat to the Sagittarius.  Many of us suffer from knee problems, due to walking and running on an unnatural surface that is concrete, but the maintenance of the thighs (and suitable trainers!) can help to prevent long-term issues. 

To massage, apply gentle pressure on each side and down the center of each thigh muscle, apply heat if possible, and also, use some olive oil that has already been warmed perhaps.  To support the knees, cup either side with both hands, and move very very slowly in each direction.

Even if you haven’t done your Reiki 1, holding your partner’s knees will be very supportive and often will bring up feelings; as we store a lot of emotional blocks in our knees and most of us forget how much work they do for us!

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Capricorn

The ruler Capricorn: Saturn is said to govern our bones and our skin and so it is doubly important for Capricorns to look after these areas of their bodies.  Saturn demands hard work, which Capricorns are usually very good at, but looking after ourselves requires work too. 

To help a Capricorn with massage, working from the base of the spine will often provide the most relief and comfort.  Although we should never apply pressure to the actual spine, digging into the muscles on either side of it working from about 6 inches on either side of the spine, and slowly fanning the fingers inwards, will help to relieve tension and pressure. 

The neck can also benefit from some care; stand in front of them, cup your hands around their lower necks, and gently pull your fingertips apart.  You can work up doing the same gentle and work down, using the same method but applying more pressure in the shoulder area.  They will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. 

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Aquarius

Traditionally said to be prone to circulatory disorders, Aquarians don’t thrive if standing still for long periods of time and prefer to be in motion.  Obviously in this respect stretching and yoga will benefit them, but to improve their leg circulation, they will benefit from attention to the lower legs.

Lie them down and sit near their feet, hold each leg at a time, around the ankle and start with slowly circling the foot, then working up to massage the calves, using one hand to manipulate the muscle gently and the other to hold the leg in a comfortable position. 

As with Sagittarius, adding a little warm oil will feel very soothing on the leg muscles and if you want to add in a little sensuality, they love attention towards their inner thighs also! 

Finish by holding each ankle in each hand and gently pulling the legs towards you, to help stimulate the blood flow a little and release the pressure of gravity.

Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Pisces

The part of the body associated with Pisces is the feet and most of them love a good foot massage.  For best effects encourage them to have a soak in the bath first so they are fully relaxed and hydrated, and use a bit of coconut oil, working on one foot at a time.  

The secret to giving a good foot massage is simply remembering to give attention to all areas of the foot, including the tips of the toes and the areas in between each toe.  Most of us have our feet swashed together in shoes far too much, and so the toes love to be moved around and given attention. 

It may be nice to look at a reflexology map if you are willing to give regular foot massages, as you can target key areas, but most feel great healing from pressure applied to the center of the foot arch.

I hope you will try out some of these suggestions, massage is a wonderful way to build closeness and help heal the people we love.  As mentioned before also, we can all benefit from any of the above exercises, so if you’re keen on these ideas, why not work through the zodiac suggestions and make it a weekly ritual to do so? 

Peace and reiki blessings to you all~~~~