July 23, 2024
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Fairy Realms: the Enchanted Worlds Beyond Our Own

Are we sharing this planet with fairies? Are they just conspiracies or just not identified yet? What are fairy realms? I believe that there is a technology that encompasses both the physical and psychic, the material and mental. It is a remote country, an invisible island, some faraway place… sort of a parallel Universe that coexists with our own. It is made visible, intangible only to select people and the doors that lead through it are tangential points, known only to the fairies. The narratives I’ve encountered on this subject often revolve around individuals being either invited aboard extraterrestrial crafts or taken against their will, only to return after extended periods. Is there a reason behind all of this? Let us explore the behavior of these beings a bit.

Mysterious for a Reason & Poking consistently

It seems like these beings don’t intend to prove their existence to anyone, instead, they play with our minds and sometimes even show themselves. Some people support the possibility that absurdity might be a core feature of fairies. If they are far more intelligent than humans, it is very probable they know how we function. All humans rely on logic, we want to live in a logical world. The human need for things to make sense is one of our most vulnerable weak points. If reality stops making sense, our cognitive frameworks break down, we would have an existential crisis. Because we are so vulnerable to this, humans have natural defense mechanisms to deal with experiences and information which defy our expectations and beliefs: rationalizing, denying or mentally dissociating. We’d sooner question our eyesight and sanity than question our reality. Dr Vale suspected that the ultra terrestrials could be using absurdity as their primary weapon and strategy against us. It makes sense when you think about it.

Types of Fairies & their Powers

Well, as people are different in some aspects, based on places, traditions, or talents, the fairy realms are composed of different types of beings. Dark or sparkly, wings or no wings, fairies know they can shapeshift and play different roles at a certain point in time, something like „ I can be anything, “but on the other side, we can still classify them in different types, based on these roles.

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The fairy realms are all stardust. This element is the primary magic that fairies know. But each one of them has their expertise, they come with different solutions, because they need to help us, the people with a lot of problems. So they do work full time.

Air fairies are pretty fast and active in moving the mental energies or directing the dust where it needs to go.

Water fairies are normally pretty playful and don’t take everything seriously, because their main role is healing, so they need to flow with everything that comes.

Fire fairies are normally the partner of a water fairy so they work together like in a school project. They are vibrant and quite stubborn because they need to purify through burning constantly. But they also have a light inside, which is warm and calm.

Earth fairies really do take care of planting the seeds, not only in nature but inside of us as well. They help us see the energetic change that happens inside so that we become conscious about it and then see it materializing.

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Fairies are not the elements, they use these elements to help us most of the time. There are also other elements but we are just going to talk about these ones today. Leprechauns are Irish mythical creatures that seem to be found only in Irish folklore. They are described as male faeries that appear as tiny, wizened-faced old men inhabiting Ireland’s isle. They represent luck, but also the downside of desiring material wealth instead of real abundance.

Elves are the wise fairies. They are known for keen perception, grace, great spell work, swiftness, agility and, of course, artistic abilities. Their weak points could be a certain physical fragility and a total lack of empathy towards the less long-lived races, sometimes showing condescending or haughty. There are of course other types and information, but we won’t reveal all of their secrets now.

Human Encounters and Real Life Stories

The narratives I’ve heard on this subject often revolve around individuals being either invited aboard extraterrestrial crafts, or taken against their will, only to return after extended periods. Others describe inexplicable appearances of cookies or pancakes, accompanied by a sense that these beings are expressing gratitude or testing spiritual resilience. A 60-year-old farmer named Joe Simonton claimed to have encountered them and was offered cookies perforated with strange holes. Us Department of Health performed a complete analysis on what appeared to be innocent pancakes and after several days of tests the laboratory stated: the cake was composed of hydrogenated fat starch, buckwheat hulls, soya bean hulls, wheat bran. Chemical infra-red and other destructive-type tests were run on this material and concluded that the material was an ordinary pancake of terrestrial origin. But one major ingredient was lacking: table salt, perhaps why Joe Simonton thought they tasted like cardboard. Unsalted food is certainly alien in American culture; the same might be said about buckwheat, hardly ever eaten or grown in the US, however it’s a staple ingredient across Asia and Europe. These are important details which don’t expose the fairies but definitely stir the interest!

Fairy realms: The Interplay of Myth and Reality

Delving into the realm of fairies forces us to confront the blurred boundaries between myth and reality. While many dismiss fairy realms’ encounters as mere fantasy or conspiracy, countless testimonies and experiences hint at a deeper, more enigmatic reality. Exploring the phenomenon of fairies challenges us to reconsider our preconceptions and embrace the mysterious interplay between what we perceive as real and what may lie beyond our current understanding. By remaining open-minded and receptive to the possibility of the unknown, we may uncover profound truths hidden within the fabric of folklore and legend. The enduring fascination with fairies actually reflects humanity’s enduring quest for meaning and connection to the unknown.