July 19, 2024
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Dominant Planet

Discover the Powers of Your Dominant Planet

Whatever your astrological sign is, you also have a very favorable planet, also called your dominant planet. When a planet lies in the sign that it rules in your birth chart, then it is considered a dominant planet. A person can have more than one dominant planet if multiple planets are located in the signs they rule over in your birth chart.

Dominant planets have a significant influence over you, and understanding your dominant planets helps you to understand your true path in life, develop your personality, find your hidden talents, and, above all, express your true nature each day. Knowing more about your dominant planet is one of the keys to success and a better life.

Qualities and strengths of the dominant planets

There are 8 planets, aside from Earth. The 8 planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Astrology also takes into account the movements of the two celestial bodies, the Sun and the Moon, as well as asteroids, stars, and points in the sky.

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Below you’ll find the characteristics and qualities of the 8 planets as well as the sun and the moon, each of which emits specific vibrations that influence all the signs it’s connected to in different ways. Find out which planet(s) you’re affected by, then exploit its qualities, and restrain or transform its negative aspects into advantages.

Being aware of the characteristics of your dominant planet(s), along with those of your astrological sign, can go a long way towards helping you make positive changes in your life.

The Sun

Sign: Leo
Element: Fire

Temperament: Sun people are often restless and energetic. They possess high amounts of inner energy and can tackle any task with passion and vigor. At the same time, they have great willpower and can be explosive in action, and can become forceful to have things go their way. Sun people can light up a room with their presence, and they are often unavoidable. They are extremely generous if you are on their good side!

People under the dominance of the Sun are very dependent on their emotions, which they sometimes have trouble keeping under control. They can be very passionate and get completely involved in whatever they’re doing. Sun people are natural leaders.

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Signs: Gemini and Virgo
Element: Earth and Air

Temperament: People born under the dominance of Mercury are generally nervous, observant, and easily irritated. Their minds think very fast and they can have hundreds of ideas zooming in and out their minds. They are conversationalists, and Mercury is the planet of communication, so their strength lies in their ability to use the written and spoken word.

Mercury-ruled natives possess nervous energy that acts as an antenna that picks up all the energies and information around them. They then process this information in a unique way and relay it to others.


Signs: Taurus, Libra
Element: Earth and Air

Temperament: People who have Venus as their dominant planet have a taste for beauty, well-being, and gentle manners. They are peace lovers and have a knack for beautifying themselves, others and their environment. The energy of their planet encourages them to keep things in order under any circumstances, and they have a fine eye for details.

They try to defuse conflicts and arguments through compromise and diplomacy. They can be charming and passionate, and relationships are generally the most important part of their life. They possess alluring physical beauty which attracts people toward them.

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Signs: Aries and Scorpio
Element: Fire

Temperament: People who have Mars as their dominant planet have a combative and protective nature. Although they may suffer from anxiety, they never give up and refuse to let adversity triumph. They are intense and fiery, and you can generally feel the intensity of their presence. They do not take matters lightly and have an all or nothing approach in life.

People governed by Mars are dynamic and highly entrepreneurial. The downside is that they can be authoritative, or even despotic, and get angry easily. Jealousy is something that can plague them, and they have extremely competitive natures.


Signs: Sagittarius and Pisces
Element: Air and Fire

Temperament: People who were born with Jupiter as their dominant planet have a volatile character and can easily become angry or get carried away. They are generally extroverted, active, and like to be noticed. Extremely adventurous, they will rush in where angels fear to tread. They have an expansive nature and need to be constantly experiencing and learning.

Jupiterians can easily provoke their own Luck if they believe in themselves. The planet brings wealth and glory to those who maintain a positive attitude. As the planet of goodwill, these people can be extremely charitable and environmentally conscious.


Signs: Capricorn
Element: Earth

Temperament: People who have Saturn as their dominant planet are generally unemotional, and not very active. They have trouble getting themselves moving. Structure and routine are vital to their happiness, and they have a love for money and material possessions. Extremely traditional, they follow the traditions taught to them when they were young throughout their lives.

This planet can cause problems overcoming obstacles. People with this stellar influence need to use their mental abilities to make progress and become stronger. These people can be plagued with many challenges in life they need to overcome, and it seems that life is harder on them.


Signs: Aquarius
Element: Air

Temperament: People born with Uranus as their dominant planet are very creative and have a lot of original ideas. Unfortunately, they often hesitate before putting those ideas into practice. They need to be more audacious. These people are extremely eccentric and otherworldly, and can sometimes seem like “mad scientists” with all their ingenious, crazy ideas.

Uranians are often nervous, innovative and passionate. They are futurists and have a knack for technology and generally have no issues adapting and evolving with new trends. The community and future of the world is very important to them.


Signs: Pisces
Element: Water

Temperament: People born with Neptune as their dominant planet are not prone to action and tend to be slow in the way they think and react. These people tend to be extremely spiritual and prefer to experience and live life through the spiritual side of life as opposed to through the physical side of life. They are extremely compassionate and intuitive and are said to be old souls.

These people are dreamers, who can lose themselves in the meanderings of the mind. They can easily get lost in their own dream world and struggle to sometimes see reality, and view life through rose-colored glasses.


Signs: Scorpio
Element: Water

Temperament: People with Pluto as their dominant planet are passionate, sometimes to excess. They do not like to open up to others and can seem extremely mysterious. They have a deep emotional world and they like to dissect and get to the bottom of things, making them great investigators. They do not accept anything at face value and are constantly transforming and changing themselves.

Plutonians are attracted to the occult and mysteries of life. They’re hard to get to know, and you cant put your finger on what makes them tick. When aware of their abilities, they can possess a lot of power.

The Moon

Signs: Cancer
Element: Water

Temperament: People born with the Moon as their dominant planet can be very emotional, have trouble controlling themselves, and are followers rather than leaders. Their emotions can get the better of them and they can struggle to achieve goals as their vision is constantly clouded by their emotions. Very sentimental, they cherish memories and people and do not forget things easily.

Lunar people have a motherly, nurturing aura. They love children, and their awareness of human emotions is profound and they are always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on.