July 16, 2024
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Discover Your Deeper Nature with Your Power Animal

Discover Your Deeper Nature with Your Power Animal

In Ancient Civilisations, many cultures had wise counsels who were in touch with nature, energy, and the other side.  Referred to now often as Shamans, many believed that we have a great deal of gravitas and magnetism that, in modern times, we lose touch with early in our lives.

Animal symbolism runs through many old cultures, and the nature of the animals that we are most connected to can give us clues as to how to harness our true nature, soul expression, and inner power. 

The Connection

To ‘tune in’ to your power animal, so that you can look into what it shows you about your deeper nature, first make yourself comfortable and take a few deep breaths.  Work for a few minutes on relaxing all of your muscles from your head to your feet and allowing your thoughts to flow away from your mind.

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Now imagine yourself in beautiful wild terrain, you decide whether it is arid or lush, damp or dry, warm or cold.  This is your dreamland that you would love to visit, and you are completely alone, at home and at one with this setting.

Now settle down, whether on a rock, or lay on a meadow, maybe with your feet dangling in a stream, or at the top of a cliff.  Envision the perfect, relaxing place to sit with a lovely view and now imagine that you are being joined by an animal which is your familiar.  No matter how gentle or intimidating the nature of this animal usually may be, this animal is your friend and a part of your soul.  Spend some time reconnecting and appreciating the beautiful connection that you share with this creature.

You can come back to consciousness at any time but know that you can also visit your sacred place whenever you need to feel stronger, more relaxed, and safer.

Now let’s look at what the animal you connected to reveals about your true nature or current focus:

Lion, Tiger, Big Cat

The one thing about big cats is they are in control and know exactly what they are doing.  Their days are spent relaxing and when they have to ‘work’ and ‘hunt’ they put in their all.  You feel like you need more time to live your life in the way you choose, right now, and by tuning into this animal you can learn to re-address your life/work balance and learn to say ‘no’ sometimes.  This is a call to be more selfish and no matter what you are doing, to do it with passion, dedication, and integrity.  Your self-esteem will be boosted by doing so.

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Otter, Weasel, Small Mammal

It’s time to take life a little less seriously, you have got caught up so much in the worries and stresses of life that you have forgotten to prioritize your own happiness.  Watch some comedy, play games, and learn to laugh more again.  Sometimes fighting battles you can’t win simply depletes your energy, you cannot change the world alone but if you happy inside, you will uplift those around you,  You can make a difference right now, a lot more than you realize, by spreading a little fun and laughter to those around you and reminding them that we all have a part of us which remains childlike forever.

Eagle, Buzzard, Bird of Prey

Perhaps you have been feeling trapped for a while, as birds are the epitome of freedom.  They also represent a powerful force for change and this connection shows that on some level you feel you are ‘stuck in a rut’ and unable to escape.  You are not as powerless as you think, however.  Read my article about using the Law of Attraction and take small steps in the right direction every day.  So much more is possible when you learn to have a little faith in your path and in your own abilities.


You are craving stability and structure in your life right now.  Perhaps there have been great changes in your life in recent years and you have felt out of control and as if nothing really turns out in your favor.  Try to create a routine in your daily life, to begin with, get up at the same time, do a morning/evening work out, eat healthily, and allow time to be outdoors.  If you feel like you have more control over the day to day elements, you will start to find that the rest of your life starts to fit into place more naturally too.

Domestic Cat

Some of us need to celebrate our individuality in order to enjoy life and you are one of these people.  You have some lovely unique characteristics and a great sense of humor.  Although you often may feel that you don’t ‘fit in’ those who are in your life appreciate you fully and it’s important that you remember that.  It’s easy to feel like a stranger in a strange land in this modern world and indulging in fantasy books and films will do you well.  Don’t forget to leave time for your own creative outlets.  There is nobody like you.  You are beautifully unique and should always remember that.


Your natural psychic abilities are strong at the moment and honing and developing these will bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction.  Although you are always intuitive, you do have to watch out, as you tend to pick up other people’s feelings and ailments too easily at times, so you need a time out to regenerate.  A natural empath, you would benefit from learning Reiki to strengthen your boundaries, or perhaps you have already learned how to do so and this time is all about your using your gifts to uplift and heal those around you.  Step into the magic, it’s all around you waiting for you. Namaste.

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Perhaps you are a little too giving and open with people at this time.  The energy of the fox is all about stealth and secrecy, their genius is in surviving and interacting with all of nature and yet managing to remain unseen and unscathed by the developments of modern life.  You can embody this kind of self-sufficient integrity by remembering that ‘less is more’.  If your words are succinct and precise, they will be heard and heeded far more.  It’s time to have a little more confidence in what you have learned, to stop apologizing for your existence, and to congratulate yourself on how far you have come!


Right now, you are in great need of adventure and travel.  You love to explore new habitats and surroundings and start to stagnate if you are stuck in one place for too long.  It’s important to get out and about as much as you can now, even if this is only on foot.  The important part is in seeing and noticing things that are new to you and allowing the inspiration of nature and the outdoors to really uplift your spirit.  Exercise is important for you to stay mentally happy also if running isn’t for you, then a dance class or regular work out will help.  Don’t give up.  You are appreciated and loved by those around you far more than you recognize.  Your kindness and generosity may be taken for granted from time to time but when you are not around you are deeply missed.


In life, all things are subject to change, and you are not enjoying the changes that you are experiencing at the moment.  The thing is, no matter how much we wish to turn back the clock and relive certain happier times in our life, we will never benefit from living in the past.  All we really have is the moment and if we can be a little more zen about it all, then we can snatch a lot of joy from being more present in our surroundings.  Sometimes just feeling the sun on our skin, or indulging in the scents and colors around us, is very uplifting and fulfilling.  We are not in control of our lives, only how we adjust, adapt, and respond to our surroundings.  It’s difficult to sit back and allow everything to flow, but it is sometimes the only option and just like the Wheel of Fortune, the balance will always spin back into our favor in the end.  Enjoy the journey, there is no destination, there is only now.

Mouse, Rat or Rodent

You are courageous, able, and incredibly resourceful.  Sometimes you don’t stop to acknowledge or appreciate your own talents, preferring to allow others their limelight and glory, but actually you are more capable than most.  The fact that you do not seek glory, is also in your favor.  You are reliable and trustworthy and have an eclectic knowledge of a number of subjects.  Taking some time to write down your ideas and thoughts, perhaps in a blog format, or in a video, will be a lot of fun for you right now.  Your mind is sharp and witty.  You have talent and ability, do recognize your gifts and allow yourself a little moment to ‘shine’ in the light sometimes too.


It’s great to always be able to see the bigger picture and have a philosophical ‘take’ on the world around you but sometimes the small areas of life require attention too.  Nobody can function well in a cluttered room or enjoy a lovely meal from a dirty plate.  A bit of focus towards having a great diet, daily vitamins, and keeping on top of the basics in life will really benefit you at this time.  Sometimes we regard certain things like ‘boring’ and then find that when we actually give those things time, they procure their own relaxing and fulfilling rewards.  Spring cleaning your life right now will boost your creativity, and your spirits, far more than you expect!

Crab, Lobster, Crustacean

Domestic and grounded, your home is your palace and you love to create a haven in which to welcome and nurture others.  This is a time for you to self-nurture however, you have needs that have been brushed aside recently and it’s time to put yourself first for a change.  It’s okay to need space, to pamper yourself so that you feel more relaxed and occasionally treat yourself.  You appreciate the finer things in life and whilst it’s good that you don’t tend to surround yourself with material goods, it is important to allow a little bit of what we fancy in life.  It’s your life after all.  Nobody else can look after you or make you happy.  That’s down to your choices.


It could be that you have been dealing with anger issues lately and need to learn to step back from all of the issues and political scenarios you roll over in your head.  Cows are docile, relaxed, and happy in their own skin.  They also love jazz!  Maybe taking some time out to listen to gentle, soothing music and remember the simpler things in life will be good for you at the moment.  Remember stress is more damaging to your health than almost anything else, so you don’t need a reason to put yourself first, just know that; the more content you are with yourself; the more respect you will garner from those around you.


Maybe you need to feel part of the pack at the moment.  Sheep are very amenable and friendly animals and this coming up for you show a desire/need to be more social and connected to your community.  If you are genuinely isolated perhaps it is easier to join up with people online, but ideally, more company and gatherings with like-minded people will benefit you greatly at this time.  Be adventurous and take a risk by talking to people you wouldn’t usually.  We are all intrinsically the same and deep down, we all need to feel accepted and part of something bigger than ourselves, or our own family unit.


You will benefit from focusing upon your career path at this stage in your life, as your hard work will be more impactful right now.  It may be that you have been forced or chosen to consider a change in direction work-wise recently and it’ s time to review your options and your talents, and a good time to advance.  You are versatile and able to change direction quickly, these are talents of yours that you may not recognize and will benefit by recognizing that it’s those who know how to adapt to change who are the most successful in life overall.  Think about where you really want to end up, you can make more progress now than you think!

Frog, Toad, Amphibious

You are adaptable and have deep inner feelings that you may sometimes disregard or brush away as unimportant.  Your subconscious holds the key to your talents and success in life and your dreams can be powerful and transformative.  Acknowledge and honor your emotions when they come up, there are clues as to the deeper side of your nature, and the more you honor your spirit, the more fulfilling your love life will be.  In fact, you may just attract a soulmate (if you are looking) as there is a bubble of energy around that will draw like-minded people into your world at this time.

I hope these write-ups resonated with you all.  If you would like a more personal reading, then feel free to book one with me.  If I have missed out on your animal, do feel free to contact me and I will respond with your interpretation for no charge at all.

~~~shalom and blessings~~~