June 20, 2024
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10 Ways To Have The Best Cancer Season

10 Ways to Have the Best Cancer Season

Cancer season starts on June 21 and lasts until July 22 and is one of the most emotionally charged seasons of the zodiac year. We allow ourselves to feel and process our emotions much more intensely during Cancer season. As a result, we become less focused on our identity and goals and seek out emotional connection and understanding with those closest to us, especially our family and relatives.

What is Cancer Season?

Cancer is the sign of the crab, and Cancer is a water sign. When it is Cancer season, we usually allow ourselves to tap into our emotions and to be more open and vulnerable around those we feel safe and trust.

We break down the rigidity of our ego, and we allow ourselves to show our more emotional side.

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So often, we may keep our feelings to ourselves or a secret, as we fear others might have negative reactions to our emotions, but when the Sun is moving through Cancer, we can speak up and not fear judgment based on our emotional responses.

During Cancer season, we can allow ourselves to intertwine our emotions with our self-expression. We can be honest, truthful, and upfront about our emotional reality and share vulnerabilities we usually avoid. Cancer season is a time when there will be intensely emotionally charged conversations. You can work through and help others work through family problems or trauma-based emotional responses.

Cancer season is about understanding that for inner peace to exist, we need to be heard and understood, and we need healthy outlets for our emotions. Finding support from those closest to us is the best way to navigate our darker days. So how can you make the most of Cancer season?

10 Ways to Have the Best Cancer Season

Spend quality time with your family.

There is no better time than Cancer season to get the family together and reconnect and see where everyone is at. Plan more family dinners, outings, and activities that allow for more quality time with loved ones, as this is the best time to strengthen your bonds and remedy broken ones with those related to you.

Put your family first above all other things.

There is a time and place for everything, and Cancer season is not the best time to focus too much on anything other than family. Leo season is when you will be more focused on your personal goals and developing your identity, but for now, focus on gaining the support you will need when you pursue your goals headstrongly.

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Avoid making too many plans that do not include your family and make spending time with them your number one priority.

Make your home space more comfortable.

Comfort is the goal. Avoid attempting to make your home space functional, as this you will do and focus on during Virgo season. We all need a safe space to return to after a busy day, and having a comfortable home goes a long way in building a sense of safety in our lives.

Create a space where you and your family members can just be without worrying too much about impressions.

Bake yummy treats!

There is no better way to show those you love that you care than to fill their bellies with delicious meals and treats. Cancer is known to be the mother of the zodiac, so Cancer season is the best time to let your motherly side show.

Allow yourself to be more domesticated and spend more time in the kitchen.

Let the emotions flow.

Cry if you feel like crying and let all your negative emotions out. While the Sun transits through Cancer is an important time to release pent-up emotions to have maximum creative energy during Leo season, which comes directly after Cancer season.

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Unprocessed, bottled-up emotions restrict you and stop you from being able to focus your emotional energy on your goals and what is essential. Finding ways to feel without limiting yourself can be healing during Cancer season.

Nourish yourself and others.

How can you implement new structures into your life that allows you and your family to be healthier and happier? Find new ways to improve the well-being of yourself and your family, such as by cooking wholesome, nutritious meals more regularly or scheduling weekly family vent sessions.

Be the therapist for those you love.

Allow others to open up and talk to you about what they are going through and vice versa. There can be a lot of emotional healing that occurs when others feel they have someone to talk to and who listens to them.

Reflect on the past sentimental memories you have.

Surround yourself with sentimental items, such as old gifts and photographs. We can often forget that we are loved and that others care for us when we do not have reminders that they do.

Surround yourself with reminders that your loved one’s care about you, allowing yourself to feel more supported in your everyday life.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from influences that might disrupt your safe, comfortable space.

The world can be a messy, demanding place, and it is essential to prioritize getting closer to your loved ones during Cancer season. Do not allow external distractions to take away from the beautiful, quality time you can be spending with your family.

Strengthen your intuition through various practices.

Let your emotions be your guide during Cancer season. It is easier to tap into and understand your emotional space during this time; therefore, practices that allow you to gain awareness of yourself and others can have a significant influence if practiced while the Sun moves through Cancer.