June 18, 2024
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Your Passion Style According to Your Mars Sign

Your Passion Style According to Your Mars Sign

You’ve probably heard of something called “Love Languages”, which describes how each of us express and receive love. But love and passion can be two different things, so how do you know how you express passion? What gets your engine revved up when you’re with someone you’re attracted to? What turns you on?

The planet that symbolizes passion, lust, and physical attraction is Mars. His energy is what steps in once your Love Language is taken care of. Think of Love Languages as foreplay, and Mars as the action that follows! Mars is utterly primal and is the planet that dictates the libido, making us hot with desire.

Knowing your Mars sign is crucial for you to understand this side of yourself. Even better you can check your bae’s Mars sign and find out what makes them tick. It’ll be as if you’re reading their minds!

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So, make sure you know where this planet is, for you or someone else, and let’s get started!

How Mars in Aries Expresses Passion

Mars is what’s known as ‘domicile’ in the sign of Aries. This means that he’s in his home sign where he feels most natural and comfortable. He rules the sign of Aries, you see. People with Mars in Aries are hot-blooded, passionate, and usually have huge libidos. You’re going to be someone who wants it often, and wants it right now!

Your passion is best stoked when you have adventures together, when you have a bit of independence and when there’s conflict. In fact, you may express your passion best when locked into a bit of a fight, or perhaps when you’re competing with your lover.

How Mars in Taurus Expresses Passion

Now, it’s said that Mars in Taurus is a difficult placement for this warlike planet – and it is, but generally, it’s quite nice for libido. See, Taurus is a sensual, slow, and slow-burning sign, which means that you’ll best express your passion by taking your sweet time with a lover. There’s no ‘goal’ for you – you just want to luxuriate in all of your senses being stimulated.

You can be quite wild and primal, once you’re warmed up, and you just love giving into your animalistic side! The downside to Mars here is that you could get a little lazy about making an effort, and may prefer to lie around on the couch instead of getting up close and personal.

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How Mars in Gemini Expresses Passion

Gemini is an air sign, so when Mars is placed here, you’ll express your passionate side the most through your words. Flirting, wordplay, and that kind of thing is what really gets you going. You need a bit of buildup, and you’re not going to leap into bed with someone who doesn’t match your intelligence.

A total win for you is someone who can make you laugh – you don’t find anything sexier than that. It’s said that people with Mars in Gemini also love the idea of having a passionate affair with two people at once – polyamory is quite appealing to those with this placement!

How Mars in Cancer Expresses Passion

Mars isn’t at his strongest in the sign of Cancer but that seems to only apply to matters like work and family. When applied to passion and lust, this is one of the most delicious placements that you can get! It’s emotional deep and meaningful – you’re someone who expresses passion in a very feeling-orientated way.

Thus, having a strong emotional bond is what you need to feel turned on, and it’s also important for you to feel safe with that person. Thus, one-night stands aren’t really your thing, as you usually end up getting hurt. What’s more, the idea of making an actual baby and starting a family is something that will likely get you going quicker than anything else!

How Mars in Leo Expresses Passion

This is a very passionate placement for good old Mars! After all, Leo is a fire sign. Leo also happens to rule sexuality, so you’ve got a double whammy of lust with this placement – lucky you! Now, the only problem with a Leo Mars is that you may tend to express passion in such a powerful, open way that you could come off as selfish in the sack.

You know how to take care of your own needs and have no problem asking for what you want, but it’s important to also listen to your lover’s requests too. This way, everyone is happy – you get treated like the royalty you are, and your partner will also be more than satisfied.

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How Mars in Virgo Expresses Passion

There’s a saying about Virgo – “reserved in the streets, a freak in the sheets’. This is absolutely true. Once behind closed doors, you have an animalistic, primal side to you that will surprise even the most adventurous and fiery of lovers! You express passion in a very methodical, careful way, taking your time to make sure that your lover is completely satisfied and their every need met.

Nothing less than perfection will do, and your attention to detail is what keeps others coming back for more. You also love having a lover who is able to not only match your libido, but also your mind. A strong mental connection is important for a physical one.

How Mars in Libra Expresses Passion

This is another placement for Mars which is often said to be a little detrimental. But it’s likely that this is only when it comes to asserting yourself outside the bedroom or fighting for what you want at work. When it comes to passion, you are a master/mistress of desire!

You’re a total flirt – this is how you best express your passionate side – and you love being loved by everyone. Sometimes you can’t decide who it is that you really desire, which may end up in you juggling more than one lover at a time! You love a good conversation, or even a debate, which is bound to get you all fired up!

How Mars in Scorpio Expresses Passion

This is an extremely strong and passionate placement for Mars – you’ve won the jackpot! Not only are you able to be slow and steamy, but you also know the value of having a quickie. Your lover is lucky to have you, because they’ll always end up completely satisfied – and worn out – by the end of your encounter.

You best express passion when there’s leather, whips or chains involved and you’ll probably love being dominating. You could also find it a huge turn on when your partner is a mystery to you, when they’re a little hard to get. Emotional connection, loyalty, and commitment is also extremely important for you to let go of control and get down and dirty.

How Mars in Sagittarius Expresses Passion

This is the last of the fire signs, but certainly not the least. Having your Mars in Sagittarius gives you a huge amount of passion – it could seem endless! You best express your passionate side when taking a new adventure with your lover – variety, change, travel and fun stimulate your desire!

You also express yourself very honestly with your sweetheart, and you don’t like games (unless they’re the fun type!). For you, passion is meant to be playful and light, not serous or heavy. Above all, you need spontaneity in order to feel lustful. When things become too boring or routine, you could lose your spark quickly.

How Mars in Capricorn Expresses Passion

This is a surprisingly passionate Mars sign. Most people think Capricorn is boring, but it’s quite the opposite. People with Mars in Capricorn are actually very primal and earthy – your head seldom gets in the way of a physical experience, and you know how to drop totally into your body. Success turns you on – you want to get with people who are driven, motivated and ambitious.

You express your passion behind closed doors, in private. You’ll be careful, considerate and dedicated to your lover all the way. You’ll also express your passionate side in a very primal way, and sensuality is what you’ll be very good at. You’ll know how to engage each one of your senses and be able to switch your lover on, too. Swoon!

How Mars in Aquarius Expresses Passion

This is perhaps the most detached placement for Mars when it comes to expressing passion. You may prefer to think, talk or read about passion than actually do it. And if you have a prospective lover, they’ll need to show you how intelligent they are before you even feel the slightest bit of attraction to them.

Once engaged, you’ll express passion in the most unique of ways by trying something new every time, or suggesting that you bring in a third, fourth or tenth person into the bedroom. With Mars in Aquarius, there’s no possessiveness, and you’re open to it all. You also have the type of energy that can ‘take it or leave it’, which many will find extremely sexy.

How Mars in Pisces Expresses Passion

This is a sweet placement for Mars, and you’ll express your passion in a soulful, mystical, and imaginative way. You need a true connection to reach your highest physical expression, but you must be careful of mistaking connection for being taken advantage of. Your boundaries can be flimsy, which is what you can thank for these powerful, transformative experiences but it also may get you hurt if you’re not careful.

You’re the type of person who may enjoy adding music, the ocean or mind-altering substances to your experience. Of course, once again, you have to go with care as you could all too easily become addicted to the physical side of a relationship.  You make a truly empathic and caring lover, which is what will make your sweetheart truly appreciate you.