July 23, 2024
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Will Mars Retrograde End Your Relationship

Will Mars Retrograde End Your Relationship?

Mars, the planet of war and sexual desire, stationed retrograde on October 30th in the zodiac sign of Gemini and it won’t station direct again until January 12th 2023. This fiery planet only goes retrograde once every two years, so this is a retrograde that packs a big punch!

Some of you will feel the sting of Mars more deeply than others, so find your rising sign on the list below to see if your relationship is going to survive the rough and tumble of Mars retrograde!

Aries Rising

Aries be careful of the words you use during this Mars retrograde, because fights are liable to get dirty. That’s not to say that this retrograde is going to implode your relationship, but if you don’t think before you speak you’ll have a few extra messes to clean up.

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Instead, use this retrograde period to reflect upon and get clear about what you need to see in your relationship in order to strengthen your bond.

Taurus Rising

Taurus you’re likely to feel extra clingy during this Mars retrograde since the red planet will be in your 2nd house. Romantic love can be very healing and do a lot for our self-confidence, but during this time you will need extra love and reassurance.

Instead of putting all that weight on your romantic partner, remember that love comes from many sources in your life, so schedule dates with family, friends and yourself, as well as your lover!

Gemini Rising

Gemini with Mars moving backwards through your 1st house you’ll be feeling restless, like when you have too much coffee and it makes you want to curl up in a little ball on the floor instead of being productive.

This can of course affect romantic relationships, but it’s certainly not a death sentence. Try planning fun activities and dates for you and your partner to do this winter to combat your boredom and spice up the relationship.

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Cancer Rising

It’s going to be harder to set boundaries and ask for what you need while Mars is retrograde in your 12th house, Cancer. While this might be a frustrating transit for you, it’s also an opportunity to uncover what your real goals are for this relationship.

Make sure to spend time alone to sort through your psyche and discover your own motives. If you and your partner are meant to be you’ll have no problem weathering this storm!

Leo Rising

Romantic relationships won’t be the cause for distress during this Mars retrograde, instead you’ll need to be careful with how you approach your platonic relationships, Leo.

Silly arguments and disagreements within your friend group are likely to bring up some deep seeded tension that has been boiling under the surface for too long, however it’s better to deal with the conflict than continue to let it fester!

Virgo Rising

With Mars retrograde in your 10th house the conflicts in your life are far more likely to come from work and authority figures.

Your romantic relationship, Virgo, should be fine during this transit, so long as your partner is sympathetic to your frustrations, and so long as your partner isn’t the obstacle that is hindering your success right now.

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Libra Rising

Mars is retrograde in your 9th house, which is generally a very lucky place for transits, even one as ominous as this! If anything, now is not the time for travel and broadening your horizons, Libra.

Instead, focus on facts and what is solid and already familiar in your relationship, because after this retrograde period you should expect a lot of passionate and exciting growth in this area of your life.

Scorpio Rising

For Scorpio risings, this Mars retrograde is going to hit especially hard since Mars is the ruling planet of your chart, and it’s transiting your 8th house of emotional attachments. What this means for you is that you will feel underappreciated, stagnant, and potentially even trapped in your relationships.

Be sure to talk things through with your partner if you’re not happy with where the relationship is. If your relationship is meant to last it will, but if it’s not a good fit then this retrograde will make that clear.

Sagittarius Rising

In short, yes this Mars retrograde is coming for your romantic relationships! For you, Mars will be in your 7th house, which deals with serious relationships. Mars isn’t here to ruin a good thing, but this planet is likely going to instill a temporary fear of commitment in you.

Sagittarius if you’re feeling cold feet, ask yourself why. You’ll want to figure out if your fears are sounded or if you’re holding on to past hurt instead of moving forward in a loving relationship.

Capricorn Rising

Take things slowly during this transit because burnout is on the horizon if you forget to care for your physical and emotional bodies. This shouldn’t impact most romantic relationships too much, but it will be important to be clear with your partner about the shared chores and routines you do.

You will need some help around the house, Capricorn, or at least a lowered expectation around how much you’re able to do in a day/week.

Aquarius Rising

If you’ve been having a fling or are in a relationship with someone you’re likely to find that your interest level in that person has dropped since Mars stationed retrograde, Aquarius.

Mars is in your 5th house of sex and dating, so while it’s retrograde you’ll find that you simply do not have energy to give to casual dating. Tell your lover(s) that you’re going into hibernation mode and that you’ll see them in the new year!

Pisces Rising

Pisces if you and your romantic partner live together, this will be a challenging time. You’ll be more likely to jump to anger at the smallest things, making home life a lot more tense than usual.

I suggest that you pick your battles wisely (think, “what is the end goal of this argument?”). Also, if you’re planning to move in together soon, it would be better to do so in the new year so you can avoid this angsty home life energy!