July 15, 2024
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What Kind Of Texter Are You Based On Your Mercury Sign

What Kind Of Texter Are You Based On Your Mercury Sign?

Everyone has their own unique way of communicating with the world around them and this has everything to do with your Mercury sign. Mercury is the planet that governs the way we connect with people, the way we think, and the way we talk. Have you ever wondered what kind of texter you are? Then continue reading to find out more about your unique way of texting:

Mercury in Aries Texting Style

When you have Mercury in Aries you are direct and straight to the point. You’re the type of person who texts in short bursts and then gets on with the rest of your day. You aren’t shy about saying what you think or getting your point across.

You are the type of person to enjoy sharing memes and you like to keep things light, fun, and playful when communicating with others. You’re pretty open about the way you feel and aren’t afraid of texting a crush first in the hopes of getting to know them better.

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Mercury In Taurus Texting Style

Those of you who have Mercury in Taurus tend to be quite slow when it comes to texting and aren’t one for long-winded messages, you prefer to keep things short and sweet. You’re unlikely to be the person to reach out first and you take your time really thinking about what you want to say next.

However, when you feel comfortable with someone you tend to open up more and show your funny and sometimes dark sense of humor. You’re not always great at texting back and often leave people on read, but eventually, you will get back to them.

Mercury In Gemini Texting Style

You are one of those people who love to text and aren’t often found very far away from your phone, Gemini. You enjoy chatting and can spend hours chatting back and forth to whomever about whatever; social media is definitely your friend and you love the stimulation it brings.

Others might find your style of texting quite intense and full-on, but this is just a way for you to express yourself. You love sharing your thoughts and opinions, but also love good banter. Texting is one of your favorite ways of getting to know someone.

Mercury In Cancer Texting Style

There is quite a bit of emotion to the way you text, Cancer. Whatever you say you really mean and if you enjoy texting with someone you connect with them on a sentimental level. The messages you send tend to be quite long-winded, yet thoughtful.

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You want to convey the way you feel to the person on the other side of the screen. When someone means something to you, you’ll take special care in what you say to them and quite enjoy hearing about someone’s day and what they get up to. You tend to focus on one specific person when you are texting.

Mercury In Leo Texting Style

Having Mercury in Leo makes you quite a fun texter, you enjoy sharing your opinions and ideas to whoever is willing to listen. You try to have a good time and don’t take yourself or others too seriously over text messages.

Sometimes you can go off on a tangent and send epic monologues about something you have recently experienced and prefer to have the conversation revolve around you and your life, it would serve you well to learn to give others a chance. Luckily, you are quite entertaining and have a way of charming others with your funny banter.

Mercury In Virgo Texting Style

Those of you who have Mercury in Virgo quite like communication and find enjoyment in texting, but you definitely prefer face-to-face conversations more. You can be quite analytical when it comes to sending texts, and you might find yourself overanalyzing and overthinking about what the other person means and what the perfect response to their message is.

You enjoy back and forth banter, but you also enjoy being off your phone and getting some peace to get all of your thoughts together. However, when you enjoy texting with someone you will take a deep interest in their life, and you will want the conversation to continue.

Mercury In Libra Texting Style

When it comes to texting you can go either way, sometimes you love to chat up a storm, and other days you would prefer to be left alone and take ages to respond back to your messages, it all depends on how busy you are, Libra.

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However, you like to keep things light and playful, and you use texting as a tool to get to know someone better. You have a tendency to be quite flirtatious over text and enjoy dropping hints, especially if you have a crush on someone special. You’re the type of person to send emojis and pictures to convey your lighthearted and fun way of communicating.

Mercury In Scorpio Texting Style

There is a certain intensity in which you correspond with others, Scorpio. When you are texting with someone you mean business. You mean everything you say and take your communication quite seriously. You might take a while to respond to others because you don’t like empty and shallow conversations, but when you do reply it is usually quite thoughtful and profound. You are a great listener and enjoy supporting others by hearing what they have to say.

There is a side of you that can be quite shy and reserved, so getting to know someone over text can often help you break the ice to feel more comfortable.

Mercury In Sagittarius Texting Style

You are not the greatest fan of texting, Sagittarius, you much prefer having face-to-face conversations with someone. You also have a lot better things to do with your time than stare at a small screen. However, when someone is lucky enough to receive one of your texts you tend to be quite positive, optimistic, and enjoy a bit of fun and flirtatious banter.

You use texting to make plans and get together with people in real life because you much prefer in-person conversations and experiences. Other than that, you are more likely to pick up the phone and give someone a call than to indulge in back-and-forth text messaging.

Mercury In Capricorn Texting Style

You are a bit of an anomaly when it comes to texting, Capricorn. You are either fully engaged and super communicative or completely silent and withdrawn, there is no middle ground and you tend to go from one extreme to the next.

You tend to wait to be texted than text first, but when you respond you take care with what you say, yet you are quite cautious about what you reveal because you tend to keep others at a good distance, but you do enjoy getting to know someone slowly over text. The way you communicate with someone else really depends on your mood and how you feel about yourself at that moment.

Mercury In Aquarius Texting Style

As an Air sign, you definitely enjoy communicating and sharing your ideas with the world and those closest to you, Aquarius. You take what you say super seriously and send messages with intent. However, you don’t get too emotionally involved in what you share, and you tend to be a little aloof and detached when you communicate.

There are moments where you really enjoy being on your phone and talking to your nearest and dearest, and then there are other times where you just don’t feel like talking and don’t respond for long periods of time. You make the rules!

Mercury In Pisces Texting Style

You are quite poetic in the way you text with others, Pisces. There is a side of you that can be quite romantic and this comes through in the way you connect with the people you text with. There is a side of you that tends to be quite sentimental, and when you connect with someone, you hold a special place in your heart for those moments you receive a message from them.

You enjoy texting about anything and everything, and sometimes it is a lot easier for you to get deep and share your innermost thoughts with someone over a text message. However, you can be a little inconsistent when it comes to responding, but you eventually get back to everyone.