July 19, 2024
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It is not a secret that nutrition is a source of balance and health. But what is less known, is the divinatory powers of food, that for many, is considered an oracle even more effective than oracle decks. Food oracles is an ancient art, and you don’t need to be an expert to use them. Using food oracles can help find the answers that we are looking for.

Whether we are consulting about love or career opportunities, the guidance of food oracles may be a convincing argument to take the right decisions. Bellow, you will find the most common food oracles. Discover how to use them.

 Coffee grounds

To receive a clear, detailed, and easily read oracle, you should save some coffee grounds and let them dry for 2 to 3 days. Once the grounds are dry enough, put all of it in a pan, add a glass of water, warm it on low heat, and take it out just before it starts to boil.

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Then pour the coffee grounds and water into a large, dry, smooth, white plate. Take it using both hands, then slowly shake it and tilt it slightly in every direction while blowing on it. You will notice that the water will flow away from the grounds, leaving it to dry in the plate. Let it rest.

You will then see that the coffee grounds have taken several shapes, signs, and pictures that you will only need to examine and interpret according to the forms that you see.

There are many signs that you can deduct from Coffee ground oracles, for example, if you see a straight line, this is a symptom that you will carry on with a peaceful existence, full of calm and tranquility.

On the contrary, if the line that you are seeing is curved, that should keep you on alert and make you more cautious with those who are falsely claiming to be your friend.

Sometimes the predictions are in the form of an animal. In such cases, you have to concentrate to truly distinguish the shape that you have in front of you so that you won’t mistake a donkey, that is a symbol of problems at home, with an elephant that is related with wealth and success businesswise.

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Eggs and lead

Take a soft-boiled egg, with a very liquid yolk, break the top of the shell as if you wanted to eat it, then let the yolk drip onto a white sheet of paper.

Once the stains and splashes have dried out, you can interpret the signs and figures found there, just like coffee grounds. Paying attention to the forms. For example, if you see a willow tree, that means that you have to be prepared to cry a lot. Or if you see a chain, this means that you will soon be embarked on a romantic journey that will fulfill you with harmony and balance in your life.


Place seven seashells in a little pouch and add two beans (one black and one white). Shake the pouch from left to right seven times. Open it and pour its contents on a table. Now examine the position of the seashell relative to the beans; check if they are standing upright or reversed.

Here is a table for the various formations you can get, with their prophetic meaning:

Between 4 and 7 seashells with the hollow side next to the white bean: happiness, success, fruitful marriage, and long life.

Between 4 and 7 seashells with the curved side next to the white bean: non-lethal accident or sickness.

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Between 4 and 7 seashells with the hollow side next to the black bean: happiness after several trials.

Between 4 and 7 seashells with the curved side next to the black bean: business problems.

Seashells forming a cross with their curved side next to the white bean: upcoming mourning period.

Seashells forming a cross with their hollow side next to the white bean: troubled happiness.

4 seashells in a circle, hollow side next to the white bean: potential inheritance.

4 seashells in a circle, hollow side next to the black bean: inheritance, and difficult mourning period.

4 curved seashells (black bean far away from white bean): accident at work.

Butter cake

Keep the cake in a very dry place for three months to forecast the outcome of a problem.

If there is mold on just part of the cake: the issue is difficult but can be solved.

If there is mold all over the cake: the issue is completely lost.


Ask a question that can be answered by Yes or No.

Throw a rock into a water container and count the concentric circles that immediately take shape.

If there are an odd number of ripples: positive answer.

If there is an even number of ripples: negative answer.