July 23, 2024
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Astrology is a tool of time and space. As the Solar System runs through its cycles, astrologers follow the patterns the same way a meteorologist follows the weather. Each month points in the sky form important relationships, which we call aspects, that indicate emerging, changing, and enduring patterns.

This blog will look at the month ahead and discuss the most prominent aspects, and how they impact us. These astrological “weather” events can help you navigate your life and each month successfully.


What is Ongoing?  Transits, Ingresses, and Retrogrades



Transits occur when two Points form a certain type of angular relationship with one another. The most powerful among the transits are the conjunction, square, and opposition. Points that conjunct merge together by sharing the same sign and degree. Points that square align by the degree in signs that are 90 degrees (or four signs) apart. Take the sequence Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn – Libra and Capricorn are four signs apart and square one another. Points oppose one another when they are 180 degrees apart.

Conjunct Points merge energy. Points squaring challenge one another. And Points opposing one another try to harmonize and attain balance.


Ingress occurs when a Point changes signs, causing the Point to change its tone. If a Point is in Aries, the tone is active, aggressive, and ready for action. But when the Point ingresses into Taurus, the tone becomes slow, steady, and settling.


The term retrograde describes forward motion that “appears” as backward motion. Astrology views the Solar System from an earth-centric rather than sun-centric point of reference. As a result, there are times of the year when points in the sky “look” like they are going backwards. Retrograde motion occurs when a faster-moving body passes a slower-moving body. Therefore, the observer on the faster-moving body watches the slower-moving body “go backwards” as they pass each other.





The Sun

The Sun changes signs on July 22nd. As the Sun transitions from Cancer to Leo, we shift from nurturing Cancerian energy to the bold and expressive realm of Leo. Cancer’s influence fosters emotional connections, home life, and sensitivity. Leo encourages us to express ourselves creatively, seek recognition, and embrace our inner passions. This transition signifies a move towards self-confidence, leadership, and bolder self-expression. It prompts us to shine in our unique ways and cultivate joyous experiences that resonate with our hearts.


Mercury starts the month in Cancer and goes into Leo on July 2nd. As Mercury ingresses from Cancer to Leo, communication shifts from emotional depth to vibrant self-expression. Leaving behind Cancer’s nurturing and sensitive approach, Mercury in Leo encourages bold and dramatic communication. This transition sparks a period of increased creativity, passion, and a desire for expressive interactions and engaging conversations. It’s a time when ideas are communicated with enthusiasm and flair, aiming to captivate and inspire others with charisma and confidence.

On July 25th, Mercury transitions from Leo to Virgo. As Mercury ingresses from Leo to Virgo, communication shifts from bold self-expression to detailed precision. Leaving behind Leo’s dramatic and expressive style, Mercury in Virgo favors practicality and meticulousness. This transition heralds a period of focused thinking, analytical clarity, and a meticulous approach to communication and problem-solving. It’s a time when attention to detail becomes paramount, and there’s a preference for organizing thoughts and information with precision and efficiency.


Venus begins July in Cancer and ingresses into Leo on July 11th.  As Venus moves from Cancer to Leo, relationships and values transition from emotional depth to vibrant self-expression. Cancer’s focus on nurturing and emotional connections gives way to Leo’s desire for passion, creativity, and dramatic flair in relationships. This shift encourages a more outgoing and expressive approach to love and values, emphasizing generosity, romance, and the enjoyment of life’s luxuries. Leo Venus inspires us to seek appreciation, warmth, and admiration in our relationships, embracing a bold and confident expression of our affections.


Mars begins July in Taurus and ingresses into Gemini on July 20th. As Mars ingresses from Taurus to Gemini, actions and desires transition from patience and persistence to adaptability and intellectual vigor. Taurus’ grounded and steady approach gives way to Gemini’s curiosity and versatility. This shift encourages a more agile and mentally stimulating pursuit of goals, emphasizing communication, flexibility, and the exploration of new ideas and strategies to achieve desires and ambitions.





Saturn went retrograde on June 29th and remains retrograde for the entire month of July. During its retrograde phase in Pisces, Saturn prompts reflection on spiritual growth and boundaries. Individuals may reassess their spiritual beliefs, seeking to strengthen their connection to the divine. It will be a good time to establish healthy boundaries in their spiritual practices and relationships.


Chiron goes retrograde on July 27th.


Neptune goes retrograde on July 3rd. During its retrograde phase in Aries, Chiron prompts introspection into personal healing and self-discovery. Individuals may confront old wounds and explore new approaches to healing and self-expression. It’s a period for reevaluating personal boundaries and asserting oneself with greater authenticity and courage. This transit encourages a deeper understanding of one’s identity and purpose, fostering growth through bold self-exploration and addressing vulnerabilities with resilience. journey.


Pluto remains retrograde for all of July. While retrograde in Aquarius, Pluto prompts reflection on societal structures and personal transformation. Individuals may reassess their role in collective change, challenging outdated beliefs and seeking innovation in social dynamics.


Current Positions



Jupiter is firmly in Gemini for the month of July and will remain there until June 10th 2025. While in Gemini, Jupiter expands the realms of communication, intellect, and curiosity. Individuals may experience a surge in mental activity, seeking knowledge and diverse experiences. Jupiter in Gemini encourages exploration, especially in the realms of learning, travel, and social interactions.


Saturn has been in Pisces since March 2023. While in Pisces, Saturn brings lessons of spiritual growth, compassion, and emotional boundaries. Individuals may confront issues related to faith, empathy, and self-sacrifice. Saturn in Pisces demands discipline in navigating the depths of emotions and the unseen realms. It urges practicality in dealing with illusions and fostering a sense of responsibility towards collective well-being.


Chiron has been in Aries since April 2018. While in Aries, Chiron brings attention to issues of identity, self-worth, and assertiveness. Individuals may confront wounds related to self-image, confidence, and independence. Chiron in Aries prompts healing through self-discovery, courage, and embracing personal power. It encourages individuals to confront their vulnerabilities head-on, fostering resilience and self-empowerment.


Neptune has been in Pisces since April 2011. While in Pisces, Neptune heightens intuition, spirituality, and imagination. It dissolves boundaries between the material and spiritual realms, inspiring compassion, empathy, and artistic expression. Individuals will experience heightened sensitivity and a deep connection to the collective unconscious. Neptune in Pisces encourages transcendence, fostering spiritual growth and creativity. However, it also warns against escapism, illusion, and deception, reminding individuals to discern reality from fantasy. We need to maintain healthy boundaries in our spiritual pursuits.


Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23, 2023. While in Aquarius, Pluto prompts deep transformation within collective structures and societal norms. It challenges outdated systems, encouraging innovation, and revolution in social dynamics. Individuals may experience a profound urge for freedom, equality, and progressive change. However, Pluto’s influence in Aquarius also warns against extremism and radicalism. This transit urges individuals to navigate power struggles with integrity and mindfulness, fostering sustainable transformation for the greater good.


Major Planetary Interaction


The week to week interactions only take into account aspects involving Mars to Pluto. Their duration is long enough to make a noticeable impact on global affairs.

July 1st to July 7th

Mars in Taurus sextile (compliments) retrograde Saturn in Pisces (July 1st to July 6th)

Mars in Taurus sextile retrograde Saturn in Pisces presents an opportunity to bring a vision into reality. This alignment encourages practical action, definitive steps, and hard work to make a dream come true. Individuals may experience clear boundaries and understand the actual effort needed to get something they imagine into the world.

July 8th to July 15th

Mars in Taurus conjunct (merged with) Uranus in Taurus (July 12th to July 17th)

Mars in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus brings intense, unpredictable energy. This alignment can lead to sudden actions driven by stubborn determination, potentially causing upheaval or breakthroughs in practical matters. It’s a blend of steady perseverance with unexpected, innovative impulses, creating a dynamic and transformative influence.

July 16th to July 23rd

Mars in Taurus conjunct (merged with) Uranus in Taurus (July 12th to July 17th) continued

Mars in Taurus sextile (compliments) retrograde Neptune in Pisces (July 16th to July 19th)

When Mars in Taurus forms a harmonious sextile aspect with retrograde Neptune in Pisces, there is a grounded determination beautifully complemented by intuitive, spiritual energy. Dreaming is strong, but so is the action to bring the dream into reality. This energy helps turn visions into tangible reality. It is essential to align actions with the highest ideals and spiritual truths.

Mars in Gemini trine (collaborates with) retrograde Pluto in Aquarius (July 20th to July 24th)

When Mars in Gemini forms a harmonious trine aspect with retrograde Pluto in Aquarius, intellectual agility and adaptability collaborate seamlessly with Pluto’s transformative power. You can navigate change with finesse, using mental prowess to uncover hidden truths and create meaningful shifts. It is essential to channel this energy into constructive endeavors

July 24th to July 31st

No significant aspects between Mars and the outer points, or among the outer points.