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The Karmic Impact of Saturn in Pisces

The Karmic Impact of Saturn in Pisces

If you have Saturn in Pisces, you will possess intense sensitivity throughout your life. However, you will be somewhat overwhelmed by your sensitivity until your 1st Saturn return (age 27-31), until you learn to use it as a strength and not allow it to destroy you.

You are highly connected with other people’s emotional currents and can temporarily adopt their emotions and thoughts as your own. However, part of you can find it highly challenging to function in life, as you feel you are too sensitive for this world. As a result, you lean toward self-sacrifice to save others and give too much, hoping it will change things. It would help to learn that others’ misfortune and pain are not your responsibility. You can’t keep hurting yourself and causing yourself emotional turmoil because you feel guilty about others’ troubles and misfortunes.

Debilitating Sensitivity

You can desire to end world hunger and go to bed feeling guilty every night that you have not accomplished this. Your sensitivity is so high that you can tap into the collective emotions and feel what others are feeling. You feel the emotions of the entire world inside you, which is why you feel this great responsibility for improving the state of things in this world.

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The problem is that most of the time, you do not have the capacity yourself to change things in this world, no matter how hard you try. You can beat yourself up every day, as you feel others’ suffering so greatly and want to change this, but an important lesson to learn with this placement is you must not cause yourself pain and suffering because of what others go through.

Your Karma from Saturn in Pisces

You tend to mirror others’ emotions, adopting and feeling what others feel. Your karmic journey is on a spiritual path where you must learn to protect your aura and energy and gain awareness of how things work in the spiritual world. Once you have adopted a more spiritual outlook toward life and connected with a spiritual belief in yourself, you can manage the energies you pick up all the time more effectively.

You cannot help others when you are too overwhelmed by their negative emotions, so you must learn to separate yourself and help and serve from a distance. It can often feel that you are your worst enemy, as the karmic hand you are dealt with is your emotions and inner world. Your external life will be exemplary, but you will be plagued with emotional turmoils linked to your past life. Often, you can be plagued with mental illnesses, which restrict you in life.

Your Lesson from Saturn in Pisces

The lesson to be learned is related to your view of spirituality. You will be on a path where you learn a lot of insights concerning spirituality, religion, and consciousness. However, there will be a lot of confusion throughout your life regarding the correct spiritual belief to have, and you can find yourself leaning to extremes trying to find a spiritual value that you can connect with.

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Other people will enforce their ideas onto you, and they can quickly take advantage of you throughout your life due to your compassionate nature. Learn that always helping others is not being compassionate, and true compassion is when you give them the tools they need and push them to stand on their own two feet without leaning on you. The more you let others depend on you, the more they will drain you, but the more you teach them to depend on themselves, the more you will empower others.

Find Success Through Inner Strength

You need to watch out for allowing your emotions to get in the way of your success. Suppose you do not learn how to protect your energy from the emotions of others. In that case, you will become so overwhelmed by everyone else feelings due to your empathy that you cannot focus and give energy to your own goals and that which you wish to manifest. It would help if you learned to become neutral and not emotionally involved in everything. Your strong point is to bring your creative energy and love for dreams and fantasy into something substantial. You can write wonderful adventure or fantasy novels.

Your Past Life

In your past life, you avoided your inner emotional world. You never faced negative situations and avoided drama; however, in this life, your inner world will be so loud that you are forced to look to spiritual practices to connect with and understand yourself.

Tendencies to let go of: Avoiding responsibility and suppressing your emotions.

Tendencies to learn: Using spiritual views not for escapism but to better the world.

Saturn in Pisces natives can either give too much or give too little. You can be incredibly selfish, but then another day, you are highly unselfish. You have unrealistic expectations and do not see things for what they truly are, and you shut down anyone trying to show you the truth. There can be a tendency only to want to believe what you want to, and you forget that there are other points of view or ways to approach things. Your escapist tendencies cause you to avoid challenging situations and want to take the easy way out, which can lead you to never really accomplish anything substantial. It would help if you learned that happiness and rewards come through perseverance and facing what makes you feel uncomfortable. You can often feel that you have a vast spiritual responsibility in this world and feel deeply burdened by your compassion, intuition, and spiritual gifts.

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