June 24, 2024
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The Karmic Impact of Saturn In Libra

The Karmic Impact of Saturn In Libra

If you have your natal Saturn in Libra, the lesson you need to learn is social awareness and neutrality. Throughout your life, you will learn too many different extremes. Therefore, it is vital to learn balance. You can work your entire life, not allowing yourself downtime for fun and leisure, or you can spend your whole life partying, not wanting to work.

Learning how to achieve balance in your life is essential, and you must learn to help others. The best career paths for you would be philanthropy, charity work, law, the creative arts, and being involved in social awareness causes. The focus of this life path is not to accumulate riches and become highly successful but rather to alleviate and lessen the injustice and pain in our world.

Your First Saturn Return

You know many answers to social problems we face in this world, and you can act as a mediator between people when they experience conflict. You have a rare ability to get those who are uncooperative to cooperate, and you can work toward greater social harmony and justice wherever you go.

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Before your 1st Saturn return (ages 27–31), you will have a people-pleasing mentality. You will overlook what is suitable for the greater good to satisfy the egotistical desires of many people in your life. When you experience your 1st Saturn return, you will realize that pleasing each person you deal with will not aid the greater peace and harmony in our world, and sometimes sacrifices need to be made. If you change your attitude from being people-pleasing to working to create a greater balance for all, even if it means disappointing a few people, you are on the right path.

Your Second Saturn Return

If you do not learn to focus on doing what is right, instead of what is favored by your 1st Saturn return, then by your 2nd Saturn return, you will realize how you have been taken advantage of by many for their benefit, even though you had the best intentions. When everyone you tried to help fulfill their egotistical desires is gone, you will realize that you should shift your focus to creating peace, love, and harmony for the greater good.

Many natives with Saturn in Libra become actively involved with charity organizations after their 1st or 2nd Saturn return, realizing the great injustice done to many and working hard to change this. Teaching others not to be self-motivated but instead to work toward achieving cooperation and justice is one of your strengths.

Your Past Life

In a past life, you did not honor and respect your intimate relationships. As a result, you experienced a lot of bad luck when it came to love and marriage. In this life, a lot of focus will be placed on relationships so that you can learn to honor and respect others and your relationships. Therefore, you need to experience intimate partnerships in this life.

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Tendencies to let go of: Over concern with public image, neglecting intimate relationships.

Tendencies to learn: Establishing harmonious relationships with others through being cooperative

A Lack Of Love

Experiences with love and romance will be limited, and you need to let go of your tendency toward self-satisfaction to allow for harmonious, lasting relationships with others. There is a deep feeling of feeling unloved and unappreciated, and this results in a blockage when it comes to loving others.

Instead of working to establish meaningful connections, you want to seem popular, and you do not realize that it’s not about how others perceive your relationships but what is happening in them.

Eventually, the issues you face when it comes to relationships allow you to reflect deeply on yourself and finally learn to master the art of love and relationships through trial and error.

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