July 16, 2024
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The Karmic Impact of Saturn in Capricorn

The Karmic Impact of Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn natives are extremely hard workers. After your 1st Saturn return, you will learn that being obsessed with work and duty serves no purpose, and you will learn to balance work and play. It would help if you learned not to let your duties and responsibilities interfere with your ability to live in the moment.

Suppose you do not learn this by your 1st Saturn return (ages 27-31). In that case, you will continue in this rigid, hard-working mindset until your second Saturn return (54-58), where you realize that believing that avoiding joy, love, and happiness in life at the cost of professional success has led you to feel empty inside.

Goal Focused

You do not want to enjoy life because you believe this distracts you from your ultimate goal. You are highly adept at teaching others how the be highly independent and capable of achieving. Still, you do not focus on establishing intimate connections with those you seek to help. Instead, your focus remains on your duty and responsibility to this person and getting yourself on the right track to achieve your goals. You never allow yourself to connect intimately with those you admire and are trying to help.

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Why So Serious?

Taking life much too seriously is a trap you fall into. A big part of your life will be spent not aligning with your true purpose, chasing the wrong things. You take things seriously because you have powerful goals and a solid will, and your desires and ambitions drive you. When you allow yourself to lessen the importance you place on your desires and dreams, you will enjoy life a little but may struggle to accomplish this. Even when you meet the most interesting person and can have the best, most carefree day of your life, you often spoil it by boring the person you are with by talking about your dedication to your duty and goals. Your duty takes over everything in life and is the most important thing to you, making it difficult for you to chill.

Blinded By Ambition

You will be highly ambitious, but a significant portion of your life will be spent “talking the talk, but not walking the walk.” You can quickly get ahead of yourself, planning and thinking about specific goals you wish to manifest, yet it all remains in your head, and you lack the motivation to make your dreams a reality. Capricorn tends to be rather self-righteous, and you can be somewhat self-righteous in your approach to what you believe and what it is you wish to manifest, yet you always let others and yourself down by never actually proceeding to do what you speak of. Your life path involves you teaching something. There is vital information you possess that can aid the structures and foundations of humanity. Yet, you sit with this knowledge, lacking the ability to take action in a way that will lead others to gain this vital insight.

A Powerful Leader

You must lead and mentor others toward a collective goal to improve the world’s current reality. The biggest issue you will face is becoming so obsessed with the plan or the lessons associated with the goal that you never execute the goals yourself. You can spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years gaining knowledge about something only so that you can tell others how you have this knowledge. The problem is you never proceed to share it in a practical way that can serve others. Instead of focusing on the knowledge and the goal, you need to focus on how you will achieve this.

Your Past Life

You did not accomplish much in your past life and felt like a “nobody .”You have a desperate yearning to be “somebody” in this life. You will become obsessed with work, achieving your goals, and becoming “somebody” to the point where you neglect your intimate relationships. It is essential to reach a sense of balance.

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Tendencies to let go of: Seeking fame and recognition, abusing resources, failing to maintain intimate relationships.

Tendencies to learn: Using your power for good, focused action.

You can be so desperate to be recognized that you often pursue goals and ideals that ruin your reputation. Many Capricorn in Saturn natives will either start life with alot of power or gain alot of power in their lives. It is essential to direct this power toward a positive avenue, or you will tarnish your reputation. Getting lost in your ambition is easy, and you must watch out for acting blindly. When your ambition is focused on a positive avenue, you end up receiving alot of respect from others, which is precisely what you seek. The key is to direct your energy and power to something positive that will get you the recognition and respect you deserve.