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The Karmic Impact Of Saturn in Aries

The Karmic Impact Of Saturn in Aries

If your Saturn is in Aries, being forceful and persistent is how you get things in life, but this can cause a lot of bad karma for you, especially when you disregard the impact you have on others and the world around you to achieve your goals. The best way to channel this pushy, persistent energy you will possess throughout your life is toward a creative endeavor or by inventing. When you are forceful toward external things in life, you find yourself in a lot of unpleasant situations.

However, when you direct this fierce energy toward your own creations and that which you want to manifest, you are truly capable of great things.


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Push Yourself, Not Others

Instead of “pushing” others to get specific things done, push yourself to create something unique. Direct that “pushy” energy you possess toward pushing yourself, not others.

You are destined to undertake some leadership role in your life. Part of your karmic lesson is to incorporate others into your plans and learn to cooperate with them. You often feel that you know best, and you have a “my way or the highway” approach, but this often limits you. As a result, you will spend a significant portion of your life being insensitive toward others, and you will face a lot of negative karma due to this.


Cooperation Is the Key

There will be a period in your life where it feels like everything is against you, but this is because you are not cooperating with others and only see yourself, your emotions, and your goals. However, once you learn cooperation and truly harness love, respect and care for others in your heart, life will become much more manageable, things will work out to your benefit more, and your goals will become more achievable.

An essential part of your soul experience includes learning how to include others as yourself, as you feel a yearning to disregard all around you and only pursue that which benefits only you and not others. As a result, for a significant portion of your life, you might cause pain and suffering in others to get what you want. You might be oblivious to this because you can only see your needs and emotions, but this suffering you have caused eventually leads to your downfall and more suffering in your life.

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Your Saturn Return

Do not use other people’s pain and suffering as a tool for you to gain what you want. Upon your 1st Saturn return (age 27-31), there will be an experience in your life where external forces or circumstances will push you to learn this lesson. If you have not learned this lesson by your first Saturn Return, life will be challenging until your 2nd Saturn return (age 54-58). Upon your 2nd Saturn return, circumstances will naturally push you into a more balanced way of being. You might lose everything and everyone dear to you during your 1st, or 2nd Saturn returns, only to realize it is due to your actions that you have ended up here. At this point, the realization will be so overwhelming you will likely change.

Collaboration = Support

You could lack the motivation to accomplish things throughout your life, and this is due to you not having the support and encouragement you need from others due to building walls. When you are the only one who is supporting yourself, it can be tricky to find the motivation to get what you need to be done completed, and you often need others to build you up and encourage you, even if you feel you do not need this support. When you allow yourself to work with others, you will become more motivated. So, instead of living a life where you do what you want, find out what you need to do to involve others in your endeavors and work with order and discipline toward a greater goal.

Saturn in Aries natives possess deep insecurity and a sense of feeling inferior, and you try to compensate for this with a rugged exterior. In a past life, you were highly regarded and had an honorable position in society. However, in this life, you do not receive the same high regard automatically and hardly receive any recognition at all unless you involve and incorporate other people in what you do.

Tendencies to let go of: Being overly self-assertive and self-centered and reacting to situations with anger.

Tendencies to learn: Self-discipline, consideration, and cooperation with others.

When you respond to things with anger and self-assertion, you will attract more difficulties and challenges to your life. Let go of a tendency to be competitive and to overemphasize yourself and your needs, as this will make your life experience more challenging. When you learn to cooperate with others, life will push you into a leadership role, and you will then receive what you so truly desire.

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