July 23, 2024
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Jupiter Ingress Capricorn December 2019

Jupiter Ingress into Capricorn: Expanding Responsibilities and Consequences

Ingress results in a change in tone and meaning for a point, which is an energy shift designed to promote and continue growth, as well as change, on a regular and ongoing basis.  Each point moves at a different speed, so the ingress for Mercury, which is faster than Mars, happens more frequently and is part of a recurring cycle in which every point eventually “returns” to the same degree as part of its elliptical cycle around the Sun.  This article will look at Jupiter’s ingress from Sagittarius to Capricorn.

Changing the Tone, Changing the Meaning

On December 2nd at 1:20 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), Jupiter will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn.  Jupiter is the point associated with expansion, travel, adventure, and exploration.  In Sagittarius, the “tone” was loud, bombastic, and highly energetic.  In Capricorn, it will be more subdued, focused, and serious.

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, 2018.  It takes approximately one year for Jupiter to travel through a sign and twelve years to complete a full cycle.  Jupiter will be in Capricorn until December 19, 2020.

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Jupiter Leaving Sagittarius

The keynote for Jupiter in Sagittarius is, “the mind encompasses a broad range of interests” and the symbol is, “friars prepare monastery wine for world distribution” (Astrology: The Divine Science, Moore, and Douglas, 149). Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, so its motto is “go big or go home”.  Expansion in all areas of life can be tremendous.  On the shadow side, overindulgence happens easily.

Sagittarius is the sign that rules belief, philosophy, and religion. Perhaps the most obvious representation of Jupiter in Sagittarius is the missionary, which is a person sent “on a mission” to promote a belief system, political ideology, or religion in a foreign land.  Saturn in Sagittarius would be the belief system of the foreign land that must content with “Jupiter’s arrival in its land”.

At the worldwide level, we can see the conflict writ large in the Jupiter/Sagittarius ideology of globalism that has entered or attempted to enter every country in the world with varying degrees of embrace and resistance. When Jupiter/Sagittarius overreaches or overindulges there is often a backlash; consequences follow when Jupiter enters Capricorn.

On the world stage, we can see two prominent examples: the Impeachment process involving the President of the United States and the roller coaster ride of Brexit.  Competing ideologies have been bombastically challenging one another, pushing towards a “winner takes all” potential outcome that really does not leave room for what could be called “middle ground”.

At the Personal Level

In your personal journey, Jupiter in Sagittarius performs the same tasks, helping you expand or leading you to overindulge.  If you worked wisely with the Jupiter in Sagittarius energy, then this was a year of gain, profit, and savings.  If you abused the Jupiter in Sagittarius energy and lived as if there is no tomorrow, then you may find yourself in a particularly deep hole when the “party stops”.  You could have “mountains of cash” or “mountains of debt”.

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Where you would have experienced Jupiter’s impact most would have been in the area of your astrology chart ruled by Sagittarius.  In my case, it moved through my 2nd House of Personal Finances, so I have been very fortunate with regard to opportunities to make money and invest, and have had to act wisely regarding money in order to avoid wasting the excess and gain.  If you know your full chart (and not just your Sun sign), then Jupiter’s work in Sagittarius worked to expand:

  1. Identity and “enlarge” you personally (1st House)
  2. Personal finances (2nd House)
  3. Network of friends and family (3rd House)
  4. Involvement with family (4th House)
  5. Creativity, playfulness, and romance (5th House)
  6. Skills and service (6th House)
  7. Network of partnerships for support in the world (7th House)
  8. Shared resources with your significant other (8th House)
  9. Mastery of knowledge and philosophy of life (9th House)
  10. Career (10th House)
  11. Involvement in community (11th House)
  12. Purpose in life (12th House)

Jupiter Entering Capricorn

Time to pay the bill!  Capricorn is sober.  Ruled by Saturn, this sign is all business, all the time.  Did you make wise investments; you are about to find out.  Unsurprisingly, the US stock market hit all-time highs during Sagittarius in Jupiter.  Now that Jupiter joins Saturn in Capricorn we are about to find out what is real and what is pompous snake-oil salesman lying.

One of the best metaphors for astrology is “cosmic weather” and the forecast of Jupiter in Capricorn, along with Saturn and Pluto, suggests some rainy days and storms ahead.  While the Sun was shining brilliantly with Jupiter in Sagittarius, the question to be answered with the shift to Capricorn will be, “did you save enough for the rainy days?”

The keynote is, “expansion is expedited in prudent, conscientious ways” and the symbol is, “the president of a large corporation negotiates a merger” (160).  Saturn in Capricorn (2017 to 2020) has the keynote, “perfection is achieved through discipline and restraint” with the symbol, “a gem cutter shapes a diamond” (161).  Pluto in Capricorn (2008 to 2024) has the keynote, “transformation happens with a disciplined approach” and the symbol is, “a sewer system is inspected and repaired before catastrophe”.

One way this energy can manifest that reflects the shadow energy is the example of the wealthy person pinching pennies for necessities while throwing money around wildly for luxuries.  Jupiter will increase ambition while in Capricorn but will only gain significantly if the quality meets the standards of Capricorn.

January 2020 (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto)

In January 2020 Jupiter will merge with Saturn and Pluto, creating a profound astrological event likely to synchronize consequences into a moment of clarity tied to finances, government, and well … civilization (not to put to fine a point on it). The question of “sustainability” will truly permeate all levels of life, and like a hungover hotel guest that trashed their room, they may be surprised at the bill to cover the damages.

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While another guest, who used the hotel to throw a lavish party in a controlled and positive way, will likely leave with good will, new supportive contacts, and a network of opportunities.  They will be the guest the hotel wants to invite back and build a long-standing relationship with.  Saturn may have had trouble “corralling” Jupiter while Jupiter was in Sagittarius, but now that it is in Capricorn Jupiter will encounter real limitations that cannot be easily dismissed.