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How to Navigate December

How to Navigate December’s Full Moon in Gemini

The last Full Moon of 2022 is an interesting one! It is happening on December 7, 2022. It is in the busy and communicative sign of Gemini. This sign has been getting a lot of attention for the last few months because Mars has been stationing retrograde since October and will only leave Gemini in March next year.

This Full Moon could make your mind feel really busy as you struggle to focus on just one thing. With this Full Moon in Gemini, you could experience a deep desire to want to change and be more spontaneous as you’re feeling a bit more open-minded and curious under the rays of this moon. If you’re curious to find out how this Full Moon is going to affect your sign, then keep on reading:

Full Moon In Gemini For Aries

Got something on your mind, Aries? Well, this isn’t the time for you to keep hushed about it. You have a say and an opinion and it deserves to be heard. You may feel like this makes you more vulnerable, but this is the stepping stone to a true connection with yourself as well as those around you. Be open and get what you need to say off of your chest – no keeping quiet. There is nothing more terrible than not feeling safe and secure enough to express what you are truly feeling to the people in your life.

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However, there might be a lesson for you to learn in this… Why are you spending precious time with people who don’t make you feel valued enough for you to express your voice? No one deserves to be silenced. You need to be heard. This is the perfect time for you to put pen to paper and write a letter about your true feelings. It is important that you find out a way to express yourself and what you feel deserves to be heard. You don’t have to send it, but this could really help you to make sense of what you are actually feeling. Writing a letter can make you feel more aware of what your boundaries are and where you need to cut the line. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and unsure you can always turn to your journal to help you make sense of the world.

Full Moon In Gemini For Taurus

With this exciting and lively Full Moon in Gemini, your values are coming into question Taurus, what holds weight to you in your life? Ask yourself, are you getting the respect you deserve in your life, in your relationships, and at work? Or are you allowing the people in your life to mistreat you because you are simply used to this kind of behavior from others? Do you feel like you earn what you deserve? Any mistreatment needs to end and it is about time that you work on your boundaries and what you permit in your life.

You are worth more than gold, and it is time that you conduct yourself that way. Whenever someone gives you a red flag, you need to listen to your intuition because your gut really isn’t trying to lie to you. Take a step away from your relationships and take a moment for yourself to really evaluate the kind of treatment you have been allowing from people. It is okay to step away from any madness and find peace within yourself again. Remember that all your relationships are reflections of one another. This is your time to throw out the parts of your life that seem to have festered and make way for a new kind of fresh energy. It can be hard to say goodbye to the parts of yourself that you have become accustomed to, but you deserve better than what you might be currently allowing.

Full Moon In Gemini For Gemini

This is your moment Gemini! The Full Moon is in your sign, and you’ve already been through a lot these last few months with Mars being retrograde in your sign. You’re in a space of transformation and letting go, and this is definitely never easy. However, this is the fresh start you have been hoping for, so embrace your adaptive personality and have some enjoyment in inviting this new energy into your life. This is your moment to push yourself into the limelight and show the world what an extraordinary person you are. Ignore the skeptics because they clearly can’t acknowledge your greatness!

This is a great week for you to be magnetic and attract magic into your life but remember with Full Moon’s you need to let things go before you can allow new things in. Don’t be surprised if a sexy someone makes their way into your atmosphere over this period because your charisma and charm are simply irresistible as the Full Moon finds its way into your sign. You are now more magnetic than ever. Have fun, and count yourself lucky. Blessings abound and you are definitely one of the fortunate ones even if it doesn’t feel like this right now, soon you will be able to show the world how brilliant you are!

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Full Moon In Gemini For Cancer

Letting go is the theme for this Full Moon, lovely Cancer. There is simply no point in carrying on the hurts of the past because the longer you don’t let yourself forgive and forget, the longer it is going to take for you to move up and onwards. Everyone experiences pain and heartbreak in their life, unfortunately, it is just one of the facts of being human. However, it is so important that you don’t allow this energy to control you and prevent you from living a happy, purpose-driven life. Stop holding on, you’re only hurting yourself.

Whatever hurts you are currently carrying around with you can now be released if you embrace the energy of the Full Moon. It is important as this will help you to heal and invite new, fresh energy into your life. You have to say goodbye to say hello. Besides, what is so special about the past when there is so much to look forward to in the future? The trick you need to learn is to actually be present – be grateful for where you are at right now. Take some special silent me-time this week and really try to process and reflect on the hurts that are holding you back. It may feel painful, but if you dive into this, you’ll heal much faster.

Full Moon In Gemini For Leo

What a positive, festive, and busy time for you, lovely Leo. This Full Moon gives you the push to celebrate your life and to be grateful for all the blessings you have. Yes, you have so much to be thankful for even if it doesn’t always feel like this! Gratitude is simply the stepping stone to manifesting your dream life. Spend time with your friends over this period and recognize the true gems you have in your life, and see that your friends need to be celebrated – they are your community. Isn’t the intimacy of a beautiful friendship one of the most special things two people can share? Sometimes this goes beyond any kind of romantic love affair. This is a good time to ask yourself, what else am I grateful for?

This is the moment for you really to count the blessings in your life and to see that not everything is so bad. Life can have its ups and downs, but the good times outweigh the tough times. Recognizing how much power you have will help you in those moments of darkness when you can’t see forward. Having gratitude for the small things will really make those big achievements seem even more spectacular. Make a list of what you are happy about in your life, and watch as many more blessings start rolling in. The more thankful you are, the easier it is for the Universe to bless you.

Full Moon In Gemini For Virgo

Virgo, you are by nature quite a hard worker, but with this Full Moon your attention is focused on your career. This is front and centre in your life right now, however, unfortunately, this might mean having to put your personal life second. But is this really such a bad thing after all? Having ambition is a great quality and this makes you a lot more interesting than those who are happy to just plod along and are satisfied with anything. This is your moment to really assert your sovereignty and be recognized for all your amazing hard work. Isn’t working towards a goal and seeing it pay off incredible? There is something immensely satisfying about it, it is simply so rewarding.

Be proud of yourself and all the hard work and effort you have put into your dreams. You need to own it and know that you are a boss not to be messed with. Take note of the people who share in your celebration, these people are worth a dime a dozen. Whoever is happy with you now, deserves to call themselves a friend. If you can keep your focus and know what you are working towards then a positive trajectory is going to continue. You might have a couple of speedbumps along the way, but this will make it easier for you to understand what you want eventually.

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Full Moon In Gemini For Libra

Optimism and hopefulness are sky-high this Full Moon for you, dear Libra. You can recognize the big picture and see life from a different perspective this week. This is the moment for you to break free of any chains of restrictions and let your mind wander to all the incredible opportunities ahead of you. Allow yourself to be expansive and think outside of the box.  You may find yourself going through a period of adjustment and perspective shift – you might not feel the same way about things as you once did; there is no trouble with changing your mind.

Isn’t it amazing to know that no matter how old you become there are still moments ahead of you that will leave you feeling surprised at yourself – because you can grow and evolve whenever? This is a moment in time for you to forget about the rules and follow what your gut is trying to guide you towards. Follow that intuition, and drop deep within yourself. Embrace this wanderlust and excitement for what is to come in your life. Be unexpected and think outside of the box. Isn’t it fun to let go of the rules a little bit and to allow yourself to be free of any and all regulations? Allow yourself to be wild, and reckless, and go on an adventure. Forget about what society expects of you, do what makes you happy because at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Full Moon In Gemini For Scorpio

Sensuality is heightened for you over this Full Moon, Scorpio. Sensuality is the language you like to speak, especially if there is an element of intensity that goes with it. Things are about to get quite intense for you, be that if you are on your own or with a romantic partner. This is the moment for you to either find a deeper connection with yourself or take your romantic relationship to the next level. A deeper connection is the theme for this Full Moon. This might be a little out of your comfort zone, being so vulnerable and open with your feelings – you feel things intensely but you’re not always so forthcoming with showing these feelings.

It is always a little bit awkward letting someone know how you feel about them or even just admitting the truth to yourself! This takes radical honesty and a willingness to have an open and honest conversation with yourself, or someone else. These experiences are meant to be intense and will usher in a great transformation if you allow yourself to go there. It isn’t easy, but being a Scorpio, this should definitely be worth it. Allow yourself to be curious, and to explore the unchartered depths of your soul, be that with a partner or on a solo journey.

Full Moon In Gemini For Sagittarius

A powerful connection is here to be heightened over the Full Moon in Gemini. This energy is all about relationships and connections. Maybe you have come to the place in your life where you realise that you have come so far and you are no longer so afraid of connection and intimacy. You may have made a breakthrough and seen that you aren’t an island, even if you imagine yourself to be this way. Continue living with such a beautiful open heart and see that new experiences are always around the corner. You might be independent at heart, but you may also have come to realize that always flying solo is no fun, life is always much better when you can share it with someone you truly care about – even the most free-spirited would have to agree about this.

Sometimes we think we want love, but then we do everything in our power to resist it. Aren’t you happy that you have moved past this stumbling block and can be open to the possibility of allowing someone special to enter your universe? Casual relationships now get the opportunity to be solidified and made into something a little more serious, but take baby steps as this might be totally overwhelming for someone like you. The lesson in all of this is to remember your communication skills and to depend on them whenever you go through a dip with your partner. Vow to always be open and honest with one another. This is all you can truly expect from a romantic partnership. The rest will fall into place when the two of you know how to speak to each other with honesty and openness.

Full Moon In Gemini For Capricorn

Capricorn, you are rather strict and serious by nature. You have structures that work for you, but this Full Moon is the perfect time for you to metaphorically throw out the trash, Capricorn. Whatever toxic relationships you are still attached to now need to come to an end and be put to rest for good. This toxic relationship might even be the one you have with yourself – especially if you haven’t been taking care of yourself recently. This lunation is encouraging you to let go of the people and negative situations that really do you no good. You’re just worth so much more than you could ever realize, so it is about time that you start believing in yourself and taking care of you, not everyone else around you.

Saying no and not allowing others to walk all over you is instrumental in your happiness – boundaries are everything. No, it isn’t easy, but it is vital for your growth. Keep doing special things for yourself and you will quickly notice who and what really doesn’t belong in your life anymore. Stick to your boundaries and don’t let yourself be swayed by people who clearly don’t have your best intentions at heart. Remember that you are only living for yourself, so it is about time that you make yourself a priority. Put all that effort into yourself.

Full Moon In Gemini For Aquarius

Love is in the air with this Full Moon! There is a massive spotlight shining on your love life this lunation, Aquarius! Aren’t you just the luckiest sign in the world? Romantic awakenings are about to hit you right, left, and centre, so you might as well make your move on that cutie you’ve had your eyes on for a while. You might have to deal with some conflict because of Mars, but if you can keep your cool, things should work out smoothly. It is a beautiful time for you to meet someone really special – the stars are definitely aligned. Take a risk and put yourself out there, because if you stay stuck in your comfort zone, then the likelihood of anyone new entering your life is pretty low.

You need to be willing to take risks, so stop putting everyone in the friend zone, that is no way to go about your love life. Follow your gut and invite more pleasure into your life by being open to new experiences. Create a world in which you can experience the utmost joy and happiness for yourself because the happier and more joyful you are, the better chances are for you to meet someone special. Live with an open heart and remind yourself every day that you are worthy of love and being loved by someone special, so stop locking people out. You really never have to settle for anyone who doesn’t make you ecstatically happy, but it is still important that you give others a chance.

Full Moon In Gemini For Pisces

Home is where the heart is, especially for someone like you, am I right Pisces? You might not feel the most social over the Full Moon in Gemini, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you love being able to connect with the deepest parts of your soul. That connection is invaluable to you and your life. Spending some time by yourself gives you the opportunity to reconnect with what you truly desire and to check in with yourself to see if you are on the right path. Enjoy this time of rest and really settle into the things that make you feel the safest and most content in the world. It can be the most simple thing on earth.

It is important to remind yourself of what makes you feel most comfortable and cherished, and sometimes you need to figure that out on your own. This is a beautifully restorative time for you to really connect with who you are at your core and what makes you uniquely you. When you know who you are, no one can take that away from you. This is a real blessing and something you need to continuously work on to achieve. Reconnect, reconnect, reconnect. Spend this time away from all distractions and really put so much self-love and self-care into yourself. This will help you to feel amazing and really open the doors to help you open your heart for new beginnings and beautiful blessings to come your way.