July 19, 2024
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Get Fit this Year With Your Mars Sign

It happens every year around the start of the New Year, everyone is full of Holiday treats and looking for the motivation to work them off. There are a million reasons why being physically active is something we should all be prioritizing in our daily lives, from stronger muscles and bones to more happy endorphins, and more! We’ll be looking into the planet Mars as our guiding light towards a more physically active year since it is the planet of drive, passion and energy. So scroll down to your Mars sign and get inspired to get fit this year in 2024!


Aries: Join an Intramural Sports Team

If there’s one thing that can really fire up an Aries Mars it’s a bit of competition! Moving your body becomes fun and easy when you’re rooting for your team to score the final point, so hit those movement goals this year by joining an intramural sports team. Try to keep in mind that you’re playing for fun and not for the world championship, if you haven’t learned how to be a good sport yet 2024 is a good year to try.

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Taurus: Start Lifting Heavy

I caution you against trying to tell a Taurus Mars what to do! Working out for you should therefore always be self led in order to avoid butting heads with a workout buddy or a too peppy instructor. Lifting weights will also feel really good since it’s slow, methodical and something that can be easily measured and tracked. I would highly recommend hiring a personal trainer for at least a few sessions in order to learn how to lift heavy and safely!

Gemini: Mix It Up

It’s all about staying interested for a curious Gemini Mars. The best thing for you would be to sign up for something like Class Pass where you can take and try out a bunch of different workout classes. Alternatively you could also look for a gym that offers an array of classes to attend, which offers the extra bonus of making a few friends with some of the gym regulars.

Cancer: Workout at Home

Exercise may not always come naturally to homebody Cancer Mars because your energy is often focused on others. So, to stay fit this year you’ll want to build up your home workout space, but to start all you need is a soft surface like a yoga mat and a TV. There is no shortage of workout videos on YouTube! Even if you only have a few minutes, you can type “10 minute booty workout” into the search bar and find a bunch of awesome videos to strengthen your rear.

Leo: Take a Heels Class

A Leo Mars is kind of like TInkerbell, you need applause to survive. Thinking about this through the lens of exercise and moving your body, something dramatic and fun is going to help you stay motivated and moving this year. A heels class is the perfect way to blow off some steam and get your body moving in 2024, but any kind of performance art based movement is going to feel great for you.

Virgo: Yoga or Sunset Runs

Like any Earth Mars, a Virgo Mars is all about the details. Things that others view as too hard or painful is exactly the type of exercise to inspire and keep you on track. 2024 is the perfect year to get into yoga, like actually into yoga at a proper studio with someone who has trained with ashtanga or iyengar masters in India. If the spiritual side of the practice is a bit much for you, you could always become one of those people who runs as the sun wakes up.

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Libra: Gym It Up With a Bestie

Physical movement probably isn’t an area of expertise for you Libra Mars, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a part of your life. The most important thing for you is having a workout buddy, someone to chat with at the gym and keep you on track throughout the year. Research shows that having a partner also improves our ability to make something a habit because you can keep each other on track.

Scorpio: Get fit and Get Into CrossFit or HIIT

Always a bit of a masochist, a workout won’t be sufficient for this water sign unless it hurts a bit, which is why intense workouts like CrossFit or HIIT are best for you. However, you can come on too hot and hurt yourself, or burn out too quickly, so your goal for 2024 is to get in touch with your body better. That means you have to listen when it’s telling you to push back, because true health requires a mind-body connection.

Sagittarius: Do a Fun 5K

A Sagittarius Mars loves to run, so you might as well put that predilection to good use this year and start doing all the fun themed 5K runs in your city. With mud runs, zombie runs and Lord of the Rings themed runs out there you’ll never run out of something fun to get your blood pumping. Not a runner? That’s ok, there’s lots of couch to 5K programs out there to get you ready.

Capricorn: Hot Girl Walks and a Plan

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning that it does its best work here! Start with a game plan (I know you love planning), maybe even start a new excel doc to track your progress and keep you on schedule to meet your fitness goals this year. For you, low impact workouts are best, things that avoid jumping or hard landings. A daily hot girl walk can go a long way this year!

Aquarius: Try a Dance Class to Get Fit

Ok, what I really think you need to try is pole dance! Why? Because it’s something that you can do that has both a sense of community yet an independence to learning. Aquarius loves being a part of the group, so any class setting is going to feel good and keep you on track, but the uniqueness of pole fitness is what keeps you going back.

Pisces: Swimming

Make sure your gym has a swimming pool before you join this year. With your Mars in Pisces you’re going to love movement that is meditative, but especially if it involves water. That being said, the meditative practice of running or yoga may be more your style. Or maybe you love the idea of getting in the water a few days a week but you’re more social? Try water aerobics or synchronized swimming instead.

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