June 21, 2024
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Full Moon Release Rituals: Letting Go for a Fresh Start

Full Moon Release Rituals: Letting Go for a Fresh Start

2023 has finally come to an end, and fittingly, we have a beautiful, emotional Full Moon on December 26th to help us wave goodbye to the year gone by. Full Moons are a time of release, surrender and letting go, so this lunation couldn’t have come at a better time. The truth is that we always have a Full Moon in Cancer around this date. If we learn to work proactively with this cosmic energy every year, we’ll find that our entry into the New Year is likely to be much smoother.

But what does it mean to ‘work with’ this energy? It means to engage in a ritual or practice that is in tune with the symbolism of the planets. Rituals are ways to mark time and to manifest more of what we desire. They’re also a way to celebrate the tuning of a season as well as the beginning or end of a cycle. Sure, the word ritual has a bit of a witchy sound to it, but the truth is that we’ve been doing rituals for centuries, whether religious or spiritual. Rituals help us feel grounded and connected to our lives and to the world around us.

Seeing as the year is ending and there’s a Full Moon right around this time, it would be remiss of us not to mark this ending in an important way, thus helping us to get ready for what’s to come. This Full Moon in Cancer has themes of emotional release, creativity, the Inner Child, family and the past.  And so, the rituals we do now should contain at least one of these themes. We’ve come up with three to pick from, three rituals that will help us bid farewell to the past and make room for the new opportunities that are on their way, come 2024’s New Moon in grounded, goal-oriented Capricorn.

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So, without further ado, let’s dive into some fun and inspiring rituals – feel free to do one, two or even all three of them. Full Moons are active for at least three ways before and after, so perhaps you’d even like to do one per day. Why not?

Ritual One: Inner Child/Emotional Release Ritual

Cancer is a water sign, and with the Full Moon illuminating this energy, we’re bound to feel a little more emotional, seeing as water rules the realm of feelings. Tears may come, our hearts may open and certain sensitivities may rise to the surface to be processed. What better way to end the year and make space for the new year by releasing these big emotions in a mindful, nurturing way?

What you’ll need:

  • A quiet, very safe space – your bedroom or a special spot only you know of
  • A soft blanket and comfortable cushions sit on
  • 10-15 minutes of gentle meditation music or soft, emotional music that takes you back to your childhood (take your time unpacking this – if it stirs your heart and brings up emotions, you’re on the right track)
  • A picture of you as a child
  • Candles, incense, and some flowers to surround your picture with
  • A Journal and pen

Now that you have all your props, set yourself up by creating a nourishing ritual space. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Light your candles, incense and put flowers around your picture. Wrap yourself in your blanket and sit on your cushion. Make sure there’s music close by.

Close your eyes and put your hands on your heart. Take at least five deep breaths in and out of this space. Notice how you might be feeling, what emotions are coming up. Witness compassionately.

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Now, switch your imagination on. Picture yourself as a child. Let your subconscious take control by not forcing the image. Let it come. Imagine you are this child’s parent, and curiously ask this child what they need from you right now. Let them speak to you, to play with you or even just to sit with you and be held. Now, allow any big emotions to come up and be released – these are emotions from your Inner Child that need to be processed. They might be joy, fear, anger or anything else.  Express those feelings by crying, shouting, laughing or smiling.

When you feel ready and when your Inner Child feels seen, open your eyes and take up your journal. Write down whatever came up whilst focusing every now and then on your picture so as to keep the connection, Finish by making one small promise to your Inner Child to carry with you into 2024.

Full Moon Release Rituals: Letting Go for a Fresh Start

Ritual Two: Rock Painting and Release

Cancer is an extremely creative sign. You’ll often see people who have this in their birth charts: painting, drawing, singing, writing or making crafts. What better way to see the New year off than by letting our Inner Child get creative. This is a fun ritual, so if you’re in the mood to step out of your comfort zone, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get going –

What you’ll need:

  • 5 – 10 small pebbles or rocks, big enough to draw/write on
  • Color markers or acrylic paint
  • A Journal and Pen
  • A place where there’s water – a river, lake, dam or ocean is ideal
  • A picnic blanket and anything else to make you feel comfortable outside.

The biggest part of this ritual is finding a spot with water. Maybe one comes to mind right away, or perhaps you have to do a little research to find a place nearby. Once you do this, the rest will just click! A private spot is always a benefit, but not if it risks your safety. Keep this in mind.

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Armed with your props – your pebbles, markers and journal, make the journey to your spot. Blast the music in your car or on your headphones, and get happy, get emotional – whatever emotion feels appropriate for you. Once you arrive, set your picnic blanket up and get settled. If it’s safe to do so, close your eyes and place a hand on your heart. Take at least 10 – 20 deep, very long belly breaths. Think about what you’d like to let go of, where you’d like to make room, so that you can embrace the opportunities to come in 2024. This may be a relationship, a family member, a home, a career, a behavior pattern – anything that is no longer aligned to you.

Open your eyes and pick up your journal. Write down whatever comes to mind. Allow the emotions to come, because letting go is not easy! Cancer is a sign that tends to hold on, so be gentle with yourself.

Then, make a list of at least three things you want to release. Pick one word for each, and then paint/draw this word on your pebble. Once you’re done and the paint is dry, stand up and throw the pebbles into the water, one by one. Doing this physical act of letting go may feel extremely emotional (yet very empowering!), so focus on really becoming mindful every time you throw. Allow yourself to return lighter, and ready for the year!

Full Moon Release Rituals: Letting Go for a Fresh Start

Ritual Three: Cord Cutting Ritual

The last and final ritual is not for the faint of heart. Cord cutting rituals are for when we are very, very ready to release a certain person from our lives. In this, we’d advise that you pick a family member, partner or ex partner that is only causing you hurt. A cord cutting ritual is not an act of hatred or anger – it’s more learning to release the influence of this person so that it’s no longer an influence for you. So, if you have such a person in mind, let’s begin –

What you’ll need:

  • A photograph of the person you’re doing this with/for
  • A piece of strong and scissors
  • Candles and some incense
  • Gentle meditation music
  • Tissues
  • A journal and pen
  • A safe, quiet space such as your bedroom – in the light of the Full Moon, if possible.

Create your safe space by turning the lights low or off and lighting your candles. Place the photograph somewhere where you can see it. Get comfortable, close your eyes and take 5-10 deep belly breaths.

Now, imagine four Angels at each corner of your bed/the room. These Angels are here to protect and help the process. Bring to mind the person whom you wish to cut cords with. Notice where there may be energetic cords running from you to them. They can be from the heart, from the belly, the head – anywhere. You’ll intuitively know which of those cords need to be cut. Sometimes, we keep the heart cord, especially if the person isn’t someone with whom we have a very heavy toxic energy.

Ask the Angels to help you cut whichever cords are appropriate, whilst thinking of the message you’d like to say to the person in question. Maybe you’d like to say “I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you”. Keep it simple but keep it personal. Allow the emotions to come up – they need to be processed so that you can make space for new connections and situations to come your way in 2024.

Observe the Angels cutting the cords with a flaming sword or any other tool. Wherever they cut, sending healing energy to those areas – bright white light or a gentle orange flame (or anything else you can think of) may be appropriate. Remember to keep in mind that this is for yours and their highest evolution.

Once you feel ready to come out and feel healed and surrounded by light, you can open your eyes, focus on the photograph and perhaps write a letter to this person to say goodbye. Feel free to burn the letter or keep it as a reminder. Be gentle on yourself in the days to come – you have just done a very big thing!

Full Moon Release Rituals: Letting Go for a Fresh Start