June 16, 2024
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Fate And Free Will: How do they Work Together?

What determines the course of your life? What happens to you is fated, or is there a higher power that guides you? Does everything that happens to you depend on your free will? Everyone asks that question at some point in their lives. Whenever they face challenges or tragedy, they will ask that question. You won’t think about what determines the course of your life when you’re doing well. Yet, if you face hardships or impossible circumstances, you cannot help but wonder why. If suffering is so intense, you can’t help but wonder if there is a hidden reason. So here are my truths, which are based on my intuition. So, Fate And Free Will: How do they Work Together?


Fate And Free Will

For centuries, philosophers and religious leaders have debated whether life is governed by fate or free will. Many religious leaders believe what happens to you is fated because the Higher Power is responsible for how things turn out. According to this belief, hardships are meant to help you grow closer to your Higher Power or God.

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Because of this, they believe everything you experience results from God’s will. Others, however, believe you can’t escape situations because of karma. It may be so. In other words, they may say your life is predestined based on the experiences you agreed to have in your life to grow spiritually rather than karma. Therefore, you will not grow from pleasant life experiences. If everything was going perfectly for you, where is that growth? It becomes s stagnant bliss.

However, plenty of people believe that the circumstances you face result from free will, and they do not believe in destiny. Their attitude is that life happens at random and that random stuff happens! Atheists and skeptics hold this belief.

Alternatively, some believe that life is a combination of the two. Your life experiences are likely the result of destiny and free will, even though no concrete proof exists. You can intuitively sense this belief as true, even though there is no way to prove it.

Do You Know How Free Will And Destiny Can Rule Your Life?

The definitions of destiny and free will should be discussed briefly before answering that question. Your destiny is everything that your soul plans to happen in your life before you are born. Therefore, you are fated to experience specific situations regarding destiny, and there is no escape from it. However, free will refers to everything that happens due to your decisions. Most psychics, intuitive workers, and even spiritual leaders find that the events in your life result from both at work.

While it may seem counterintuitive, free will cannot influence your life if everything goes according to plan. Even though you cannot escape certain situations, you can choose how to handle them.

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For example, you were born into a family that did not have much money. Because you didn’t have the money to eat, you lived on government assistance during your childhood.

The reality is that you do not have to remain poor as an adult. Instead, you may come across someone who will influence you to change your mindset from lack to abundance as one of your destiny points.

However, free will has a role in this by deciding whether to continue living in poverty or learn how to change your mindset to attract abundance. Despite meeting someone meant to change your thinking, you may not think you deserve to make money. Keeping that way of thinking depends entirely on free will.

Often, predestined challenges cause your soul to grow if you’ve been dealt a challenging hand. Unfortunately, allowing these challenges to define you can lead to you living a mediocre life because of your ego. When you allow your challenges to define you, you display victim-like thinking that would be a misuse of free will.

In other words, destiny is determined by your Higher Self, and your ego determines free will. The best way to deal with challenges is to tap into your intuition and higher self. Do some destiny points develop while you are incarnated, or are they all predetermined before birth? Let’s discuss that.

Before Birth, Are All Destiny Points Determined?

It’s something I’ve discussed. According to some gurus, all destiny points were predetermined before birth. However, I disagree. You have some pre-determined destiny points, but many new ones are created due to your choices. Your soul creates the new destiny points for your evolution and growth while you sleep, so you won’t remember creating them. You do know that your soul leaves your body as you sleep, so that is when you discuss new destiny points with your guides. Your soul is attached to a silver cord, so you return to your body upon awakening.

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Let’s return to the low-income family example. While growing up on government assistance, you would have experienced poverty as part of your evolution. It was a fated childhood for you, given that you were born into this situation. In adulthood, you can choose what type of life you want to live. Despite the possibility of living a more prosperous life, you may continue to live a poor life. However, it is also possible for you to learn how to improve your financial situation in the future.

Your fate also determines that you will come into contact with someone who can help them improve your financial situation at some point in their lives, which would be known as a soul contract with someone who can give you that opportunity. Individuals’ choices are determined by their free will.

Say you felt unworthy of living wealthier and chose to maintain your parent’s lifestyle. Therefore, you will create new destiny points based on that decision. For example, if you were evicted from your apartment and could only afford an apartment in a crime-ridden neighborhood, one new destiny point would provide the purpose of having to fend for yourself to build resilience.

Choosing a wealthier lifestyle, however, would not create that destiny point in your soul’s plan. On the other hand, when you build a business and break away from the impoverished mindset, you create new destiny points that nurture that decision. For example, you would generate destiny points that would help you develop resilience when dealing with competitors and even losses and opportunities for building problem-solving abilities.

Therefore, you are likely born with a set of destiny points in life that you cannot escape, but because you also have free will, you can create new destiny points. Therefore, regardless of your situation, making the best of it is essential.

What Can You Do With The Cards Life Deals You?

A person with an advanced soul will choose more challenges to evolve than someone with a less developed soul. However, even those who have had the most challenging lives can also come out as winners, and that is because they learned to play their cards right despite the challenges they faced. And they used their free will to their advantage to come out to the other side better.

Let’s return to the example of being born into a low-income family and you decide to adopt a wealthy mindset and live in wealth instead of poverty. You have the free will to make that positive change. And that means your free will can be put to the best use in a similar situation. Also, you should develop an attitude of gratitude that can improve your life.

If you did not have free will, you wouldn’t be able to change your life and only live the life of what your soul decided would happen in life before your incarnation. That can be terrible for so many reasons, as that does not give your soul the opportunity to evolve.

Free will allows you to improve your life, but you want to maximize it. You can achieve that regardless of your challenges due to fated events. Get support if you’re choosing to succeed. As a result, you can learn to win at life even though your soul decided to hand you a challenging hand before your birth, and those who support you can positively influence you and help you come up with solutions to improve your life.