July 23, 2024
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The August Full Moon

The August Full Moon – The Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

The phases of the moon are among the most fascinating astronomical behaviors we can observe with the naked eye and deeply rich sources of thought and interpretation in Astrology. Among the 9 phases – New, Waxing Crescent, 1st Quarter Half, Waxing Gibbous, Full, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter Half, Waning Crescent, and Balsamic – the New and Full Moons capture most of the attention. This article will look at the current Full Moon and talk about the kind of “harvest” you should bring in emotionally during this full moon. Let’s have a look at the Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius.


Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius – Reap What You Have Sown!

The Full Moon for August, Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius, will occur on the 1st at 09 degrees and 15 minutes in the sign of Aquarius; in my Eastern Standard Time zone it will happen at 2:31 pm.

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The August Full Moon 2023 – The Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius_pic


It takes 29.5 days from one Full Moon to the next, spending approximately 2 and ½ days in a sign. The day before and the day after comprise what would be the peak time of the Full Moon energy. The Full Moon is the time of “the harvest”, when what began with the New Moon reaches full potential before waning, fading, and preparing for a new cycle.

Each month has a certain type of Full Moon; August’s Moon is the Sturgeon Moon. Other names for this moon are the Dispute Moon, Grain Moon, Corn Moon, Lightening Moon, and Lynx Moon.

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There are also several special types of Full Moons: The Blood Moon, which happens during a total lunar eclipse; a Supermoon, which happens when the Moon is full and closest to the Earth; and the Blue Moon (“once in a blue moon”), which is a second Full Moon in a calendar month (occurring once every 2 and ½ years) or the second Full Moon in the same astrological sign.


Full Moon in Aquarius – Feeling the Need to Accomplish

This Full Moon will take place in the 1st decan (first 10 degrees) of Aquarius, making it an Aquarius/Aquarius Full Moon. The planetary influence involves Uranus as the ruler for Aquarius. Thus, this Full Moon will be about what we do to be unique in search of our tribe (Aquarius).

Since the Moon is in Aquarius, its energy is social, unconventional, and revolutionary. This Full Moon is going to require us to reflect on what we most need to do to be authentic and useful to our community. The intensity of this Full Moon around what choices we need to make to be true to ourselves and helpful to others cannot be emphasized enough. Thanks to the decan placement, this Full Moon will be about how we need to “break through” (Uranus/Aquarius) in order to shine and perform (Sun in Leo).

With this Full Moon at 09d15m, the Sabian Symbol is 10 Aquarius, “This is a symbol of the eternal challenge which comes to an individual at every point of climax in his experience, and of the swing of the pendulum between an endorsement and a repudiation of his efforts by his social group. He must learn to accept the applause as encouragement in his self-strengthening but to look for any continued sustainment from his own stability of being. A courageous self-confidence and an unflagging faith are worthy of recognition, but only in their moment of significance.” The key word is: APPROBATION (approval or praise).


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The Numbers of This Full Moon

This Full Moon will occur on 08/01/2023, which totals 16, which reduces to 7. In numerology, 7 represents introspection, spirituality, and inner wisdom. It is a number associated with seeking knowledge, analyzing, and delving into deeper truths. Since the Full Moon happens on the 1st , we must do this work with new beginnings, individuality, and leadership. It signifies independence, ambition, and the potential for self-discovery and personal growth.



The Full Moon in Your Chart

The Full Moon will occur in a specific location of your chart and in special relationship with various points in your chart if you have points near the same degree in the same sign, at the opposing degree (180 degrees away from a point in your chart), three signs before or after the Full Moon degree and sign (90 degrees away), or four signs before or after the Full Moon degree and sign (120 degrees away).

Respectively these would be a conjunction (the Full Moon merging with a point in your chart), an opposition (the Full Moon seeking balance with a point in your chart), a square (the Full Moon challenging a point in your chart), and a trine (the Full Moon supporting a point in your chart). It is possible that the degree and sign of the Full Moon may not form any of these relationships and its effect, for this time, would be minimal or difficult to observe.

If you happen to be born during a Full Moon, then you will feel every Full Moon in some significant or acute way because it is consistent with your birth Moon phase. It is well worth your effort to find out the Moon phase at the time of your birth. If you learn your birth Moon phase, you will likely discover that same phase each month has a strong impact on your emotional state.

The Aquarius Full Moon transiting the natal chart brings an energetic and visionary influence. It amplifies Aquarian traits of innovation, intellectual curiosity, and humanitarian ideals. This lunar phase encourages stepping outside comfort zones and embracing progressive thinking. It ignites a passion for social causes and fosters a sense of collective consciousness. Embrace the power of individuality and unique perspectives while fostering a sense of unity and a desire to create positive change in the world.