July 19, 2024
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Astro-Inspired Jewellery: Adorning Yourself With Cosmic Symbols

Astro-inspired jewellery has really gained popularity over the last few years. These pieces can be seen as modern-day talismans that connect us to our true selves, but also to the cosmos.

Keep on reading to learn more about the history of talismans and how to use jewellery to invoke greater magic into your day-to-day life. 


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What Is A Talisman?

A talisman is often used as a tool for manifestation or warding off bad energy. Talismans are said to carry certain qualities and powers to help give the wearer certain boosts in their day-to-day life.

Talismans have been used for centuries by all kinds of cultures to ward off bad spirits, attract good luck, or help the wearer achieve certain aspirations. Wearing talismans can help you create the energy you need to manifest certain things in your life such as power, wealth, love, or success.

These pieces of jewellery usually carry a certain significance for the wearer and are usually made out of metals in conjunction with crystals, gemstones, bones, leather, flowers, or rocks.

Although we still used jewellery to adorn ourselves, the use of wearing talismans dates back to ancient times. There is evidence that talismans were worn during ancient Egyptian time and were made from precious stones and gold.

Talismans are still used today, as symbols for goals we want to achieve in our life. Wearing a talisman can serve as a reminder about what you want, or give you the boost of confidence to help you reach for your dreams.

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These pieces of jewellery can also act as a significator of who you are as an individual. Basically, what sets you apart from everyone else? I suspect this is the reason why we are seeing a rise in Astro-inspired jewellery. It is a simple way of showing others who we are as individuals.

My favourite Astro-inspired jewellery has to be this brand called Ephemeris. It is a personalized jewellery company that uses your birth chart as your talisman. How cool is that?

BL_PSY_150_Astro-Inspired Jewellery Adorning Yourself With Cosmic Symbols

Why Do People Want Astro-Inspired Jewellery?

Over the last couple of years, there has definitely been a boom in Astrology. People are more keen than ever to figure out who they are and why they are the way they are. And this is where Astrology comes into play.

This esoteric art has been around for centuries and it has always played a pivotal role for those who dare to listen. But it is honestly one of the best tools to use in understanding and accepting yourself.

The further you dive into Astrology, the more you understand that it is a complex art and that everyone on Earth is way more interested than being one of twelve signs. Natal charts are complicated and full of layers, much like people.

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Astrology just shows how we are all unique individuals, and no two natal charts will ever be the same. No wonder people want to adorn themselves with jewellery that represents exactly that.

How To Choose A Talisman Jewellery Piece?

When choosing a talisman to wear to help you achieve a specific goal, it is good to know what that goal is. Would you like to attract love and romance? Or would you like to manifest more money and success into your life? Knowing what you desire can make it a lot easier for you to choose the right piece.

Then you can move on to deciding which type of jewellery you feel more comfortable wearing. Are you someone who likes to wear rings? Necklaces? Bracelets? Earrings? I own a lot of talismans, but the one piece I never take off is an antique gold ring with a silver shooting star.

This ring reminds me of my love for Astrology and the Esoteric. I also bought it after my father passed away as a daily reminder of him. And then lastly, this ring fills me with hope and reminds me to be optimistic and believe in my dreams.

When choosing a talisman remind yourself what you want to invoke in your life, if you are looking for love, then choosing a piece of jewellery with rose quartz could support you, perhaps if you want more creativity you could go for something with citrine.

Having an understanding of which crystals and metals are associated with what feeling or state of being. You could also use symbols that mean something to you, like a heart for love, an eye for intuition, or a star for hope and success.

Perhaps there is a specific Tarot card that you identify strongly with and you want to invoke the qualities of this card in your life. The brand Sorellina makes really cool Tarot inspired jewellery. As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless.

BL_PSY_150_Astro-Inspired Jewellery Adorning Yourself With Cosmic Symbols

How To Invoke Magic Into Your Talisman

Once you have chosen the perfect piece of jewellery, it is time to give it a boost of magic to make it even more special. Before you use your talisman it is good to recharge and cleanse it. The reason is it probably picked up on some other energy before it landed in your possession.

You can cleanse your piece of jewellery in any way that feels comfortable to you, such as placing it in the moonlight on a Full Moon evening, smudging it with a smoke wand, or burying it in the Earth for a couple of hours.

Then if you want to invoke your magic into your talisman, you need to make an intention about what it is you want to manifest when wearing this piece of jewellery. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Cleanse your talisman using a method that feels comfortable to you
  2. Then become clear about what your intention is for using this piece of jewellery
  3. Find a quiet space and take some deep breaths and really connect to what it is you want to manifest
  4. Place your piece of jewellery over your heart space and focus on your intention
  5. Send this energy into your piece of jewellery, you can do this simply through visualization
  6. You will know when it is done
  7. Send a prayer of gratitude to the Universe for supporting you in achieving your desire

Invoking your talisman is really this simple. Every day you can take a few moments to think about what it is you want to manifest or just be in gratitude whenever you wear this piece of jewellery.

Now all you have to do is wear your talisman or carry it around you whenever you know you are going to need an extra boost to your energy. Just remember that when you are not wearing it you should store it in a place that is sacred so that it doesn’t absorb any unwanted negative energy.

Go ahead and trust and believe that this piece of jewellery is giving you exactly what you need to achieve your goals in life. See it as that extra piece of armour you get to wear every day to help you get closer to your dreams and desires. But most importantly, have faith in yourself to make it happen…