July 16, 2024
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venus in aquarius

What Does it Mean When Venus is in Aquarius?

Venus in Aquarius brings brains into the love equation, as Aquarius thinks more about love than they actually feel it. This will be the opposite of sweet-hearted expressions coming from a made-for-love Pisces. Aquarius will not be carefree about love but calculated. Every feeling must be earned, as Aquarius does have expectations. More than anything they need to truly connect with their partner, and this won’t happen overnight. Emotionally, Aquarius has to feel open and ready to let true love in. Expressions of love will be real, sincere, and realistic. Aquarius is a strong-minded sign that likes their liberty and independence, but they aren’t so shocked when things don’t work out in the long run.

Aquarius needs someone impressive, but also someone who can keep up with them. Venus in Aquarius is always an exciting time, but it means that the minds have to meet in order to form a love connection. Real chemistry is an absolute must, and it cannot be faked here.

Not to say that Aquarius won’t be able to table their emotions when they see someone they desire—they absolutely will. Emotionally detached, intelligent Aquarius can promise you one amazing, potentially mind-blowing night, but when you look for them the next day poof Aquarius is out of sight without so much as a bread trail to follow.

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What If Your Venus is in Aquarius?

This might be a sensitive time for you. With Valentine’s day, coming up (not that you let yourself fall apart being single on Valentine’s day), you might start to think about the love you’d like to see enter your life. It is very important that you get to know your mate before jumping into intimacy. People who have their Venus in Aquarius need to be friends with their love first. They have to feel comfortable around them, in order to let their guard down. 

What Make Venus in Aquarius Special?

When it comes to social norms or doing things the “proper” way, Aquarius isn’t interested. They will have children before getting married. And they will fall in love and never make it to the alter. They will do things their way, and they don’t care what people think. And they know that marriage doesn’t make love any more real than it is, and when they commit, they usually do it for a lifetime. 

The Trouble with Venus in Aquarius

You might meet a lot of matches but have had a hard time settling down with one person, and you might meet your match a lot later in life. I call this “The Jennifer Aniston Complex”, she is an Aquarius who has been married and divorced, and taken and then single again, over and over. She has yet to find her true mate, but it’s not to say that she won’t. Sometimes Aquarius is hard to catch, either because they are used to being sought after their whole life, or romance simply isn’t as big of a priority as other things are to them.

With Venus in Aquarius, you can expect vocations of love to cool down. Here, love might even be unspoken but don’t worry, it’s still there. Aquarius is a humanitarian and has a heart. They do want romance, but what they’ll want even more than that is to be heard. Communicate with your loved ones, ensure that they are getting everything that they need. Show them your heart, and keep showing it to them, until they never question the place they hold within it. If afflicted, Venus in Aquarius might isolate, so get in touch with your inner needs. Thinking at this time is overrated, fight the urge to analyze love and try to accept it for what it is.

Aquarius knows that there isn’t just one soul mate out there for them. While there might be one love, Aquarius needs to fill their soul in a variety of ways. Whatever you do, let your love be independent right now, they know you are still there cheering them on in the background.

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