July 15, 2024
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7 Reasons to Remember Your Soul Life Purpose

7 Reasons to Remember Your Soul Life Purpose

“Purpose is that feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself, that you are needed, and that you have something better ahead. The purpose is what creates true happiness.” – Mark Zuckerberg told Harvard’s Class of 2017.

If you intend to live your true Soul Purpose, it is essential to turn up the volume on your intuition and align it with your inner guidance.

It is important to keep in mind that not everybody’s purpose is going to change the world at a large capacity and astronomical things can happen while taking smaller steps.

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Everyone has a unique life mission, and we are all touched by each other’s devotion as we fulfill our soul life contracts. 

The intention and energy invested in understanding the meaning of being here on earth, allows you to connect with your deeper purpose. The more you engage with living a meaningful life, not only nurture growth and development over the years, but it offers you a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Being in alignment with our true soul purpose creates a momentum of exciting new opportunities and opens doors to a world of beauty.

Living in Alignment

While Egyptian numerology’s primary focus is on numbers, those who study with me know that to access our highest possibilities, an evolution in consciousness must take place.

In the process of raising our awareness, we are perceptive to signs, symbols, and synchronicities in nature—like number sequencing. We learn to see, hear, feel, and sense other realms because they are doorways to a greater understanding of the dimensions around us.

Our souls crave connection, and we are ultimately pulled in countless directions throughout our lives. What causes our attraction to specific people, places, things, events, and circumstances? Is it random, or are underlining forces at play within and outside of us?

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We set up timelines (cycles) and circumstances to occur in our lifetimes. We set up everything before we are born, including when we are born, where we are born, what family we are born into, what education and religion we are subjected to, and what our hereditary illnesses, biology, and culture will be.

We come into this lifetime to undergo specific life challenges to clear past karma, learn vital lessons, or teach others.

No matter what we choose, our souls learn from every experience, even though the journey back home may take a longer route. There is nothing wasted because our souls ultimately use every experience for our advancement, and in time, all is used for our highest good.

Being in alignment with our soul-life agreement is a natural wonder. It is compared to the feeling one has when one bowl a strike, wins a marathon, hits the bulls-eye on the dartboard, wins the lottery, holds twenty-one in blackjack, or hits the target at the rifle range.

But the feeling of being in alignment with our soul-life agreement is not a momentary elation. This feeling of euphoria is induced within us every morning when we open our eyes, accompanies us throughout the day, visits every decision we make with confidence, and kisses us gently when we go to sleep at night.

 Our souls want us to be in alignment and send us clues and nudges when we struggle to find that balance. Unfortunately, sometimes when we manifest wrong turns, we find ourselves experiencing divorce, unemployment, illness, and depression.

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The universe, angels/guides, and our higher selves use all means necessary to lead us back to alignment with our soul-life agreements because in essence, these are our road maps, our GPS, and our North Stars to what makes sense to us vibrationally. There are obvious signs we witness when we are in or out of alignment with our sacred treaties.

Those who take great risks make enormous mistakes but also achieve the highest progress.

Life is about taking risks. It’s not about playing safe and staying secure.

The fear of risking the expression of your passions will silently destroy you.

Leap into the abyss and allow the flowing waters to lead you into the next right action of success.

 You cannot fail this adventure called life, but you can miss your opportunity to follow your passion and embrace your purpose.

7 Reasons to Remember Your Soul Life Purpose

Here are 7 reasons why it is essential to remember and follow your life purpose.1. Provides Meaning

1. Provides Meaning

Remembering your soul’s purpose creates a genuine sense of meaning in your life. When you partake in what you are passionate about knowing that you are great at it, you significantly contribute to the planet.

2. Generates A Sense of Belonging

Discovering a sense of meaning in life gives you a sense of stability in the world. When you live your purpose, you naturally resonate with certain environments and communities and feel a desire to connect with them.

3. Precise Decision Making

Knowing your true purpose makes it easier to execute the right choices on a daily basis. You know whether a situation or person is compatible with your life because you understand where your direction.

4. Heightens Self-Awareness

By honoring your soul purpose, you get a clear sense of who you truly are. You understand your pure essence at a core level.

5. Simplifies Your Life

Aligning with your purpose actually makes life easier. You automatically know what to focus on and what is unimportant. You spend less of your day involved in things that don’t really matter.

6. Positive Ripple Effect

Living a life that is authentic to your purpose enables you to have a much greater impact on the world.

7. Induces Self-Confidence

You know that you are here for a reason and your inner vision matters. Your rare contribution benefits everyone. Be confident in the knowledge that you are unique, and nobody can do it better than you.

A Product of Right Living

Becoming aligned is not a goal but rather a by-product of the right living. Spiritual fitness is a conscious choice we make daily. What we think, do, and say determines a whole series of events.

If we lack clarity, direction, and understanding of our purpose in life, we risk becoming distracted and falling out of alignment with our soul-life missions. Being and staying true to our soul-life agreement is possible and achievable. We are changing lives every day.

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