July 23, 2024
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What You Really Need to Know About Leo

What You Really Need to Know About Leo

Even though, Leo is a fixed sign there are many variations within this sign. There are more than two types of lions. One type is outgoing, flamboyant, and fiery. This Leo needs to be seen, heard, and admired. Often, they are super popular and the life of the party. Attention is their middle name. The other type is quiet, much more private, and introverted. This Leo still knows that they are great, but they don’t feel the need to share it with everybody. Needless to say, they will have a different kind of confidence about them.

Leo Likes to Pick in Love

It’s so easy to fall for a Leo. They have many loveable traits and their usually queen or king of the jungle. Leo loves attention so don’t get hurt when they flirt with you, but fall in love at first sight with your best friend. It will be heartbreaking but in time you’ll be able to tell that they are absolutely perfect for each other, and he makes for a wonderful, loyal friend. Leo guy always likes attention and he may also like attention and sex, but rarely ever is his partner pushed upon them. And Leo lovers pick their interests, and some will shoot their stars high (because Leo think they are so great) and go after famous people or professional athletes or business tycoons.

Leo is Best in the Limelight

When your issues or concern becomes too morbid, Leo will find some way to extract themselves from the situation. Some Leo men are just incapable of dealing with people’s downward notions. They want everyone to be positive and shinning bright—loving life. Leo may even listen, act as they understand, but judge you for it later, and show you judgment in some petty way like uninviting you to something or forgetting to invite you all together. Leo is about their vibe, and if you are somehow blocking their shine then it is best that you step aside.

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Be careful what you share with Leo and be sure that they love you enough to handle every spectrum of the rainbow. Leo needs to be in touch with the things and feelings that make them feel vulnerable and confused.

Leo Leads with Loyalty

If Leo feels like they can no longer trust you for some reason, or you’ve crossed the line, but are very sorry, Leo might accept your apology. They may even be kind, but your relationship going forward will never be the same. Some Leo’s ditch out on people over one argument. Leo can be annoyed easily, especially if you and your life are taking away from theirs. Regardless of what they do, Leo prefers to be the center of attention and even if you do listen to them until cows come home, Leo will likely only remember the irritating moments that they had to talk about you.

Be careful there are some shady Leo’s out there who know who looks up to them, and they will take advantage of their good soul by coming to them only in times of need or suffering. While they might be loyal, they are extremely flakey and can be profusely selfish. Some arrogant Leo’s are unbearable, toxic, and difficult to work with.

Drama Follows Leo

The secret of learning here lies in your ability to know that Leo can be drama, but you have to be perfectly chill. Leo will possibly even say things like: “I hate drama”, “I don’t want any drama tonight.” The truth is, drama follows Leo. Leo can bring drama wherever they go if they want to, though there are many humble Leos who like being modest, and genuinely do not like to start problems with anyone. It can be again, petty, superficial shit, but nonetheless, it goes down. One Leo girl tagged the girl that her ex had slept within a picture on her Instagram that was meant to show her who is boss. Catty girl fights. The worst.

Leo Can Be Flakey

Leo might make you promises that they can’t keep. Or they have already told you promises, which they have broken. Leo can be very fake about things. They know how to say all the right things, but they don’t always do the things that they say. They like to people please and therefore won’t reject you at the moment, but will reject you later likely because something better has come along.

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Leo is known for their fake qualities. They are nice people but sometimes they just pour in on too thick. Leo is the type (especially Leo females) to say something nice to your face only to take it back a few seconds later. Leo will be extra kind to haters, or extra crafty around them because Leo gets a kick out of not stooping to your low antics of socializing. Plus, Leo is still trying to make you change your mind and love them. Still, it can be hard to trust the words of a Leo. Often you might think, “you’re just saying that”, and sometimes they are. People tend to treat others how they would like to be so Leo will boost your ego because they want people to boost theirs.

Leo does see what’s great about them, but they aren’t always sincere. They want you to envision them on top at all times, but the truth is Leo is really hard on themselves and strives for perfection and greatness. You might think their charm and likability factor come to them naturally, but they actually work very hard at being a person that other people will like and get along with.

Leo Likes to Evolve

If you’re not picture perfect in Leo’s eyes, they may not even want to be with you. Let alone invite you to any of their events. Leo might love you and tell you so all the time, but if they don’t make you a part of their life in any real way, you are probably their closest friend, and they are probably using you. That’s the thing about Leo, even if you don’t make the A-list, they still see your gifts, and they plan to use them whether it ends up hurting others or not.